School Days: Two Raccoons and a ’Possum

11 School Days

Caleb Hershberger, 12, Ohio

With help from his dad, an Ohio boy
had a great first trapping season


My name is Caleb Hershberger.  My first trapping experience was when my dad said that trapping season is coming. I bought traps and got lure that my grandpa made. I was ready to go trapping.

When the season opened, I marched into our woods and set some dirthole sets and cubby sets. The next day, I was excited to check my traps and hurried to my sets, but to my disappointment, I had nothing. The next day was the same and the next, too, so I asked my dad for some help, and we changed my sets.

The next day, I ran as fast as a rabbit to my sets, and what do you know? There was a nice raccoon. I was all happy, but I couldn’t kill the raccoon myself, so I ran for my dad. He came and killed the ’coon for me.

After that, I checked the last set and I had an opossum. I call them smileys. I killed that ’possum. It was my catch for the day.

I want to thank my dad for all the help and time he put into trapping to help me. My catches that year were two raccoons and one opossum.

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