Tennessee Fur Harvester Association October 2012 Report


President — James Lord, 19 Mallard Lane Lexington, TN 38351; 731-614-2531 or 731-968-7581; jlord2003@aol.com

Vice President — John Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN, 37308; 423 595-0986; johndanielgc@yahoo.com

Treasurer/Membership Secretary — Laura Smith, 160 Autumn Lane, Wilder, TN 38589; 931 303-7711;

State Organizer — Wendell Reeves, 14215 95 Hwy North, Greenback TN 37742

FTA Director — Bob Beckwith, 156 Brush Wood Dr., Sparta, TN 38583; 931-935-5602

Legislative Director — Doug McKenzie, P.O. Box 284, Madisonville, TN 37354

NTA Director — John Daniel, 13740 Birchwood Pike, Birchwood, TN 37308; 423-595-0986; johndanielgc@yahoo.com


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Junior membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $12

• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $250

• Senior lifetime membership (70 or older) with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $100


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Laura Smith

160 Autumn Lane

Wilder, TN 38589


Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a good summer and was able to stay as cool as possible. I am glad Fall is just around the corner; and everyone knows what that means, trap prep, scouting, talking with land owners and getting those permission slips renewed and last but not least our Fall Convention is just a few weeks away. Everyone is welcome, members and non members alike and I hope to see you there since we have a great Convention planned starting with the Demos, Supply Dealers and we can’t forget the great food the Lady Fur Harvesters always prepares fur us. This is always one of the best conventions I attend due to the fellowship of friends and members. It’s really hard to beat a local state convention. We also have a 20 gauge shot gun donated by Derek Delaney that we will be giving away after our association auction Saturday. Thanks Derek for your generosity.

Also, the Election for the Secretary, Treasurer, and Lady Fur Harvesters President is taking place this year and all positions are running un opposed. Laura Smith for the Treasurer, and Ashton Pittman- Secretary and Amanda Smith for Lady Fur Harvesters.

We have tentative dates set for the Fur Sales for the upcoming year. Crossville on March 2nd and Bulls Gap March 16th are the dates we tentatively set for this year at our meeting at Gee Creek. This should be plenty of time to let everyone get all their fur ready for the sale after season ends. Thanks for all the input and hopefully we are accommodating as many members as possible.

Thanks to everyone that helps make TFHA grow and expand, including Stan that is doing a great job with the web site. It takes hard work, dedication and great members to keep it going, and we, the Elected officials and Directors thank you all. If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to call 731 614-2531 or send me an email at jlord2003@aol.com

Thanks. — James Lord



Hello T.F.H.A. family and friends,

Well it’s finally over!

Summer has come and gone,and Fall is here! This is the time of year when I really get excited.

As I write this I have already started my season,with a Labor Day dove hunt with my Dad,and Son. And bow season is just around the corner. I hope that whatever its is that you enjoy,you find plenty of time outdoors, with your family this Fall.

Our T.F.H.F. Fall Convention will be held at Falls Creek Falls State Park. Oct.12-14 Cabins will be available on a first come basis. And the lady Fur Harvesters will be serving meals from Friday evening till Sunday morning. Friday night we will have a fish fry and bon fire. On Saturday we have list of some of the best trappers in the country,coming to our great State to share their hard earned knowledge with us.

Kirk Dekalb from Ga. on Beavers

Mike Fischer from Ark. on Otters

Clint Locklear from Tn. on Bobcats

James Lord from Tn. on Coyotes

Newt Sterling from N.J. on Snaring

We also have a great group of vendors, so you can stock up with supplies for the season!

Trappers Haven

Highnoon lures

Monterey Trap Supply

JLord Videos

Snare One

Predator Control Group

Advanced Trap

…And More

We will have lots of fun stuff kids too.

Bring the whole family,and a Friend. if you need more info. Call me at 865-924-0163

I hope you can make it. — Wendell Reeves

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