Tennessee Fur Harvester Association December 2009 Report

Tennessee Fur Harvesters AssociationPresident — Gene Gagstatter, 565 French Mill Rd., Dandrige, TN 37725; phone: 865-621-8114

Vice President — James Lord; phone: 731-614-2531 or 731-968-7581; e-mail: jlord2003@aol.com

Secretary — Lora Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN 37308; phone: 423-595-0486

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Nancy Rogers, 235 Burke Lane, Dayton, TN 37321; phone: 423-570-8467; e-mail: nrogers03@bellsouth.net

State Organizer — Tei Gagstatter, 565 French Mill Rd., Dandrige, TN 37725; phone: 865-621-8114

FTA Director — Bob Beckwith, 156 Brush Wood Dr., Sparta, TN 38583; phone: 931-935-5602

Legislative Director — Doug McKenzie, P.O. Box 284, Madisonville, TN 37354

NTA Director — John Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN 37308; phone: 423-595-0986; e-mail: johndanielgc@yahoo.com

Please send all correspondence to:

565 French Mill Rd.
Dandridge Tn. 37725

This is to keep all records organized.


When you read this, the ‘09-’10 season will have begun. The raw fur market as we all know is depressed, but don’t let that get you down. It’s happened before and we lived through it and we will live through it again. I’m cutting back my season out of state. I’m only going to Illinois for about three weeks. I’m going to trap hard and get back to East Tennessee. This would be a good year to release small ’coons and the old ladies.
There are only two auctions this year due to the fur market. We are expecting low volume and this will help TFHA and fur buyers. The two auction dates are Crossville Feb. 6 and Bulls Gap Feb. 20.

On a brighter note, we are having our first trapping contest. It will be held at A.E.D.C Wildlife Management area. Dates are Feb. 12 through 14. There will be free lodging thanks to Jerry Bowman. The rules were made up to be as fair as possible. They go as such: Members entry fee $30. Non members entry fee is $40 ($10 for your membership). Report to lodge at 8 a.m. on the 12th. Everyone draws a number. Odd numbers will draw a partner. Teams will draw a section of land. 18 traps or snares per person allowed. On Saturday, two teams will pair up. Teams will draw straws to see who checks traps first. Each team will judge each other (# of traps, animals caught, legal sets). Return to lodge to skin and tally fur. Sunday Is a repeat of Saturday. Illegal sets will be automatically disqualified and no refund. Set changing is allowed (species or location). Fur trapped will be donated to TFHA.

POINTS SYSTEM: Coyote 50, Otter 50, Red Fox 40, Bobcat 40, Mink 40, Grey fox 30, Beaver 30, Coon 15, Possum 5, Muskrat 5,

First place $200, Second place $125, Third place $75.

Plaques will be handed out at the meet in Big Ridge. We are working on additional prizes also. Also, if the turnout of trappers is high, the prize money will go up.

We’d like to have entries in by the second week of January. This is so we can section off the property we are trapping. So, call me or e-mail me your name and address and I can send you a form.

This is a fundraiser for hotel rooms for the workers going to help at the NTA southeastern in Georgia. So, come out and support TFHA by trapping, skinning or running the grill in the evening. This will be a great time of fellowship and competition. This is something that hasn’t been done to my knowledge in Tennessee. So, come out and be apart of the action. I’m sure Jerry Bowman would want to make some wagers on the biggest possum!

Hope all your chains are pulled tight!

— Paul Antczak


At the time of this writing, trapping season is only 22 days away. I hope everyone can find the time to trap to your heart’s content. This being said, I would like to remind everyone that trapping is being attacked on many different levels and fronts this year. I know that everyone is extremely busy and money is tight, but please each month try to do at least one thing that might help preserve trapping for the future generations. All the little things add up. Also, remember to renew or join membership in your state and national organization.

Your support is very important. I went to the North Carolina Mountain meeting. They’re a great bunch of folks. I set up the N.T.A. booth there and had a lot of interest. I also signed up one new T.F.H.A. member there. In closing, I would like to say I’m sorry to hear Jimmy Young’s dad passed away. Our prayers are with you. Hope everyone has a great season.

Until next time, keep your boots dry.

— John Daniel

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