Pennsylvania Trappers Association Inc. June-July 2013 Report


President — Brian Mohn, 138 Farview Road, Hamburg, PA 19526; 610-562-1790;

Vice President East — Joel Whitehead, 845 Snake Hill Road, Thompson, PA 19526; 570-756-2714;

Vice President West — Ned Weston, 120 Swope Road, West Sunbury, PA 16061; 724-894-2239;

Secretary — Don Klinger, 522 S. Pancoast, Reynoldsville, PA 15851; 814-371-1170;

Treasurer — Donna Spittle, P.O. Box 708, Hummelstown, PA 17036; 717-239-9267;

Editor — Ed Price, 3833 Old Newburg Turnpike, Union Dale, PA 18470; 570-679-2318;

NTA Director — David Shuttleworth, 5452 Tamarack Drive, Sharpsville, PA 16150; 724-962-4260;

FTA Director — Mark Kasten, RR2 Box 2287, Hallstead, PA 18822; 570-278-2553;

Public Relations Director — Barry Warner, P.O. Box 223, Dallas, PA 18612; 570-675-7041;

Website Designer — Barbie Breckenridge,


Membership Options:

Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

Individual membership without subscription — $10

Junior, age 16 and under without subscription — $5

Lifetime membership with subscription — $300

Lifetime membership without subscription — $100


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

PTA Treasurer

Donna Spittle

P.O. Box 708

Hummelstown, PA 17036


Spring sure is taking it’s time getting here, but one thing is for sure. The calendar is still moving forward and there is no time like the present to prepare for next season. Before we know it, we will all be reminiscing with our friends at the 76th PTA Rendezvous. District 10 invites everyone to the West End Fairground in Gilbert on June 6-9th. I hope to see everyone at the general membership meeting on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

This is an election year; please take the opportunity to cast your vote. Although the ballot was uncontested this is your chance to show support for your Executive Board and Officers. I feel privilege to have such a hard working board, and this is only possible because of all the support we receive from our local districts and members. There were a few resumes of candidates that did not make it in the ballot mailing. They made their way through the cyber network but got lost in the electronic filing. The Election Chairman and I apologize for this oversight and included them in his report.

In April I attended the NTA Northeast Leadership Conference in Balston Spa, NY. The meeting is attended by the leaders of our neighboring states. I always find this meeting very informative to learn what is working and challenges they are encountering. The NTA does a great job of facilitating this meeting and bringing the national issues to our attention. John Daniels and our own Dave Shuttleworth do a great job representing the NTA.

I will see you in Gilbert. — Brian Mohn




With the increased prices for fur during the past year, and predictions for next year, we can be assured the number of individuals afield will definitely increase. Some of these individuals, driven by greed, will certainly cause problems and be a challenge for us to positively impact. However, there will undoubtedly be a number of novice trappers that can unknowingly create situations that will be negatively judged by the non-trapping public.

These novice trappers are individuals with whom we have a definite chance to provide a positive impact. Please reach out to any of these persons you may know. Encourage them to attend our state rendezvous, and or one of the numerous district trapper training programs.

If you are concerned enough to take the time to read our PTA reports, you are probably involved enough to be aware of what is also going on in other areas of our country. The Antis are definitely causing problems in California, Nevada, Oregon, Montana and New Mexico to name a few. Additionally, a number of states are fighting to maintain their right to manage wolf populations. Please continue to be informed and financially support these other states when possible. We also need to keep in mind the tremendous assistance provided by our national organizations.

Many of the comments in my reports may seem to you to be repetitive. To me they need repeating due to their importance. That being said, it is at times challenging to provide a report for each edition of the T&PC. If you have suggestions please feel free to contact me or talk to me at our rendezvous. Thank you for reading. — Barry L. Warner



Soon everyone should have received their ballots in the mail. Even though the ballot may not have a lot of contested positions, it is still important to cast your vote. There should have been a second page of resumes! I’m sorry that they were missed and they will show up at the end of my report. If you did not receive a ballet and you are a current member, you can request one by contacting me via email at or phone at 610 – 777 -5616. Photocopied ballots are not valid and will not be accepted. Remember ballets must be mailed back to me by MAY 31, 2013, or can be placed in the ballet box at the STATE BOOTH at the 2013 Rendezvous by 6 P.M. Friday, JUNE 7th.2013


PTA Secretary Candidate:

One of the great things about being the PTA secretary the last three years has been working with the other members of the PTA board. They work very hard on behalf of trapping and trappers in PA and across the country. I like to think that I have had a small part in the many great things that the PTA has done and hope to continue the work as your PTA secretary. I would appreciate your vote.

Sincerely. — Donald Klinger.


NTA Director Candidate:

I would like to continue the great privilege of representing you as your NTA Director. I have served as the NTA Director for the past four years. Prior to serving in this capacity, I have served as Mercer County Leader for 8 years, District # 1 Public Relations for 4 years, and District # 1 Assistant Director for 4 years. I have been serving as the President of FurBearers Unlimited for the past two years. In 2011, I was also elected to the Executive Counsel for NTA. I have been serving as the North East Regional Director for NTA for the past several years. I am a lifetime member of the Pennsylvania Trappers Association, National Trappers Association, National Rifle Association, as well as a regular member of the Fur Takers of America and the Ohio Trappers Association. It would be an honor to continue to serve as your NTA Director for another term.

Thank you for your consideration. — David Shuttleworth


FTA Director Candidate:

Fellow Trappers of the great State of Pennsylvania. I would like the opportunity to serve as your Fur Takers of America representative for the next two years. Currently I am on the board of directors of the FTA. I consider it a privilege to represent my fellow Pa. trappers. We will be hosting the FTA convention in 2014 and I am glad to have been apart of this achievement. The FTA is an educational based organization and I’m serving on the pro active committee and currently working on several different proposals that will move the FTA forward.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bill Kasten

Thank You. — John Falter



Hello to all. By the time you read this we will only have about 2 weeks until convention time. The State Convention will be held on June 6-9, at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert, Pa. The GPS address is 570 Fairgrounds Rd., Gilbert, Pa. 18331

We have 50 dealers in 8 buildings, plus we are expecting a lot of tailgaters. You should be able to find any supplies you may need.

Tailgating will be $50 for a 20×20 foot spot. Electric and water hook-ups are $30 per night, and primitive camping is $10 per night.

We have a full line of demo’s planned. Also, Saturday morning is the mountain man race, trap setting contest, and fry pan toss, Friday night is the auction, Saturday night is the dance, Saturday afternoon is the general membership meeting. There will be a cable restraint class on Saturday morning from 8 AM to noon. Contact the N.E. Regional Office of the Pa. Game Commission to register, or go to their website. For a full line of demo’s and events, go to the PTA website –

We will have the last planning meeting for the convention on June 2 at the fairgrounds at 1 PM. We will finalize last minute details and begin work on the demo area. We will be getting things ready on Monday – Wednesday prior to the convention, so if anyone can help please stop by or give me a call.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget that there is plenty of work to do before, during and after the convention, so please offer to help out. — Scot Mucha – 610-863-9759



Hello Members,

The Spring Gun Raffle was held on April 6, 2013 at Sparrow Pond Campground in Waterford, PA. Again this year it was a huge success. Financially, it as the best gun raffle to date. There were over 500 people in attendance. I would like to thank Donna and Jim Murphy for their hard work in chairing this event. The event was well-organized and I appreciate their hard work. I would also like to thank all the volunteers that worked hard at this event. It could not have been possible without your efforts. Some suggestions for changes have been made and will be considered at future Gun Raffle Committee meetings. All members are welcome and are encouraged to attend these working meetings.

Our Spring Meeting that was held on April 20, 2013 at Conneaut Lake Sportsman’s Club in Conneaut Lake, PA was well-attended with 42 members present for the meeting. Commissioner Ralph Martone spoke and then opened the floor for questions. He was very informative and I would like to thank him for, not only taking the time to attend our meeting, but also providing information to us also. Prior to our meeting, the Cable Restraint Class went well. It was a full class.

Our Fall Meeting will be held on September 28th at the Union City Sportsman’s Club. If you have questions, please contact John Chase at (814) 823-5429.

The District’s Youth Trapping School will be held on September 14, 2013, at the home of Bill Phillips, at 789 Dublin Road, Waterford, PA. If you have questions about the school, please contact Walter Greathouse at (724) 967-5147.

The state rendezvous will be held from June 6th – 9th this year at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert, PA 18331. For further information check the state website

Mercer County Youth Field Days will be June 8th at the Harthagig Sportsman’s Club on Roger Hill Road in Fredonia, PA. Registration can be completed through the PA Game Commission website.

As a reminder to each of the counties and respective treasurers, the EIN and Treasurer’s reports are due at fiscal year-end (June). Please have your financial reports turned in to the appropriate people so our information reaches the state level on time.

Ballots should be in the mail for PTA positions. Please remember to vote, even if the offices are not being contested, to show your support for the organization.

NTA elections are coming up. John Daniel & Chris MacAllister are running for President. Dave Shuttleworth and Charlie Roth are running for General Organizer.

I hope you all had a great trapping season.

God Bless. — Charlie Sykes



Hello All,

Spring was slow in showing up around here this year, but as I write this, it has finally started to go full bore. Seems like the grass is growing while you watch it! I have to apologize for missing the last issue, I was still driving back from down south and simply missed the deadline. Speaking of time flying, when you read this, it will be almost time for the State Rendezvous in Gilbert. Hope to see a bunch of district 3 members make the trip out there.

While I was down south, the sportsmen show at the Monroeville Expo Mart was held. I want to thank everyone who helped Matt Pappa at the Allegheny Sport, Travel and Outdoor Show. It really is great for us to once again have a booth set up at the show to represent the trappers.

Our spring meeting was held on March 24, at the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds. We set dates for all of our yearly activities. As of this writing, the dates for the Fall Rondy and the fur sale are not confirmed yet. The date for the picnic / pig roast will be August 24, once again at Pavilion #5, at Cedar Creek County Park. The Tentative date for the Trapper’s school will be September 28, at the Youngwood Sportsmen Club. As always, I’ll try to get the dates posted on the state website as soon as I can and members can always check under the events there.

Our elections were also held at the spring meeting and all of our officers and county leaders have been re-elected with one exception. Bob Jameson stepped down from the assistant director’s position and was replaced by Matt Pappa. Bob, D-3 wants to thank you for your service and we have all agreed that you can’t retire just yet, we still need you here! Matt thanks for accepting the assistant directors position. (See Matt’s report at the end of mine) To all our other officers and county leaders, I want to thank all of you for your work and continued support to the PTA. I know that I couldn’t do any of what we do during the course of the year without all of you.

District 3 held its 9th Annual Banquet on April 20th, at the Youngwood Fire Hall. We had our biggest turnout ever with 252 guests. Many prizes were won, the food was exceptional, and everyone seemed to have a fun evening. Thanks to all who made it to the banquet to support us, we get lots of families there, and I believe we gave out 50 prizes for the youths who attended. Our 2013 D-3 “trapper of the year” was also awarded there to Jon Poorbaugh. Thanks Jon, for all you’ve done throughout the years. Next I have to give a big thank you to our sponsors, without you our banquet could never have turned into the success it is today. Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the help before, during and after the banquet from a crew of guys and gals that sure makes my job easy. I hope I don’t unintentionally forget anybody, but with my track record I’m sure I will. Thanks to Francis Watt and Patti, Jon Poorbaugh, Matt Pappa, Jack Bartram, Doug and Rachel Bergman, John and Barbie Bankston, Paul and Jan Polansky, Greg Grimm, Rege Denne, John Sabota, John and Vicky Wilkinson and most of the Wilkinson clan, and of course my young ones who aren’t so young anymore. Thanks everyone for a great event.

‘Till next time. — Dave Eckels


Dear fellow trappers,

Some years ago, while at a district 3 meeting, Steve Gazdic nominated me for the assistant director’s position, totally surprised by the nomination, I accepted and was elected. Due to personal circumstances, I did not fulfill my duties and let a lot of people down. Most importantly, I let myself down.

After being absent for some time, while attending another district meeting, the nomination to fill a position came to me once again. To say I was nervous at that meeting would be an understatement. I wondered why our members would give me this chance. Needless to say, I was elected Allegheny County Leader.

Since being a county leader, my life has changed significantly. I have got to meet some very fine people through our organization. I have to say that all of you have made a great impact on my everyday life. Not only the people I have met in our organization, but the opportunities I have meeting people at events (county fairs, outdoor shows, banquets, trapper’s schools, churches, and public schools), have been very rewarding. I look forward to the Assistant Director position, and I’d like to thank the members of the PTA, and especially Steve Gazdic and Dave Eckels for giving me this chance.

Sincere thanks. — Matt Pappa – Trapper MP



With another season behind us and fur prices to talk about I would have to say thanks for the support. Support from all the guys stepping up to take a role in helping keep things in check. Support from the Vendors and Buyers that travel around the state making Youth Training days and Fur Sales as successful they can be.

Youth Field Days and Trapping Conventions are just around the corner and I’m no exception. The weekends are filling up fast but they look to be fun and I hope to see a lot of old faces, tell a few lies and stretch the truth the best I can. Looking forward to the summer.

April 6th was the Districts spring Fur sale held in Brookville at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds with a great showing of fur and prices that helped justify all the hard work and long hours. We ended up with 3 buyers and some happy Trappers.

Listed by fur, amount, total and average

Raccoon — 196, 3325, $16.96

Grey fox — 48, 1518, $31.62

Red fox — 39, 1357, $34.79

Coyote — 36, 810, $22.50

Beaver — 114, 3786, $33.21

Muskrat — 87, 910, $10.45

Mink — 9, 168, $18.66

Fisher — 1, 125, $125.00

Bobcat — 1, 100, $100.00

Opossum — 21, 68, $3.22

Skunk — 1, 3, $3.00

Weasel — 1, 2, $2.00

Once again I want to thank everyone for the support to make Pa. Trappers Association the organization that it is.

THINK S.P.O.R.T.S — Jeff Dornisch



Spring has finally arrived and the yard work season has started. This means it’s time to start preparing for next trapping season and getting your equipment in order. The conventions will be happening soon and this is a great place to learn new ideas about trapping and also purchase supplies for the coming year.

Our spring meeting will be held on May 19, 2013 at the Gander Mountain in Winder, the meeting will be from 2:00 – 4:00 PM in the meeting room in the back of the store. Please come out and support your district. A post card mailing about this meeting will also be sent out to remind everyone.

The trapper school will be August 8-11 this year at Camp Harmony in Somerset County. Please contact Pat Wess or Don Sager for more information.

Our district is made up of Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Fulton, Huntingdon, Indiana, and Somerset Counties and if you know of any trappers or anyone interested in trapping please encourage them to join the association.

Our fall meeting will be held in late September or early October this year and the plan is to have it in Indiana County. More details will follow in a later issue.

Our district officers are as follows: Don Sager – Director, Jim Griffith – Assistant Director, Pat Wess – Treasurer, and Deborah Sedlmeyer – Secretary.

Please feel free to contact Pat Wess @ (814) 262-9455 or me with any information you would like to see in this report or any questions you might have. I can be reached at (814) 686-0497 or e-mail me at Thanks for reading. — Brian Stern, Tipton, PA 



By the time you read this you should have received the D-7 events card. If you did not get a card let me know. I would like to thank every person who helped at the WNEP-16 Outdoor show at the Lycoming Mall, Larry Bixler who drove in from Bellfonte, John Koyen, Walt Levan, Henry Bower, Leo Phillipe, Melissa and Megan Rake, Joe Mast and Chase Satteson.

Our district meeting was held on May 19 and we had election of officers.

Our upcoming events are as follows:

• The District 7 family picnic will be July 20 at Booneville at 1 pm. Please bring a covered dish.

• August 24 will be our trapper training day at the Watsontown Lions Club Youth Center, starting at 8pm. If you would like to go and have not yet signed up contact Joe Mast or myself. We will have a cable restraint class at the same place and day from 8am to noon. You must register on the Game Commission website for the cable restraint class – the cost is $15. The district will provide lunch for both events.

• Mini-convention will be held on September 7 at Booneville starting at 8am – D-7 meeting will be at 1pm.

• Fur Auction will be January 12 at Washingtonville.

• April 6 will be the fur sale at Hillsgrove Fire Company.

• The Pennsylvania Trappers Association Banquet will be sponsored by District 7 on March 8, 2014 at the Hughesville Fire Company Social Hall. If you have anything you would like to donate for the auction and raffle at the banquet please let me know. — Pete, or 570-437-2679



Hello to all. Fur prices were very good this past season on all species. Some prices we have not seen since the boom years of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Keep in mind a lot can happen between now and next season. Hopefully prices will continue.

The State Convention is June 6-9 at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert. We are expecting a large turnout with the current prices, so we can use all the help we can get. We will be there Monday thru Wednesday to set up. For the latest info on the convention, go to the PTA website.

District 10 will be sponsoring kids ages 12-16 for Northampton and Monroe Counties’ conservation camps in mid-July. Kids must stay for the whole week and do a variety of outdoor-related activities. If you know anyone who may be interested in attending, please contact me.

District 10 Fall Convention and Sports Show will be September 27 and 28 at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert. We will be teaming up with Deer Dave’s Hunting Gear again this year. We will have 3 or 4 buildings open plus tailgaters. More info is coming after the State Convention.

Upcoming Events – Northamp[ton County Youth Field Day – June 1; State Convention meeting – June 2 @ 1 PM at the fairgrounds.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the summer and see you at the Convention. — Scot Mucha – 610-863-9759



We had about 2 dozen members attend our meeting in Schuylkill County and each of them got a chance at winning a paid tuition to the FTA Trappers College in 2014. You can too! Every member that attends a district 11 meeting in 2013 will be given a ticket for a chance to win this prize.

Our next meeting, Aug. 11, 2013, will be an all day event at Millcreek Sportsmen’s Association in Lancaster. We will start at 8AM with open spots for tailgaters and dealers. We will have several demos throughout the morning. At noon we will be holding a consignment auction of traps and equipment. We will accept items up till 10AM. We will be collecting a 15% commission on sale items. So far we have 1 large Havahart trap, 3 doz rat stretchers, 10 #1 Victor stop loss traps, 1 doz #1 Victor long spring traps, 14 B & L #1 long spring traps, 2 doz 110 Conibear traps, ½ doz Duffers coon traps, ½ doz modified Trap Master coon traps, 1 doz 1.65 Bridger traps fully modified, 2 cable stake pullers, 1 doz new body grip traps, 2 of Frank Ceresini’s fox traps and 2 of Denny Michael’s beaver traps. More items promised but not yet listed. Make plans now to attend this all day event at Millcreek. We will hold our business meeting at 2 PM. Kitchen will be open throughout the day with food items to purchase.

We have made a decision to bid for the 2015 State rendezvous and hold it at the Schuylkill County fairgrounds. Ralph is checking into the arrangements with the fairgrounds and we will be discussing this at our business meeting.

This year’s State rendezvous is June 6-9 at the West End fairgrounds in Gilbert, PA. Bob Counterman from Dist 10 attended our Schuylkill meeting and said things are shaping up for this event. He told us that there are hotels available in the Wind Gap Area only ½ hr drive away from the fairgrounds. If you are in need of lodging, check in this area.

Hope to see you at the Rendezvous. — Mike Spittle, (717) 367-2637


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