Russia Paying for Top Wolf Hunters

Russia has a wolf population problem, and it’s willing to pay hunters to help control it.

Wolf packs have been moving closer and closer to Siberian towns in recent years to prey on livestock, including horses and domesticated reindeer, according to a recent New York Times story. As problems have increased, so have the bounties Russian republics and municipalities are willing to pay to help control the issue.

Bounties range between republics across the Siberian region, with additional incentives thrown in by some municipalities. Yakutia, for example, is offering $660 per adult wolf pelt this winter, according to the New York Times story. The city of Verkhoyansk, which is located in Yakutia, will add an extra $300 for each wolf pelt. Other towns have offered snowmobiles or bonuses in the thousands to their top hunters for the year.

According to some estimates, Russia is home to about 45,000 wolves. In fact, there are so many wolves that even animal rights groups acknowledge the population is too high.

“There are too many wolves in Russia,” Vladimir G. Krever, the director of the program in biodiversity in Russia with the World Wildlife Fund, told the New York times.

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5 thoughts on “Russia Paying for Top Wolf Hunters

  1. I would just love to help with the wolf problem . Just pay my travel expences both ways and my exspences while i am there doing the kull and you have a deal.

  2. Wows-er….I have never shot a wolf , but have heard from a fellow that hunted over bait….in Canada last spring…. he said they were so sneaky they would crawl several yards to get at a snack bait set out a hundred or so yards from his guided hut….so may not be EZ money….but also have read that if the pack is called ….you squeal like a rabbit…you can kill in the right sequence and murder em all…..Cha Ching!!!!!

  3. Spent many winters hunting coyotes and wolves in central and northern Ontario as well as running a nuisance predator removal service for farmers and local municipality. This sounds like a great opportunity. Where do I sign up

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