South Dakota Trappers Association December 2011 Report

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Exc. Sec./Treasurer, Public Relations FTA Director — John Almquist, 521 2nd St. NE Watertown, SD 57201; phone: 605-886-8501; cell: 605-880-4165; e-mail:

Secretary — Terry Olson, 921 North Harth, Madison, SD 57042; phone: 605-256-6311; e-mail:

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NTA Director — Jerry Westphal, 17342 297th Ave., Agar, SD 57520; phone: 605-258-2142;

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• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Junior membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $13
• Family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $30

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SDTA, Treasurer
John Almquist, 521 2nd St. NE
Watertown, SD 57201


Hi SD Trappers,

I thought I would write a little report on the shows I attended this summer. On the weekend of June 18th the Prairie Luce Days were held at Lake Herman State Park. A show my wife and I have done for many years. Terry Olson was once again a great help setting up the shelter and promoting trapper; thanks Terry for your dependable help. I also want to thank Charlie Bode and his wife for driving down to help.

The show was a great success. The public was very interested in the booth, the old traps, the trapping tools of the past and the tanned furs. The kids all got fur samples and a crossword puzzle and had a chance to put on a fur hat and have a picture taken. The adults were amazed at one of the handouts about the giant beaver and the fact that a bone from a giant beaver was found in the park. Terry kept busy answering questions on trapping.

On the weekend of the 25th of June Terry Olsen headed up a step out program at the Issack Walton League in Madison, SD. It was well attended in spite of a lot of activities on the same day. Terry done the inside show with a set of tanned SD furs, the predator boards and my old traps. He had a program testing the kids on furs and traps ending with a drawing and then it was outside for demos. Gary Fawbush, Myron Simmons and Terry did trapping demos and I must add those three guys did a fantastic job. The kids really enjoy the demos and you could see their minds were just taking in every word spoken. I brought down some old hand forged beaver traps for the kids to see. I see a great value in this type of show where kids can learn trapping, archery, clay bird shooting, fishing, and etc. If any of you have one in your area; please go and bring some traps and have a great time with the kids. They will and do admire you for it. A big thanks to you dedicated trappers.

On July 16th Myron Simmons, my wife and myself done our 5th Trapper Show at Oakwood Lakes State Park. This area is a very interesting and nostalgic place to do a trapper show. A trapper by the name of Spot Mortimer built a log cabin there. It was restored many years ago. This area in the late 1800’s was a trapper paradise. Our show is done very near to this old cabin. We show old hand forged beaver traps and other old traps. In contrast we show the modern traps we use today. Furs of that day are shown, plus old snow shoes and many articles that would have been used in that day; including the tools they would have used to build the cabin. We did trapping demos and pointed out the differences of the old and new traps. Fur samples and crossword puzzles were given to the kids and other trapping information. Myron worked with the kids and adults and answered their many questions. My wife done Dutch oven cooking which is always a success and was always a big part of a trapping rendezvous. A big Thank You to Myron, you done a great job with the kids and adults. I have had many great reviews on this show.

What do all these shows have in common? Exposure and educational experiences. My though is the Association should do as many as possible. They can really be fun and serve a good cause. — Gary Poppenga


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