School Days: Trapper Gets a ’Cat in his Coyote Set


Kenneth Diller, 14, Tennessee

Tennessee boy plans to trap bobcats, coyotes,
raccoons and mink in his second season


My name is Kenneth Diller. I am 14 years old and enjoy trapping. I live in western Tennessee.

My older brothers used to trap a little, so I had a few traps to start out with. Two seasons ago, I started trapping in a little creek that borders our land and flows into the Obion River, which also borders our land.

That year, I caught two raccoons from about five or six traps. The next year, I got started very late and caught one opossum.

Then one day I was at an auction and bought a small crate of traps for very cheap. In that crate was a Victor #3 single longspring and a Victor #3 double longspring, along with a few raccoon and muskrat traps. The #3s got me thinking about coyotes, so soon I bought some more coyote traps. The farmer who lived behind us said the coyotes were killing his calves, so I could trap on his land.

Soon, I got to know a local animal control trapper named Mark Sampson. He was glad to help me and told me a few tricks. We shot quite a few coyotes, but I couldn’t catch any.

Then one morning my brother went with me to check traps. As we came over the hill, I thought I saw something in one of the traps.

At first, I thought it was a coyote, but as we got closer, we saw that it was a bobcat. It was a nice, full-pad catch in a Duke #13/4  4×4. I used Mark June’s Canine Candy.

This season, I plan to do some more bobcat, coyote, raccoon and mink trapping. Also, Mark plans to come help me set some traps. I really enjoy trapping and would like to thank Mark and the others who gladly teach me more about it.

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