School Days: New Trapper Catches Giant ’Coon

School Days

Austin Meinerts, 16, South Dakota

In his first season, a South Dakota boy catches
a raccoon that weighs nearly 30 pounds


My name is Austin Meinerts. I am 16 years old, and this was my first year actually trapping.

I got the traps I used from a guy named Bob in Minnesota who had a classified ad. I bought 10 #220s from him and five #1.75 coilsprings.

I caught a raccoon on a trail just behind my house a little bit. The trail leads to a pond where I have seen a ton of raccoon sign. I set every #220 that I had in trails around the water in some tall grass, but I only had a opossum my first week.

After checking my traps every day hoping that I could finally catch a raccoon, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I kept thinking the traps were in good trails and I should’ve had a raccoon.

I started my second week trapping with only an opossum and a skunk to show for it.

One day, as I was checking my trail sets as usual, I looked through a little hole in the trail where I could see my trap and I saw what looked to be the fur of a really nice raccoon.

I was so excited to have finally caught a raccoon. And what was really cool was the fact that this raccoon weighed almost 30 pounds. As I approached the raccoon, I marveled at it’s nice, prime November pelt.

After that, I just carried the raccoon back to my house still in the trap. I just pulled a non-productive trap and placed it in the trail. I set my #220 on a Stakealizer stake a few inches off of the ground, blended it in, flipped off the safety hooks and left it for the next night to hopefully catch another ’coon.

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