Sizing Up the Changes Coming to TPC

In August of 2008, just weeks after accepting the position of managing editor of Trapper & Predator Caller, I arrived in Mason City, Iowa, for the 49th annual National Trappers Association Convention. There were a few things that quickly become obvious to me as I was introduced to T&PC readers for the first time. First, trappers are an awfully friendly group. And, second, you trappers sure love this magazine.

Over the course of the weekend, a steady stream of convention attendees stopped by the T&PC booth to introduce themselves to me and Executive Editor Jim Spencer and commend the publication. This year, at the 50th annual NTA Convention in Lima, Ohio, we experienced the same response. And I hear similar feedback from readers when I talk to them on the phone, have conversations with them over e-mail or run into them at other events. It’s a standard of excellence that long precedes my time at T&PC, and one I take great responsibility in carrying on.

One of the aspects of T&PC that a lot of trappers and predator callers appreciate is that the magazine has remained largely the same over the course of more than three decades. From long-time writers and columns to our continued commitment to providing practical information for experienced trappers and predator callers, in many ways, this issue in your hands today is not unlike the issues we published in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s or 2000s.

But when you receive the June-July issue in your mailbox or pick it up at your local newsstand, you will immediately notice a change. Beginning with that issue, Trapper & Predator Caller will no longer be a tabloid publication. It will be printed in magazine size.

Fear not though. T&PC will still feature the same quality content, and just as much of it. The page count will be increased to account for the smaller pages. And subscription and newsstand rates will remain the same.

The primary reasons we adjusted the size are to help reduce our postage expenses and to take advantage of advances within the mailing system to help get the issues to your mailboxes a little quicker.

Some subscribers, especially those on the East and West coasts, have received issues several days or weeks after those closer to the Midwest, where our mailing facilities are located. With the new format, most subscribers should receive their issues within the same week. And the smaller sized magazines shouldn’t get as beat up in the mail as the larger sized issues of the past.

The new size also gave us the opportunity to spruce up the layouts and design to help make the magazine look even better. The picture to the left shows what the new cover will look like, complete with our updated logo. The columns and features on the inside of the magazine will have a fresh look in the June-July issue as well. And we’ll add some additional color pages to the magazine too.

These changes are exciting for us. We think the modifications will help improve an already great publication. And we hope you agree. Please feel free to give us feedback by sending letters to the editor to: Trapper & Predator Caller, 700 E. State. St., Iola, WI 54990, or via e-mail at

As the convention season nears once again, I’m looking forward to greeting many of you again at the T&PC booth. And when you grab a copy of our newest issue, it should fit a little better in the bag along with your trapping supplies.

Jared Blohm is managing editor of T&PC. To contact him, send e-mails to or letters to Trapper & Predator Caller, 700 E. State. St., Iola, WI 54990.

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