Resident Mountain Lion Population in Nebraska?

Nebraska wildlife officials say that a trail camera picture of two mountain lion kittens is evidence that the state has a resident mountain lion population for the first time in more than a century.

From the Kearney Hub:

Snapshots from a scouting camera in northwest Nebraska captured
the images of two cougar kittens feasting on the remains of a
field-dressed deer in a remote snow-covered Pine Ridge valley.

The Dec. 21 photographs came from a motion-sensitive camera set
out northeast of Hay Springs by Tyler Hunter of Chadron.

“This is documentation that mountain lions are reproducing in
this state for the first time in 100 years,” said Sam Wilson at the
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Lincoln headquarters.

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One thought on “Resident Mountain Lion Population in Nebraska?

  1. There have been several sightings of mountain lions in south NE and northern KS. I had a friend who had a horse attacked by one and another that had a calf killed by a mountain lion.

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