South Dakota Trappers Association October 2012 Report

President — Anna Hermanson, P.O. Box 992, Hot Springs, SD 57747; 605-440-0227;

Vice-President — Ray Maize, 28658 Tree Farm Place, Pierre, SD 57501; 605-295-0416;

Exc. Sec./Treasurer/Public Relations — John Almquist, 521 2nd St. NE Watertown, SD 57201; 605-886-8501; cell: 605-880-4165;

Secretary — Richard Hoops, P.O. Box 713, Groton, SD 57445; 605-325-3236; cell: 605-380-2652;

Youth Education Coordinator — Aaron Doyscher, Box 247, Volga, SD 57071; 605-627-6558; cell: 605-690-4095;

NTA Director — Dennis Tilden, 4905 South Ash Grove, Sioux Falls, SD 57108; 605-330-9059; cell: 605-351-4713

Tanned Fur Coordinator — Russ Cambern, 1032 15th St. South, Brookings, SD 57006; 402-640-1492;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Junior membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $13

• Family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $30


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

SDTA, Treasurer

John Almquist, 521 2nd St. NE

Watertown, SD 57201


Dear South Dakota Trappers:

On June 9th, my wife and I did a PR show at Prairie Luce Days at Lake Herman State Park near Madison, SD. It was very well attended.

Terry Olson brought out the SDTA shelter before he went to see his first grandson; thanks Terry and congratulations.

Gary Fawbush came out on Friday night and helped to set up the shelter. On Saturday, the Bennet family came out to help. Matt used his trapping experience to answer the many trapping questions. Many kids had their pictures taken with the skunk and Davey Crockett hat. Many pieces of fur were given to the kids which were accepted with great delight. Nancy was a great help with the dutch oven cooking. Joe and his friend along with his parents Matt and Nancy were a great help with all the details of doing a show like this. I was thanked many times for doing a show that represented the SDTA. Many thanks to Matt, Nancy, Joe, and his friend, Terry and Gary. Your help makes doing a SDTA PR show possible. Many people loved to see the old hand-forged traps of the 1800’s to the modern traps of today. It’s easy to see the efficiency of the newer versions from the old. They are also interested in the other fur trade memorabilia; including the tools to build a log cabin like the Luce cabin. It really fits in with the other activities of the day such as spinning wheels, candle making, rope making, weaving, apple cider press and the different kids games that were available to depict the activities of that time period.

On July 14th, Martha and I did a trapper public relations show at Oakwood Lakes State Park near Volga, SD. Galen and Georgia Sichmeller helped to make the show a big success. We showed hand forged traps including my newest acquisition of a hand forged bear trap. Modern traps of today are also shown to show the contrast of the old to the new more efficient traps of today. Galen worked with kids and older people on questions they had on trapping; thanks Galen.

Georgia helped me show the tanned furs and fur trade artifacts. A lot of fur pieces and crossword puzzles were given to the kids plus they had a chance to try on a fur hat and have a picture taken. Thanks Georgia. We also had many of the SDTA leaflets and magazines to hand out to anyone that was interested. The leaflet on the giant beaver is always a big hit. Martha did some Dutch oven cooking to top off our rendezvous. Thanks Marty

Oakwood Lakes is a very historical place to do a show of this nature. We did our show next to ol Spot Mortimer’s log cabin built in 1869. Mr Mortimier came to this area to trap mink, fox, beaver, otter and many other furs.

Galen and Georgia’s dedication to trapping is outstanding! Thanks again Galen and Georgia, my wife Marty and the staff at the park, Nancy and Randy. We had fun doing the show.

Thanks to you all. — Gary Poppenga

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