Pennsylvania Trappers Association Inc. November 2012 Report

President — Brian Mohn, 138 Farview Road, Hamburg, PA 19526; 610-562-1790;

Vice President East — Joel Whitehead, 845 Snake Hill Road, Thompson, PA 19526; 570-756-2714;

Vice President West — Ned Weston, 120 Swope Road, West Sunbury, PA 16061; 724-894-2239;

Secretary — Don Klinger, 522 S. Pancoast, Reynoldsville, PA 15851; 814-371-1170;

Treasurer — Donna Spittle, P.O. Box 708, Hummelstown, PA 17036; 717-239-9267;

Editor — Ed Price, 3833 Old Newburg Turnpike, Union Dale, PA 18470; 570-679-2318;

NTA Director — David Shuttleworth, 5452 Tamarack Drive, Sharpsville, PA 16150; 724-962-4260;

FTA Director — Mark Kasten, RR2 Box 2287, Hallstead, PA 18822; 570-278-2553;

Public Relations Director — Barry Warner, P.O. Box 223, Dallas, PA 18612; 570-675-7041;

Website Designer — Barbie Breckenridge,


Membership Options:

Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

Individual membership without subscription — $10

Junior, age 16 and under without subscription — $5

Lifetime membership with subscription — $300

Lifetime membership without subscription — $100


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

PTA Treasurer

Donna Spittle

P.O. Box 708

Hummelstown, PA 17036



Here we are halfway through fall and the long anticipated start of trapping season. In my area the last of the leaves are still hanging on the trees, but I’m sure many of our trappers in the northern part of the state have found their ice scrapers and put them to use.

What a great summer we had highlighted by our 75th PTA RENDEZVOUS. Fall was kicked off by our annual trapping schools held across the state. I do not have the final numbers of students but I hear the attendance was robust at all schools. I want to thank all the volunteer instructors that help to shape and influenced our new trappers on the correct and responsible way to run a trap line. Many of our districts are reporting the biggest crowds they have seen in many years at their mini conventions and fall meetings. All of this interest is resulting in the continuing growth of the PTA. Please do your part to promote our organization with the new trappers you meet in the field this year. I want to take this time to thank our treasurer Donna Spittle for handling this increased workload in her normal prompt fashion. I encourage everyone to renew their membership in a timely manner, this allows for an uninterrupted delivery of your magazine and information. Please consider using our website to renew, join or purchase books and merchandise,…

Last month Ned Weston and I attended the PA Game Commission meeting in Franklin. We both testified to the board of commissioners about expanded opportunities for the trappers. Most of my presentation reinforced what has been presented to them in the past, and the need for us to adapt. Ned introduced the commissioners to elevated cubby boxes as a method to trap raccoon and be totally safe to dogs. Ned had the complete attention of the board and answered numerous questions from the commissioners. I personally was very humbled to be in attendance at this meeting with Ned. All I can say is that Ned is held in the highest respect by the Board. With that being said think about our new motto while running your trapline, and the others you come in contact with this season. “OUR IMMAGE OUR FUTURE”

Have a safe and memorable season. — Brian Mohn



As we venture along our trap lines this fall and winter, I thought the following may be beneficial to you as discussion points when interacting with other outdoor users.

Our way of life, trapping, is strictly regulated by our state agency, the PGC. Regulations are developed through professional wildlife biologists in cooperation with the PTA. All species that may be legally trapped in PA are abundant. Our activity is part of a wildlife management plan to keep populations within appropriate numbers to protect the environment, expanding human populations, and benefits many other wildlife species such as ground nesting birds and animals. Keeping the populations at appropriate levels also helps prevent wide spread disease in excessive populations.

Trappers must be licensed and provide proof of training to secure the license. Trapping seasons are scheduled for the time of year when the young are establishing their own territories and are no longer dependent.

Experts from every state wildlife agency and other conservation groups that care about the environment, natural resources and animal welfare are working together to improve and modernize the technology of trapping through scientific research. This activity is referred to as Best Management Practices. This program documents improvements in the welfare of captured animals and trap technology. For more information on BMPs, go to

The same traps we use to harvest fur are frequently used to trap and transfer species to minimize human/wildlife conflicts. These traps are also used to capture certain species for research purposes. Foot hold traps were used while we were capturing otter in northeast PA to repopulate other areas of the state. As we are fully aware, the foot hold trap is the most efficient and reliable tool to secure many of these species.

Over the years, many of you have been directly involved in wildlife research. As an example, just last year I know a number of you provided raccoon carcasses to the PGC for research purposes.

We are fully aware of those individuals that do not want to hear the facts. However, there are those occasions when we do have the opportunity to provide honest and informative information to individuals. Finally, do not neglect to stress the love and respect we have for the critters we seek. We respect what we do to the extent, that for most of us, many of the regulations in place would be unnecessary in that they would be self-imposed.

Finally, keep in mind how many critters we catch that are carrying ticks that transmit many dangerous diseases, along with other health related concerns. Always protect yourself, wear gloves and wash your hands habitually. — Barry L. Warner



Hello Members.

I would like to thank the District for the appreciation gift and plaque. I have truly enjoyed serving the district as Director and was humbled at such an amazing display of your appreciation. Thanks again to everyone.

The Fall Meeting in Forest County at Endeavor was well attended. A special thanks to Jim Howe for putting it together and making sure it was well marked with signs. Your hard work is appreciated.

A special thanks to Ned Weston for coming up and talking to us about Conibear boxes up on the trees for coon.

At the meeting, we had two county leader changes. The Mercer County Leader is Walter Greathouse and the Venango County Leader is Jim Stoops. We had the elections for the Officers of District 1. The offices were filled as follows: John Chase – District Director, Darryl Mook – Assistant Director, Donna Murphy – Secretary, Michelle Steffy – Treasurer, and Derrick Cross – PR Director. These positions will take over after the General Membership Meeting at the Rendezvous during the summer of 2013.

The Spring Gun Raffle will be held on April 6, 2013. We are still looking for a venue. We will have a planning meeting on October 21st at 2:30 PM at Kings Family Restaurant in Meadville, PA. If you have ideas or a dealer that wants to bid on the guns, please come to the meeting. This event is a critical fundraising event for our district and it is imperative that we have good attendance at the planning meetings. I look forward to seeing a great turnout.

Our Spring Meeting will be held on April 20, 2013 at Conneaut Lake Sportsman’s Club in Conneaut Lake, PA.

A reminder to all that we need to be as careful as possible with Conibear box placements, so we avoid all dogs. And a reminder that all look alike visual attractors are illegal. This includes the little crayfish on the pan for coon.

Crawford County is doing the Pumpkin Fest from October 12 to the 14th.

Trapper of the Year went to “Pink”. Mercer County received the County of the Year Award. Congrats to the recipients of these awards!

I hope you all have a great trapping season. Don’t forget to take a kid trapping.

God Bless. — Charlie Sykes



Hi All,

By the time you read this report, the season will just about be ready to kick off. Hope you all are ready and can find the time to spend at what you enjoy. Our fall rendezvous will be over when you get this report, so I’ll report on it next month. District 3 did receive final word from the Furtakers of America, and we will be hosting the 2014 FTA national convention along with the PTA state rendezvous. We’re looking forward to working with the FTA for the combination rondy.

Our trapper’s school was held on September 22, at the East Monongahela Sportsmen Club. We had 34 students present. Thanks to Rege Denne for lining up the spot for this year’s school. I want to thank our D-3 instructors for a whole day spent teaching our future. Thanks to Bob Jameson, Kevin Cain, Chris Bergman, Matthew Pappa, Greg Grimm, Dan Weiss, Doug Bergman, Rege, and John and Jamison Poorbaugh for giving up a Saturday for our school. Once again, lunch was excellent from the Poorbaughs, Thanks everyone !

The winners from our gun raffles from the county fairs were Nicki Bucheit from Brownsville, and Larry Kubitza from Centerville.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our district fur sale, January 27, at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

‘Till next time. — Dave Eckels



Trapping season will soon be upon us and as usual I’m not as prepared as I would like to be. I hope you have done a better job of getting things together and prepared than I have. I’m using excuses like a career change and teaching my 16 year old daughter to drive but the reality is the season will soon be here and I’m not ready. I’ll do my best in the next several weeks and the cool weather and shorter days will be reminders of the seasons to come.

I apologize if this information arrives too late, but the fall district 5 meeting will be held on October 14, 2012 at 1:00 PM at the Jerome Sportsman’s Club and lunch will be provided. Please plan to attend and support our district.

Our district officers are as follows: Don Sager – Director, Jim Griffith – Assistant Director, Pat Wess – Treasurer, and Deborah Sedlmeyer – Secretary.

Please feel free to contact Pat Wess @ (814) 262-9455 or me with any information you would like to see in this report or any questions you might have. I can be reached at (814) 686-0497 or e-mail me at Thanks for reading. — Brian Stern, Tipton, PA



District 7 had our mini-rondy on Sept. 8 at the Booneville Campground. We had a good turnout of buyers and vendors and we had some new vendors. Mid morning the rain started and washed out the mini. Better weather next year. I would also like to thank our demonstrators for their demos. Todd Strohecker, trapping questions and answers—-Todd Troup for his bobcat demo—Tom Purves for his predator calling demo and Herb Senderling–cable restraints.

In the afternoon we had our D7 meeting. It was voted on that we would like to sponsor the 2014 banquet at the Hughesville Fire Co. We also had a discussion about trapping near exposed bait and how close you can trap near it.

I would also like to thank Mike Kilcoyne and his son Scot for manning our trapping booth at the North-Montour Sportsmen Club Youth Field Day. January 13 is our fur auction, if you can help out let me know in advance. October 7 we were invited to the Little Pine Creek Park to have a booth about trapping at the outdoor show they are having. — Pete



The trappers school in September was a huge success. We had 35 attendees for the 2 days. Thanks to all who helped out, as usual.

The mini-convention was pretty well attended. Thanks to all who patronized the dealers, and thanks to all the dealers. We did not have a meeting as everyone left too early.

Our fall meeting was held at Dave Costanzo’s house on October 14. Thanks to Dave for hosting the event. I will have a report next time.

The coyote hunt will be held February 1, 2 &3. We should be getting the applications mailed in mid-December. We are looking for a great turnout again this year. The raffle will be a Kimber 223 with a Zeiss 3×9 scope like last year. Tickets will be $5 each, 3 for $10.

Our fur sale will be held the week after the coyote hunt (Feb. 9). We are going back to the way we used to have the fur sale, but we will be charging a 4% sellers’ fee this year. Please let everyone know of the change. We will be sending a post card out to this effect before the sale.

That’s all for now. Be safe and ethical while setting those traps, and wait until fur is prime to get the maximum amount for your fur. — Ed Price,, 570-679-2318



Hello to all. Hope everyone is gearing up for the upcoming season. Prices came down a little on some items at the last NAFA and Fur Harvesters auctions, but prices are still better than they have been in quite a few years. Go after a variety of critters and wait until fur is prime and you should make out good.

Our next big event will be the district fur auction on January 19 at Belfast Club. The prices we get are similar to NAFA and Fur Harvesters on the average. Set will be on Friday night at 6 PM, and we need help in the kitchen, counting fur and runners during the auction. Doors open at 8 AM and sale starts at 9 AM. Be sure to bring your furtakers license.

As you all know by now, District 10 will be hosting the 2013 State Convention on June 6-9. I am in desperate need of some help. I am maxed out as far as what I can do. Brian Mohn and his girls offered to do the mountain man race and trap setting contests and John Stenger offered to help with the auction. I need someone to call and line up demo people, organize kids’ and women’s events, do commemorative items, get some entertainment for Saturday night, plus during convention to man the District table main gate and odd jobs. I am currently working on programs – if you would like to place an ad, give me a call. The ads cost $25 for 1/4 page, $50 for 1/2 page, and $100 for full page. We will be having a lot more meetings coming up and I will let you know when and where they will take place.

That’s it for now. Good luck to all on the upcoming season and be safe. — Scot, 610-863-9759



First off, I want to correct a mistake I made in last month’s column. The date for our District 11 Fur Sale is Saturday, January 12, 2013 – NOT Jan. 13 like I reported to you last month. Sorry about that. It will be held at the Berks County 4H Center, Bernville, PA. Doors open at 7AM, sale starts at 9. You must be a PTA member to sell fur at this sale. All licensed fur buyers are invited to attend.

We held 4 trapper training schools in the district in the past 2 months and all totaled about 125 students attended. All schools reported very good interest and participation from the students that attended. In order to list everyone that helped out with these schools, it would take more space than I’d be allowed. I do want to say a sincere Thank You on behalf of the district to each one of you that helped in any way to make these schools a success. I personally want to thank all who helped me in Dauphin County. Especially my Dad, who drives down every year to help out. For 3 years in a row now we have had 4 generations of Spittles conducting this school and I hope it continues for many more years.

We received a letter and a contribution from the Herb Zechman family. Herb passed away Sept. 1, 2012 and in lieu of flowers the family accepted donations to the district for the trapper training schools. Herb’s desire was that we pass along the love of trapping to those interested in learning it. That is something that I know gets done at our trapper training schools. On behalf of District 11, I want to say Thank You to the Zechman family and assure them that Dad’s wishes will be honored.

I’ll get you up to date from our Oct. mtg at Middlecreek in next month’s column. — Mike Spittle, (717)367-2637,

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