Rabid Beaver Attacks Young Girls

The uncle of the Virginia girls who were attacked by a beaver captured and killed the animal.

Beavers and otters and raccoons, oh my?

You can add beavers to the list of recent unlikely human attackers, following otter and raccoon attacks within the last couple of weeks.

A rabid beaver attacked two Virginia sisters while they swam Sunday. Annabella and Alyssa Radnovich were bitten while swimming in Lake Anna Sunday morning, according to a Jeff Branscome blog post on Fredericksburg.com. The sisters were treated at a nearby hospital and released. Alyssa received stitches on her upper thigh, while Annabella received bandages to cover deep wounds above her knee.

The girls’ uncle shot the beaver with a BB gun and then killed it with a knife, according to Branscome’s report. Officials confirmed the beaver had rabies after testing. It’s just the fourth time a beaver has been confirmed to have rabies in Virginia in the past decade.

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