School Days: A Trapper’s First ’Coon

Gus Davis, 9, Anabel, Mo.

Boy caught a huge bandit with a trap set next to a fallen tree by a river

I caught my first raccoon on a cold evening in December 2009. I crossed this old creek and jumped the fence and walked through the weeds to get to a fallen down tree my dad and I had found that summer. The tree had ’coon and fox scat on it. There was a little creek that ran by the tree stump. I set a #1 by the trunk and a Grizz by the creek.

Three nights in a row — nothing. But on the fourth night, I caught a whopping 31-inch raccoon. It was night and I couldn’t shoot a .22 by myself so Mom came with me. It was really dark, and shooting a moving ’coon with a scope in the dark is not easy. But we managed.

After we got home, Mom took my picture and put it on Facebook. Then we shoved the ’coon in the freezer.

When Dad came home, I watched him skin the raccoon. When it was all said and done, that massive ’coon brought $16. Not bad for a first ’coon!

“School Days” is sponsored by Duke Traps and the Wisconsin Trappers Association. Winners receive six traps, a Wisconsin Cooperative Trapper Education video, an NTA handbook and a membership to their state’s trappers association. To be considered, send a 300- to 500-word story and photo of the trapper or hunter with a catch, kill, fur or trap to: School Days, The Trapper & Predator Caller, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990.

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  1. Gus you always make us so proud! Now you’re a writer too! I love listening to you tell your stories, your eyes light up and I can feel the excitement almost as much as you! Keep up the great work!

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