Pro-Trapping Petition on White House Website Counters Anti-Trapping Request


A trapper has created an online petition on the website to counter a petition created by anti-trappers who want to ban trapping.

A poster using the handle L. River Raisin on the popular trapping forum posted earlier this week to explain why he created the petition.

“I noticed yesterday that some anti’s have created a petition calling for a ban on trapping, so I’ve created a counter-petition to see if we can’t beat their opposition with our support for the sport we hold dear,” L. River Raisin wrote. “Any and all signatures are appreciated.”

The petition is titled “Recognize Trapping as a Humane, Necessary Means of Animal Control, Beneficial to Humans, Animals, and the Environment.”

A detailed description is included on the petition page:

“While many see trapping as a cruel, inhumane activity, trapping is a vital means of wildlife management. Live trapping, especially with footholds, typically causes no harm or suffering, and has allowed many species to be successfully reintroduced to native habitats where they were previously driven out. Trapping is carefully regulated by state game agencies, preventing over-harvest or physical damage to the animals. Without medicine, animals are prone to death by disease, as well as starvation or predation, especially as populations grow; those which do survive often move into human habitats and cause damage. Trapping prevents and corrects these situations by keeping populations in check. Therefore, trapping deserves to be recognized as the humane, necessary practice which it truly is.”

If you’re interested in viewing the petition or signing it, visit the petition page HERE.

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13 thoughts on “Pro-Trapping Petition on White House Website Counters Anti-Trapping Request

  1. “Anti” groups are usually either mislead or uneducated to certain subjects. Quite obviously the Federal and State governments already recognize hunting, trapping, and fishing to be a beneficial and adequate form of Wildlife Management. Let these “Anti” people know that they are in the wrong on this matter.

  2. It has been scientificly proven time and again that the anti-trapping groups ways (IE birth control,relocation etc etc ) do not work it is time we are on the protected one ones!!

  3. Trapping goes back a long way with me. My grandfather was a farmer, and traped in the winter months, My Father was a farmer, and he traped also in the winter months to help bring in some needed income. I’ am fortunate enough not to have to trap for money, but do like to use my trapping skill when it is necessary. I’ am a Rancher and I have a lot of friends that Ranch also, and we do need to trap coyotes in the calf season. So I would like to be left along we it comes to our traps and guns. Ray Hunt

  4. The thing that gets me is that I’m quite certain 99% of the ”antis” live in large metropolitan areas, and aside from some parks and zoos, they probably haven’t been in the wild and seen what an over populated group of animals looks like. Let alone the damage they can do and the disease that usually accompanies overpopulation. Yet they think they know more than us trappers, hunters, farmers and ranches that are out there everyday.

  5. The “White House” ,and most of congress, along with the Hollywood know-nothings and generally urban oriented people simply don’t get it. Man is the only predator that can reason and generally exercises good judgment about and stewardship of our natural resources, including wolves, etc. It makes you wonder if the anti’s really understand nature, the wild way, and the real world, and particularly where their food, clothing, and shelter come from and what is necessary to insure these.

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