School Days: Michigan Boy Enjoys Targeting ’Rats

Travis Foos, 12, Michigan

Travis Foos, 12, Michigan

He hopes to catch raccoons, weasels, muskrats,
squirrels, coyotes and more this season


My name is Travis Foos. I started trapping four years ago. I attended a trapper’s convention in Hermansville, Mich., where they gave me a weasel box.

I caught two weasels my first year. The next two years, I set a lot of traps but didn’t catch anything. My grandpa gave me some advice on how to catch more animals, such as putting a trap on the trail and a trap on each side of the trail. I am catching on. So far this year, I’ve caught one opossum, three muskrats, eight gray squirrels and four red squirrels.

My dad and I attend two trapper’s conventions each year. The one in Hermansville is held the first weekend in February. The other one is in Escanaba, Mich. It is held in July, and that is where the National Trapper’s Convention will be held this year. I plan to volunteer there. Last year, I also took a trapper’s education course.

My favorite trapping experience was catching muskrats. My dad and I planned on doing some water trapping this fall, but we were too busy. Luckily, my dad’s friend had a muskrat infestation and asked us if we wanted to trap in the ponds near his house. My dad caught two and I caught three. Then it got too cold and the ponds started to freeze over. It was fun. We will probably trap some more there next year.

I trap mostly by myself and sometimes with my dad. We trap in our field and in the woods behind our field.

I like trapping because I get to be outdoors and can make money off of the furs I catch. Next year, I plan to do more trapping, including raccoons, opossums, weasels, muskrats, squirrels, coyotes, skunks and hares.

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