School Days: Targeting Utah’s Spotted ’Cats


Reilee Helms, 10, Utah

Girl takes tips from trapping DVD
and applies them to her bobcat trapline

I have been trapping for four years. This year has been my personal best.

We mainly trapped bobcats because of the prices being paid on good Western bobcats. I also wanted to try out sets that I learned from a bobcat trapping DVD.

My dad and I started scouting for bobcats in early August. Using trail cams, we got video of bobcats, gray foxes, coyotes, badgers and a lot of rabbits. Where we found a lot of cottontail rabbits, we also found bobcats.

Finally, trapping season started. I was so excited. My dad and I were trapping ’cats high up in the southern Utah mountains. I took the lessons I learned from the DVDs I watched and used them on our bobcat lines. I used sets that kept coyotes out but caught lots of bobcats.

The second day of bobcat season, I was sick, but my mom let me go check traps with my dad. I had to make a long ride on the ATV to get to our traps. Because I was sick, my dad would hike to the sets and check them while I lay down on the ATV.

At the second trap, I could hear my dad yelling at me to bring the GoPro video camera and a snare. I got excited, but I could still feel my strep throat. As I got closer, I was asking him what I caught, but all he was doing was smiling. I finally got over to my set and there was a bobcat staring at us.

It was fun. I can’t wait for next season!

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