Pennsylvania Trappers Association September 2009 Report

President — Rod Zullinger, 4886 Raccoon Valley Rd., Millerstown, PA 17062; phone: 717-589-7594; e-mail:

Vice-President East — Joel Whitehead, 845 Snake Hill Road, Thompson, PA 18465; e-mail:

Vice-President West — Ned Weston, 120 Swope Rd., West Sunbury, PA 16061; phone: 724-894-2239; e-mail:

Secretary — Tereasa Houtz, 300 Flint Ln., Landisburg, PA 17040; e-mail:

Treasurer — Ed Price, P.O. Box 327, Union Dale, PA 18470; phone: 570-679-2318; e-mail:

Editor — Russ Ford, 309 Pine Dale Rd., Carlisle, PA 17013; phone: 717-249-7271; fax: 717-249-8509; e-mail:

FTA Director — Mark Kasten, RR 2 Box 2287, Hallstead, PA 18822; phone: 570-278-2553;

NTA Director — David Shuttleworth, 5452 Tamarack Drive, Sharpesville, PA 16150; phone: 724-962-4260; e-mail:

Public Relations Director — Mike Gontar, 87 West 7th St., Jim Thorpe, PA 18229; phone: 570-325-4974; fax: 570-325-4974; e-mail:

Membership Options:

Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
Individual membership without subscription — $10
Junior, age 16 and under without subscription — $5
Lifetime membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $300
Lifetime membership without subscription — $100

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

PTA Treasurer
Ed Price
P.O. Box 327, Union Dale, PA 18470


The summer is almost over and we experienced very little heat and humidity, but the frequent rains made it difficult to make dry dirt.

Fall will soon be here and with the change of the leaves comes the drawing for our Sweepstake Tickets on Oct. 3, 2009. Please get your tickets in for a chance to win the Camouflage Polaris Razor with trailer, along with nine other great prizes.

The new Successful Furtaker Course from the Pennsylvania Game Commission has run two pilot programs and this class will be fully implemented in 2010. The new course encompasses the cable restraint class and will be replacing it next year.

Furtaker surveys are a way to report and let our voices heard. In the past, we have been better than average at responding to these surveys, let’s continue our record. Did you return your cable restraint survey? This winter there will be a follow up to the muskrat habitat study started last year. If you trap muskrat in the study area, please try to participate.

I want to make everybody aware of our new mailing address: Please submit all membership renewals through Chad.

PTA Treasurer:

Chad Kijowski
PO Box 614
Dayton, PA 16222
Thank You.

— Brian Mohn


Greetings: Manny Gorden was a great outdoorsman from Pa. He was a forest Ranger who was hired to do a job of promoting Pennsylvania. His trademark “enjoy, enjoy” the outdoors of Pa. was well recieved by the people of north-east Pa., as it was broadcast widely over the airwaves of WNEP 16. Manny went to his final reward last week and will be greatly missed.

Change is in the air. The sun has started it’s journey south.The air has a touch of Fall and we have had abundant rainfall this season. It looks to ba a better harvest as the crops come in. (I picked a cup of blackberries yesterday, 7-29-09).

The woods is full of things to eat and the kits, pups, cubs, poults and other young animals are growing quickly. Now is the time to prepare. Start scouting, get permission from the farmer/rancher and think about your lines. When visiting, offer a smile and a handshake and you might be welcomed. Also remember it is the busy season for the farmers/ranchers, so offer a helping hand along with the smile.

It is Fair time across the Country. In Susquehanna County that means the Harford Fair. Go to the Fair. Support the Farmers/Ranchers and the 4H. Visit the PFSC booth. Talk with the WCOs. Find out where the animal complaints are.This might give you a place to start. Don’t forget to visit the trappers booth, inside the main gate third on the right.

Get out there and enjoy! The early goose season starts Sept 1. Also dove season. Old timers “take a kid”. Youngsters “take a parent, grandparent uncle or aunt, brother or sister”.

Remember be careful out there and be kind to your animals and each other.

— Joel Whitehead


Hi to All,

Well here we are in the Dog Days of August, and down here in Florida, the days truly are HOT & HUMID! Hurray for the AC., it helps to make the days bearable! Oh well, fall is just around the corner so nicer days are coming.

Although it’s summer, many Districts have things going on or will be going on soon. To me it seems that our Districts have strived to put more out there for the benefit of it’s members as well as the general public. This gives me Great Pride to be a part or our Association.

As over the past 35 years or so, I have seen the many steps, both by the State and all the Districts, that have been taken to get our “Message” out. Yes, we have grown more mature and we have learned a great deal, on how to present Our Sport and Our Association

BUT WAIT! We ain’t done yet, I can only see that the future will bring us more knowledge and more success in presenting ourselves.

Yes, we will continue to grow and to mature, even if at times are Numbers decline, those of you who keep on keepin on will only make us A BETTER ASSOCIATION! Keep up all your support. It is both welcomed and needed!

Coming this season: Well it ain’t looking too good as far as I can tell.

The Fur Market is not showing much improvement and it may even be worst than last season. Just the same it might turn around and make some headway so that your goods may bring a fairer value. Time will tell.

Is it time to stop trapping? That’s a Question! Some of you will sit our this Coming Inning and some will Quit the Game. Some of you will continue to Play. You that do know the Game ain’t over yet!

I, myself, will be thinking about a “7th. Inning Stretch.” After many years of Playing, this may be a usefull break for me. Perhaps, by sitting this season out the “Fire will Kindle” and the “Fire will be Roaring” to go in the 2010 season.

Then again, maybe I’ll “Stir the Ashes” and the “ Fire will Flame” one more time!

Have a “Great Month”!

As always, thanks for your indulgence in my Ramblings.

— Russ Ford


We now have a board. The following are the board members and their position: Greg Kohl (President), Jerry Pickel (V. president), John Stemmler (Treasurer), Butch Herr (secretary), Don Himes (board member), Rod Zullinger (board member), Tom Schwabembauer, (board member), Art Crossman (board member), Joe Mast (board member), Pete Ellerman (board member) and Mike Gontar (board member and PTA liaison).

We had our first board meeting and I must say we have a great group of dedicated members. We had our election of officers who will serve for a term of one year. Most of our meeting was writing the bylaws for KIFE. We are hoping that we will have the bylaws approved shortly because we need to attach the bylaws to the 501.c.3 application for our non-profit status. Once that is approved by the IRS, we will have run the gauntlet of all the government requirements.

I am happy to report that the Articles of Incorporation are approved for KIFE. We also have a Tax ID number as well as a checking account.

The board has identified the following to be standing committees for KIFE. They are Executive, Finance, Education, Property and Museum. More committees might be added as things roll along. At our next board meeting, we will appoint chairpersons for these committees from the board members.

Any member of the PTA wishing to serve on these committees please let us know either through the KIFE board members or you can pass your name and information up through your PTA District director. The next scheduled meeting of KIFE will be on Sept. 19.

— Greg Kohl


Our trapper training school will be held Sept. 26 at Bill Phillips’ residence in Erie County at 2789 Dublin Road, Waterford, PA. Registration will begin at 7:30 p.m. (Pre-registration is required). For more information, please contact Derrick Cross at 814-664-8733 or Bill Phillips at 814-796-3699.

The fall meeting will be held on Aug. 27 in Warren County at 4 p.m. The location will be announced later. We are planning to have some demos before the meeting and there will be dealers there for any last minute purchases. For more information, please contact Bill Cummings at 814-723-8824.
Erie County will be doing the Waterford Fair from Sept. 7 through the 12.

Mercer County well be doing the Harthagig Family Days on Aug. 23 and looking to set a booth up at the Stoneboro Fair. I went to the Erie National Wildlife Refuge for Heritage Days this past month.
Warren County will be participating in Adopt a Highway.

Crawford County will have a booth at the Crawford County Fair on Aug. 22–29.

If anyone can help the counties with any of these functions, please contact the County Leaders or myself.

Remember County Leaders, we have skunk teddy bears, knives, hats and t-shirts that can be used as county fund-raisers.

Keep in mind, we still have PTA District 1 sweatshirts ($35) and window decals ($7.50) for sale. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.

We have a lot going on in each of the counties. Please help your county leaders various functions a success by donating your help to promote trapping.

God Bless.

— Charlie Sykes


Our Fall Expo will be on Sept. 19. There will be a CR Class,while the Expo is having Demos going on. The Expo will be at the Armstong Hunting and Fishing Club, on Pony Farm Road. The class will start at 8 a.m. There will be demos and food throughout the day. The dealers will have supplies avalable for the upcoming season.


Hope this summer has been good to everyone, it seems to be passing by awfully quickly, and it won’t be long until fall is here. With the upcoming end of summer and fall seasons come our usual events for District 3. We will have a booth at the Washington and Westmoreland county fairs this year.

Washington’s will be held Aug. 15-22, and Westmoreland’s will run Aug. 21-29. If you read this report in time and would like to help at either fair, give me a call at 724-348-6721 and we’ll make arrangements. We’ll be raffling off a .17 caliber rifle at the fairs, so at least stop by and buy a couple chances on the gun.

We held our first convention 2010 meeting on July 21, at Cedar Creek Park, pavilion # 6. We covered a lot of information on the upcoming convention, and will have our next meeting at the same site on Tuesday evening, September 22, at 6:30 p.m. Hope many of you can make it, if you need any info or directions just give me a call.

I’m hoping to have our fall newsletter out by the end of this month. Our district events and dates will be listed in the newsletter, as well as the 2009 scholarship information. If you have college aged children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, have them give the essay contest a try. I’d love to see more participation in this contest. See if you members can talk them into doing some writing for us.

Our trapper’s school will be held on Sept. 12, at a sportsman’s club near Monongahela. This school is open to anyone wanting to attend, but we’ll need you to pre-register, so we can be sure to have enough supplies as well as lunch for all students. If you or anyone you know would like to attend, call and register. Class will be all day, with lunch provided.

The fall rendezvous will be held on Oct. 4, at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Dealers and tailgaters are welcome. After the rendezvous, we will have a short meeting on the 2010 convention. We will also have a cable restraint class offered at the rondy, with pre-registration required. Either call me to register or use the Pa. Game Commission Web site to register online. Cost is $15, payable to the PGC.
Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

— Dave Eckels


Another year’s worth of conventions is by the wayside and what a wet side it was. Seemed like everywhere you went or wanted to go rain was either there or shortly to follow. Let’s hope for drier weather as steel planting season draws near. Ebensburg’s convention was received with a lot of new faces and old aquatints, old laughs and new ones.Fur prices always seemed to be a topic of concern, and all I can say is they are what they are. With NAFA and North American pulling most of the punches it seems to to be a loosing battle.

On the side, two weeks after the State convention I happened onto a old buddy and was told about his boys experiences learning how to trap or at least getting better. Catching squirrels and opossums one year to gray foxes a few years later. The long and short was the thanks he was passing on behalf of his children (ages,14, 12 and 11) and how they are looking forward to the next Trapper Trainer Weekend. This was great to hear because the last people to ever hear thanks are the VOLUNTEERS. I pass this on for all the unnamed heros that look for reward in the faces of their students.

Once again our Districts Trapper Trainer Weekend is Sept. 26- 27 starting at 8 a.m. until mid afternoon Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday until 2 p.m. when a general meeting will follow.

— Jeff Dornisch


I don’t have much to report this month other than it is only a little more than two months until trapping season begins. Don’t forget to get everything organized and your plans for the fall made. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer and you are able to spend some time with the people in your life who mean the most to you.

I bought some new things to try this year because of a short amount of time I was able to spend at a demonstrations at the convention. I heard something about raccoon trapping that I hope to apply to my line this fall.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. I mentioned before that I had put drags on many of my raccoon traps and that worked fairly well for me last year. It makes them a little heavier to carry and a little bulkier to store, but I think I saved some time on setting them out. I’ll still keep wire on some of them for certain sets. I did spend some time looking for caught raccoons; OK in the daylight, but somewhat bothersome in the dark.

A date to mark on your calendar is Feb. 14, 2010 because this will be the District 5 fur sale that will be held at the Bedford County Fair Grounds.

 Please feel free to contact Pat Wess at 814-262-9455, Todd Harteis at 814-547-0076 or myself with any information you would like to see in this report or any questions you might have. Thanks for reading.

— Brian Stern


District 7 mini-convention has changed locations,the days are the same but we will not be at the Southern Clinton Co. Sportsmens club. The mini-convention will be at the Booneville campground, the same location as last year.

All of the events will be the same, cable restraint class on Saturday and Dist. 7 meeting Sunday at 1 pm. Primitive camping on Sat. night. On Saturday, we will share the campground with the Sugar Valley Historical Society. They will have a pig roast and other food stands and demonstrations and speakers.

We will have our trapping demos Saturday and Sunday morning. All tailgaters and trapping vendors will set up outside. Please contact me if you need more information — or 570-437-2679.

— Pete


Free admission

Sept. 19, 2009
Booneville Campgrounds – west of Loganton

There will be: presentations by various speakers, pumpkin pie contest, Trappers Assoc. demo., John Carey with basket weaving and carving, Donnie Miller with hand crafted items for sale, games, the Clinton Co. Dairy Princess making ice cream, a lemonade vendor, fresh cinnamon rolls made by Amber Gentzel, handmade Native American flutes made by Hal Weaver, an old fashioned softball game, food stands and much more.

Schedule – (subject to change)

10 a.m. Jenn and Will Smith – music

10:30 – Jerry Miller presentation on Chief Logan followed by

Logan’s Lament by Harlan Berger

11 – Bruce Teeple presentation on German Names

Noon – Pie / dessert contest and auction

12:30 p.m. – music by Jenn and Will Smith

1 – presentation on Prince Farrington by Bruce Teeple

2 – softball game

3 – Presentation by Jerry Miller on Chief Logan

3:30 – Steve Weaver – presentation on Native Americans

Contact Blayne Weaver at 570-725-2682 or for more information

Sponsored by the Sugar Valley Historical Society


Hello fellow trappers, I surely hope you all had a great summer. It has went by plenty fast for me this year. I have stayed busy keeping things in order trying to stay ahead of things keeping people supplied and lined up to do the shows and events here in D-8. I would like to thank all of the members that came out to help with the shows and events this summer. I was impressed with the funds we raised this year so far when the economy is so out of whack! Trappers are surely a dedicated group of sportsmen! Thanks to you all for your support.

District 8 is having a Raffle this year. You all should have received tickets in the mail. If you did not receive tickets or a D-8 newsletter, please contact me and I will send you some. The raffle drawing will be Oct. 18, 2009, at Blain, PA. The PTA is also having the state sweepstakes raffle too (4-wheeler). So help support the PTA by buying and selling raffle tickets. Contact me if you need tickets to sell or buy.
District 8 has a great fall lined up for you all. So come out and help support your association.

• The next District 8 General Meeting will be at noon on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009, at Cumberland Valley Antique Machinery and Engine Association (Grounds), Twin Bridge Road, Chambersburg, PA.
(Franklin County). Come early to reminisce. Bring a covered dish. Drinks are provided. Directions: from I-81 take Rt. 30 west 4 or 5 miles to Twin Bridges Road, turn right go north 2 miles, C.V.A.M. & E.A. up on hill on left, just past Twin Bridges Campgrounds. We will be planning our fall events.

• Fall Events: Aug. 29, 2009, 8 a.m. – Cable Restraint Certification Class – Duncannon Sportsmen Club, Montebello Farm Road, Duncannon, PA (Perry County). Contact person: Carl Fox at 717-843-3635 or Ash Bricker 717-263-7986.

• Sept. 12, 2009, 8 a.m., 13 County Sportsmen Show, Marysville Lions Club, Marysville, PA (Perry County). For info call: Terry Swartz (Swamper) at 717-536-3733 or Allen Eppleman at 717-486-7573 or 717-226-9623.

• Sept. 26, 2009, 7 a.m., PTA District 8 Trapper Training School, Ickesburg Sportsmen Association, Eckesburg, PA (Perry County). For info or an application for enrollment call Allen Eppleman at 717-486-7573.

• Oct. 16, 2009, noon until Oct. 18, 2009, noon, 1st Blain Fall Extravaganza – Blain Picnic Grounds, Blain, PA (Perry County). For info, call Nelson Hosler at 570-658-3904 or Todd Frederick 717-438-3839 or Terry Swartz (Swamper) at 717-536-3733.

• Oct. 18, 2009, noon, PTA District 8 General Meeting, Blain, PA.

We hope to see you all at our meetings and events. For more info, call me at 717-486-7573 or 717-226-9623, e-mail: or by mail: Allen Eppleman, 4232 Carlisle Road, Gardners, PA 17324

— Allen Eppleman


Hello to all. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Now is the time to think about Fall and the upcoming hunting and trapping.

Monroe and Northampton Counties Conservation Camps were held back in July. About 60 kids attending the week long camps. They learned about air and water quality, boating safety, wildlife rehab, trapping and took a trip down the Delaware. Dist. 10 sponsors one student for each camp.

Lehigh Valley Sports Show will be held Aug. 28-30 at Kempton Fairgrounds. This is the only sports show in our area anymore and it has a lot of activities for kids. We can use some help manning the district table if you have a few hours to help out.

Fall Convention will be Sept. 26-27 at West End Fairgrounds. There will be plenty of vendors to get your last minute supplies. Looking for help to set up Friday morning, clean up Sunday afternoon and during the day Saturday and Sunday morning.

We will be doing a cable restraint class on Sunday, Sept. 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in conjunction with the convention. To register, call the N.E. Regional Office of Game Commission or go on their Web site.

Other upcoming events:

• Highway cleanup Oct. 11

• Monroe County Youth Field Day — Sept. 12

• Dist. Meeting Sept. 13, at Belfast Spirit, 1 p.m.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the upcoming fall season.

God Bless.

— Scot


A couple things worth mentioning happened this last month. On Saturday, July 18 at 11 a.m. a dedication service was held at Stover’s Nature Barn for Frank Ceresini. A flowering pear tree was planted with a marker in remembrance of Frank. Several people spoke at this service including Karen Mohn representing the Trapper’s Assoc. She did a great job, thanks Karen.

District 11 had a booth at the Schuylkill County fair. Thanks to the Mohn family, Ron Smith and any others that helped man the booth for this event.

As I write this, our event at Millcreek is only a couple of days away and I haven’t had a lot of phone calls from members that are planning to attend. Hopefully I’m pleasantly surprised. I will let you know how this turns out in next month’s column. I will list our trapping schools one more time. If you want to help out or have someone interested in attending them, please contact the school one week in advance. Thank you to all who give of their time and talent to run the trapping schools.

Trapping Schools

• Berks/Schuylkill – Sept. 12 at Auburn Rod & Gun Club – contact Brian Mohn at 610-562-1790

• Dauphin – Sept. 26 at Dauphin Co. Anglers & Cons – contact Mike Spittle at 717-367-2637

• Lancaster – Aug. 22 at Millcreek Sportsmen’s Assoc. – contact Terry Suter at 717-393-4738

• York – Aug. 29 at Starview Sportsmen’s Club – contact Brett Spangler at 717-767-4672

— Mike Spittle

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