Parker Dozhier Releases Novel on Fur Trade

Parker Dozhier, who was the fur market expert for Trapper & Predator Caller from 1983 through 2011, has released a fictional novel called “Pelts” that is based on the fur trade.

“As a university-educated PhD author myself, Parker’s book is simply a triumph,” writes Major L. Boddicker, who is a fixture in the trapping industry himself, on the book’s website. “Hard to believe a hillbilly like Parker could write such a masterpiece. It would make a great miniseries for TV or a movie for the big screen. Whether you are a trapper, a hunter, a rancher, a farmer, or an urban refugee, you will enjoy this book. I hope he writes more books!”

The book is now available for order at

A press release on the book is included below:

Countless times, author Parker Dozhier was reminded, “You have a story to tell . . . tell it.” In Pelts, he exposes the many ups and downs of the intriguing worldwide raw fur industry. This fictional novel is constructed around the author’s ChiCom connections and experiences.

Set against the 1975–1995 fur boom era, this historical novel revolves around topics of murder and mayhem in the fur trade. Much of the events were based upon Dozhier’s experiences and observations while traveling the globe as a trapper, rural fur dealer and fur marketing agent for the Ontario Trappers Association and the Hudson’s Bay Company.

His travels have taken him to China, Korea, Canada and Africa.  He negotiated the first export of North American furs to Mainland China since the Communist takeover in 1949.

Written in the James Michener style, “Pelts” weaves mystery, violence, international intrigue, federal government bungling into a plausible, fast-moving story with a terrific ending.

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3 thoughts on “Parker Dozhier Releases Novel on Fur Trade

  1. Its not often that a book is released on the fur trade or trapping other tham methods. I have always been a big fan of his fur reports as he has had a personal perspective on the subject. I’m looking forward to getting a copy!

  2. I will be waiting for the new book. Parker Dozier has the great background in furs to make all of us associated with the fur industry proud to read about our fur trade. He was the best at the fur markets for many years and I am certain his new book will be wonderFUR also!!

  3. A man wrote a novel approx 1970-‘s-80’s about the fur industry. He was either Canadian or Russian.I met him in Montreal, Canada. He autographed his new book for me. I would like to find this book.

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