Pennsylvania Trappers Association March 2010 Report

President — Brian Mohn, 134 Fairview Road, Hamburg, PA 19526; phone: 610-562-1790; e-mail:

Vice President East — Joel Whitehead, RR#2Box 90, Thompson, PA 18465; e-mail:

Vice President West — Ned Weston, 120 Swope Road, West Sunbury, PA 16061; phone: 724-894-2239; e-mail:

Secretary — Tereasa Houtz, 300 Flint Lane, Landisburg, PA 17040; e-mail:

Treasurer — Chad Kijowski, P.O. Box 614 , Dayton, PA 16222; phone: 814-257-9846;

Editor — Russ Ford, 309 Pine Dale Road, Carlisle, PA 17013, phone: 717-249-7271, fax: 717-249-8509; e-mail:

NTA Director — David Shuttleworth, 5452 Tamarack Drive, Sharpsville, PA 16150; phone: 724-962-4260; e-mail:

FTA Director — Mark Kasten, RR2 Box 2287, Hallstead, PA 18822; phone: 570-278-2553;

Public Relations Director — Mike Gontor, 87 West 7th St., Jim Thorpe, PA 18229; phone: 570-325-4974; e-mail:

Membership Options:

Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
Individual membership without subscription — $10
Junior, age 16 and under without subscription — $5
Lifetime membership with subscription — $300
Lifetime membership without subscription — $100

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

PTA Treasurer
Chad Kijowski
P.O. Box 614
Dayton, PA 16222


This spring, as you are planning for the upcoming events, here are a few of my suggestions. Try attending one of the many district or state banquets around the state. The State banquet will be hosted by District 11 on Sept. 18, 2010 in Lebanon. No matter which end of the state you travel to, I’m sure you will be welcomed and meet new friends. Another opportunity to gain knowledge and have input in our association would be at a district meeting or Gathering.

One weekend you don’t want to miss is the annual convention hosted by District 3 in Washington, PA on June 17, 18 and 19, 2010. We have not been in that part of the state for some time and they are planning to make this convention a must attend. The list of demos was posted on and our state site earlier than ever before.

Planning is what allows us to get the most done! Just ask any of my daughters about how my wife plans a vacation. But really, how successful was your last trapline if you didn’t plan ahead? Maybe this will be the year that you sign up for the new “Successful Furtaking” class that will be introduced this spring by the Pa game Commission.

As reported in January, I represented the trappers at the PGC season and bag limits meeting. I listened to a variety of reports covering game and non-game species presented to the commissioners by the wildlife biologists. How often are opinions made by emotions and what occurs in a snapshot? I found it very informative to listen to wildlife studies conducted using good scientific procedures. The preliminary outcome of the meeting proposes numerous changes for the trappers and hunters of Pennsylvania. If you would like to know more, plan on attending some of the aforementioned events.

Our youth and conservation programs are designed to educate the participants on the outdoors and wildlife management through trapping. These programs would not be possible with out fundraising. I encourage every member to support our fundraising efforts by buying and selling our sweepstakes tickets. Did you see our new wildlife print by Melissa Ball? These would make a great gift for any outdoorsman.

Good Trapping.

— Brian Mohn


Hi all,

Sorry for missing the past couple issues. I do have a legit excuse. I was in the hospital and rehab center for three months.

Just got home a few days ago. Doing a lot better, but still bedridden. So, keeping this short as I can. I wish to say “thank you” for all the cards, letters and good wishes that I have gotten. Many of you said that I was a good editor. I appreciate that.

I had thought about resigning, but, at this time, I am going to keep trying to be your editor if you want me to be.

Hope you all had a good time afield.

This was my second year of not trapping after 55 years and, yes, I really missed it. I guess it’s in the blood.

I will end this for now, but hopefully I’ll have more to say about it in the next issue.

Take care and God bless all of you.

— Russ Ford


Another trapping season is almost gone. Hopefully, everyone had a fun and safe season. Now comes all the clean-up work. I say every year that I will get my traps and gear cleaned, sorted and put away early. But you know how that goes.

The NTA leadership conferences are just around the corner. The North East will be in Malta, New York again this year on April 17. Any member is welcome to attend.  It is a one-day meeting and a lot will be discussed. If you are unable to attend and have suggestions or concerns you would like discussed, let me know. Conventions will start up in April with the 7th South East being in Calhoun, Ga. April 9-11. The 9th North East will be in Greenwich, N.Y. May 21-23, and the Western June 18-20 in Rock Springs, Wyo. The 51st National Convention will be in Marshfield, Wisc. Aug. 5-8. Try to attend some conventions this year. They are always a lot of fun. The NTA will have a booth at the PTA Convention June 17-20 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. I plan on attending the North East, PTA and National Convention this year.

The PTA gave a $5,000 donation last fall to the NTA, which was greatly appreciated. There have been a lot of good changes in the NTA in the last couple of years. More changes are sure to come if the lines of communication remain open. Some of the best ideas come from you, the members. Be sure to pass them along. The NTA does need all the support we can give them, whether it is becoming a member, renewing a membership or a simple donation. If you are reading this, then most likely you are involved in the trapping industry somehow. Remember we are all in this together. All of our trapping associations work hard to keep our trapping rights and need our support.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

— Dave Shuttleworth


Greg Kohl and John Stemmler attended the PTA officers and directors meeting held on Jan. 2, 2010. They presented an overview of the current status of Keystone Institute for Furbearer Education (KIFE) and fielded questions from the PTA board. They believe this meeting cleared a lot of the mystic that has surrounded the creation of KIFE. PTA President Brian Mohn summed the discussions well with the statement along the line of: “(With KIFE) Trappers now have another tool with more functionality and potential than anticipated and the challenge is how best to use it.”

The application for Charitable Organization Status has been completed and timely submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. While the IRS approval is in process, donations to KIFE are tax deductible. Please keep KIFE in mind with regard to bequests or other charitable giving considerations either individually or with regard to acquaintances and business affiliations.

Pete Ellerman who heads up our education committee has created the first KIFE brochure. This brochure is only a synopsis of what KIFE stands for and wants to accomplish as well as a request for donations. These brochures will make their first appearance to the general public at the Eastern Outdoors Show in Harrisburg this February where the PTA has granted display space. Thanks to Pete and his committee for a job well done!

At the board meeting held on Jan. 16, 2010, a discussion was held about the creation of a banner to be used at conventions. By February, this will be a reality using the current emblem of KIFE.

Butch Gossage has joined as an education committee member and in addition will be assisting the organization in completing the receipt of our first bequest of property from a deceased fellow trapper’s estate consisting of trapping paraphernalia and other collectibles.

A discussion was held about the creation of a Web site and a Web site developer has been invited to our next board meeting to show us Web pages that he has produced. Our next board meeting will be March 20. Anyone wishing to ask any questions of the board or has comments, please contact me or any other board member to bring it up at our next board meeting. Also, if you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please contact Greg Kohl or me.

— Jerry L. Pickel


Hello Everyone. I have been attempting to fill a ’cat tag without any results, but I have been fortunate enough to stack up some beaver. Hopefully, your fur sheds are filling-up also.

The Spring gun raffle is slated to be held April 3 at Sparrow Pond Campground. Tickets have been printed. If you need some, please contact Jim Murphy at 814-382-2561. Don’t forget to get your sponsor forms filled out and turned in to Donna.

Our Spring meeting will be held in Forest County at the Endeavor Community Building on April 10. The address is Rt. 666, Building #17457, Endeavor, PA 16322. If you have any questions regarding directions, please contact Jim Howe at 814-463-3760.

I took a break from writing this and went up to Barney’s on the 30th to set some ’cat traps with some info he had provided. On the 31st, I bagged a nice tom! Thanks Barney!

I hope you continue to have a great season. Don’t forget to take a kid trapping!

God Bless.

— Charlie Sykes


Hello all,

Hope this trapping season went well for everyone and you accomplished your goals, whatever they might have been. Now with the season winding down, our district will be quite busy with the upcoming events. Our district fur sale was held on Jan. 31, at the Washington County Fairgrounds. I’ll have to give the results from the sale in the next issue. If you brought fur to the sale, thank you. Also thanks to the folks who helped set up before the sale and clean up after.

Our next convention meeting will be held on Feb. 28, at Paci’s Lounge near Brownsville. If you haven’t made one yet, it’s not too late to jump in. Give me a call at 724-348-6721 if you need directions or have any questions. Planning is well underway for this year’s rendezvous, but of course we will need as much help as we can get. Even if you can spare a couple hours sometime during the show, we could certainly use it. Mark the dates on your calendars for June 17-20. We could also use some help on the couple days before the rondy for set up. Give me a call and I’ll put you on the phone list.

It’s not too early to begin planning to attend District 3’s 6th annual banquet either. This year’s banquet will be on April 24, at the Youngwood Fire Hall. It’s always a good time there, with lots of your fellow trappers, so if you’ve been to one or all of them, or you haven’t yet made one, I hope to see you there.

‘Till next time.

— Dave Eckels


Hello All,

I hope you had as good a time this season as I did. Thanks to the PTA and the PGC, it looks like we might have some wonderful new trapping opportunities next season. The fur sale in St. Marys was very good. There were four buyers and lots of fur. Everyone seemed pleased with the turnout. Our fur report is to follow.

I just want everyone to know our spring fur sale is coming up. We have changed the location to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. It will be Saturday, April 3 from 8 a.m. until noon. It is located just off I-80 at exit 81. The building will be heated with plenty of room so please plan on attending and supporting your district. For more info or questions, please give me a call at 814-371-1170.


— Don Klinger


I completed my fur preparation tonight and am now ready for the sale. By the time you read this, the fur will be gone and I’ll be thinking about next year’s trapping season. My fur collection turned out OK this year and I plan to take a picture before I sell it. After it’s gone and the money is spent, the pictures remind me of the good times I’ve had. I hope you are fighting off the “shack nasties” (cabin fever) and enjoying the winter weather. Not much to report so I’ll wish you luck and hope you had some good times this past season too.

An election of officers was held at the fall meeting and following are the results: Director – Harry Wade, Assistant director – Mark Vatavuk, Treasurer – Pat Wess, and Secretary – Deborah Sedlemeyer.

We will have a booth at the Jaffa Sports Show again this year. The show is being held Feb. 26-28 and I hope you will be able to help out. If you are at the show, please stop in and introduce yourself.

Please feel free to contact Pat Wess at 814-262-9455 or me with any information you would like to see in this report or any questions you might have. I can be reached at 814-686-0497 or e-mail me at Thanks for reading.

— Brian Stern


District 7 had a fur auction on Jan. 17 at Washingtonville. I want to thank everyone who helped make it a great event. Todd Strohecker, who organized it and kept it running smoothly; Randy Henry, who ran the food stand and he also made and donated the ham and bean soup; Brian Walker, our auctioneer; Steve Karchner, who took care of the copy machine; Art Hoffman, who kept the furs organized and moving through the building; and Melissa and Megan Rake, who helped all around the auction.

I would also like to thank everyone whose name I have not listed. Your help is greatly appreciated. Todd’s report on the sale results is below.
From Jan. 28 to Jan. 31, District 7 had a booth at the Bloomsburg Early Bird show. I will have a report on this in the next issue.

District 7 spring meeting will be March 14 at the Greene Twp. Bldg at Loganton starting at 1 p.m. Please try to attend this meeting as it will be the last time to enter the free lifetime membership drawing, which will be held after the meeting. You must be a member of Dist. 7 to enter. We will also be setting the dates for our events in 2010 and discussing the trapping seasons for 2010/2011. Any questions, call or e-mail me — 570-437-2679 or

— Pete

PA Trapper’s Association, District 7 Fur Auction

Washingtonville, PA


Listed by Species, Quantity Sold, High $, Low $ and Average $

RED FOX — 65, $35, $6.50, $11.79

GRAY FOX — 59, $23, $13, $18.30

COYOTE — 14, $26.50, $10, $16.30

RACCOON — 329, $16, $3.50, $12.36

MUSKRAT (BR) — 1,138, $9, $5, $7.53

M. MINK — 70, $14.50, $8.25, $12.55

F. MINK — 22, $7.75, $4, $6.88

BEAVER — 20, $16, $10, $13.49

SKUNK — 13, $7, $5.50, $6.29

OPOSSUM — 103, $4.50, $2, $3.21

SQUIRREL TAILS — 13, $0.25, $0.25, $0.25

GREEN RACCOON — 26, $7.25, $7.25, $7.25

Total Trapper Lots: 40

Fur Buyers Present: 8


Our District Fur Sale was held Jan. 9 at the Berks County 4H Center. It was a successful day because of the hard work and dedication from all who had a part of making the sale happen. The gals in the kitchen, those that baked for the kitchen, those that counted and ran fur and all those at registration and recording did a great job. Our auctioneer, Keith Witman, keeps getting better and better each year. On behalf of the district, I want to say “Thank You” to all of you. We also want to thank all the buyers that attended and bought fur because without you, there would be no sale.

We did something different this year, anyone that wanted to could donate one real nice fox that went into a special lot and you got a ticket for your fox. When the lot was sold, we drew a ticket and that trapper got half the money for the whole lot and the district got the other half. The lucky trapper was Cliff Martin. We want to give special thanks to George Munniskma for buying that lot of foxes. One of the members of the group who is always there and was not able to be at the sale this year was George Kiphorn and it just wasn’t the same without him. George is having some ongoing health problems so please keep him in your prayers.

There are some shows coming up in the next couple of months that several members will be working at. The big one will be over by the time you read this, but there is a whole crew that works the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show. We thank you all for giving of your time and talent to this project. The Donegal Sportsmen show and the Mt. Cavalry dinner will be March 6.

Our next scheduled district meeting will be April 11 at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds at 2 p.m. I will fill you in on our February meeting in next month’s column.

— Mike

The results of our fur sale are as follows:

District 11, Pa. Trapper’s Assoc. Fur Auction

Berks Co. 4-H Center 1/09/10

Listed by Species, Quantity, $ High, $ Low and $ Average.

Red Fox — 1,585, $15, $0.75, $9.14

Gray Fox — 7, $16.50, $5.25, $21.06

Opossum — 169, $4.75, $0.05, $2.26

Raccoon — 589, $18.50, $0.75, $8.41

Brown Muskrat — 661, $7.20, $0.55, $4.76

Skunks — 28, $5.50, $2.50, $3.38

Male Mink — 87, $14, $5.25, $10.48

Female Mink — 41, $7.75, $3.25, $6.26

Coyote — 8, $13.25, $1, $9.21

Deer Hides — 21, $5.25, $2, $3.69

Squirrel Tails — 219, $0.14, $0.14, $0.14

Total Trapper Lots: 48

Fur Buyers: 9

— Submitted by Ralph Wagner, District Director

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