Tennessee Fur Harvester Association November 2010 Report

Tennessee Fur Harvesters Association

President — James Lord, 19 Mallard Lane Lexington, TN 38351; phone: 731-614-2531 or 731-968-7581; e-mail: jlord2003@aol.com

Vice President — John Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN, 37308; phone: 423-595-0986; e-mail: johndanielgc@yahoo.com

Secretary — Lora Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN, 37308; phone: 423-227-5704; e-mail: johndanielgc@yahoo.com

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Nancy Rogers, 235 Burke Lane, Dayton, TN 37321; phone: 423-570-8467; e-mail: nrogers03@bellsouth.net

State Organizer — Paul Antczak, 843 West Millers Cove, Walland, TN 37886; phone: 865-724-4569; e-mail: predatorsandprey@comcast.net

FTA Director — Bob Beckwith, 156 Brush Wood Dr., Sparta, TN 38583; phone: 931-935-5602

Legislative Director — Doug McKenzie, P.O. Box 284, Madisonville, TN 37354

NTA Director — John Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN 37308; phone: 423-595-0986; e-mail: johndanielgc@yahoo.com


At the time of this writing, our annual meeting at Fall Creek Falls and trapping season are just arouind the corner. It has been a busy year for T.F.H.A. since Fall Creek Falls last year we have had two fur sales, six training days , co-hosted the n.t,a. south eastern and several of our members attended and were certified in the new tenn. trapper ed. program. And that does not count the booths that were held at different functions and school presentations. Thanks to every one who volunteered to help with all these functions, for a small organization we get alot done. I’d like to encourage as many directors as possible to attend our fall directors meeting we have several topics to discuss for the coming year.

Everyone remember we have a special guest this year Mr. Newt Strerling from New Jersey, we’re in for a treat. Anyone interested in being a director be sure to let Pres. Lord know so this can be addressed at the up comming meeting. Also remember Scott Rainbolt is hosting a t.f.h.a. get together up around Newport tenn. in Nov. Everyone who can, lets try to support him. He’s put alot of effort into putting this together. For more information check out the t.f.h.a. web site tfhaonline.net. Hope to see you all at Fall Creek Falls.

Until next time, Keep your boots dry.

— John Daniel

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