Tennessee Fur Harvester Association June-July 2009

President — Mike Renfro, 401 Norton Hollow Road, Erwin, TN 37650; phone: 423-330-8134

Vice President — Jerry Scott, 190 Mockingbird Drive, McMinnville, TN 37110; phone: 931-692-2035

Secretary — Cindy Jacobsen, 938 Tyree Springs Rd., White House, TN 37188; phone: 615-672-8546

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Cindy Jacobsen, 938 Tyree Springs Rd., White House, TN 37188; phone: 615-672-8546

State Organizer, NTA Director and FTA Director — Chris Jacobsen, 938 Tyree Springs Rd.,
White House, TN 37188; phone: 615-672-8546

Trapper Education/Public Relations Coordinator — Jackie McMurtry, 143 Pond Rd.,
Cottontown, TN 37048; phone: 615-672-4163

Membership Options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $18
• Family membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Junior (16 & under) with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $12
• Lifetime membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $200

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
TFTA, Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Cindy Jacobsen
938 Tyree Springs Rd., White House, TN 37188


A big thank you goes out to our vendors John Coakley and Jimmy Young for always coming and setting up at TFHA’s meetings. Also, thanks goes out to Earl for asking the scouts to join in at Big Ridge. All the demos were great, I saw many interested faces on the scouts. Thanks to all of you for volunteering your time and energy.

Please remember that this year is an election year. If you have any questions pertaining to the election, don’t hesitate to call and ask.

 Volunteers are, as always, needed and welcome.

— Gene Gagstatter


At the time of this writing, our Spring Meet at Big Ridge and the Birmingham N.T.A. Leadership Conferences are over and convention season is upon us.

The N.T.A. nationals will be in Lima, OH. This is a good opportunity for Tenn. Trappers because it’s not that bad of a drive. I wasn’t able to attend the leadership conference in Birmingham and be at Big Ridge both. So, I attended Big Ridge and made arrangements with Todd Rogencamp to get me the information from the leadership conferences. The attack on Connecticut has been temporarily tabled and the attempt to ban trapping in Montgomery Co., Maryland was defeated. These were good winds for trappers. However, the Bill in Connecticut is expected to show up again maybe in June. I feel a lot of good things were accomplished at Big Ridge. There were items specially marked on the auction table earmarked to go to Connecticut to help them in their fight and T.F.H.A. raised $252 for this from the banquet two years ago be raffled at Fall Creek Falls this year and finally put closure to this fundraiser.

We also voted on co-hosting the 2010 N.T.A. Southeastern Convention with Georgia and this was approved. This is a great opportunity to build a good working relationship with one of our neighboring states.

The Hiwassee Trapper Training camp was a success, again this year. We had a great turnout, and good weather to boot. We had attendees from across the south and southeast. Ranging from small children to a group of biology students from the University of Tenn. A great time was had by all. I would like to thank everyone who helped out: Rusty Johnson from Ga., James Lord, Paul Anzak, Mike McMillan, Gene Gagstatter, Wendell Reeves, Mark and Laura Smith, Josh, Amanda and Cody Smith (Cody is our newborn trapper), Lora Daniel, Hunter Daniel, Jillian Henley, Melanie Daniel, Betty Stroub and Nancy Rogers. Also, thanks to John Coakley with Trappers Haven and High Noon Lures for bringing their great products. Also a special thanks to the T.W.R.A. and Jason Jackson for allowing us to use the reserve. If I have left anyone out, I apologize. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

This event is growing and improving each year. We have signed up somewhere around 18 new members through this event over the last three years. While I do organize this event, it belongs to everyone who supports it, and is a great example of what can be accomplished when people work together and strive for the same goal. Last year, we had a man from Shelbyville, TN attend the Hiwassee Camp named Jerry Bowman. Since then, Jerry has become a member of T.F.H.A. and attended again this year, only this year he brought enough Barbecue and Sweet Tea to feed an army and hauled other students around to the sets with his gator. After coming for the last two years, he has seen what a great asset events like these can be to trapping community.

It has inspired him to host a similar camp in Middle Tenn. in Sept. He is working very hard to get this event together so lets get behind him and help him out. Lets show him that the T.F.H.A. appreciates and supports people working hard for trapping. I’ll be giving more information in the upcoming reports.

Until next time, keep your boots dry.

— John Daniel


Hello TFHA Family,

Big Ridge went well with beautiful weather and an eager group of boy scouts. Thanks Earl for inviting them. Thanks goes out to all the new faces & a few “old” ones who gave demos: Stan Meyers, James Roberts, Shannon McDonald, Wendall Reeves, Allen Rogers. And as always, Laura Smith and the Ladies filled the lodge with delicious aromas followed even better food. Thanks to each of you for your hard work.

Plans have begun for the celebration of our 30th anniversary. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please give us a call. Also, we need volunteers for clean-up, demos and helping with the kids program. We are especially looking for anyone who has NEVER given a demo.
Everyone has something special to share; new faces and new ideas are always welcome.
Election time is upon us again.

Here are the rules:

All nominations must be called into Bunky Rector at 931-787-4007. He is asking that you call AFTER 4 p.m. C.S.T. Once these nominations are given, Mr. Rector will notify that person. If that person accepts the nomination, they must write a letter of acceptance and send it to our secretary, Lora Daniel, by U.S. mail with a certified return receipt. She must receive this absolutely no later than Aug. 1, 2009. If there are any questions, contact Gene Gagstatter for clarification.

We are hoping that everyone will show their support for TFHA by voting.

I’m am also very pleased to announce our membership secretary/treasurer, Mrs. Nancy Rogers. Any membership questions should be directed to her phone number; 423-570-8467 and e-mail; nrogers03@bellsouth.net.

Our next event is our District 5 meeting. It will be held at Allen Rogers farm on Aug. 8, starting at 9 a.m. E.S.T.

Directions; From Knox.; take I-40 W to Rockwood/ Harriman exit, at bottom of exit, go left on 27 S, follow it until you can hit 30 W, go up Dayton Mountain, once on top go approx. 3 miles, Riggs Rd will be on your left, from there follow the signs.

From Chattanooga: Take 27 N to 30 W, go up Dayton Mountain, once on top go approx. 3 miles, Riggs Rd will be on your left, from there follow the signs.

From Crossville: From 27 S to 30 E, go up Dayton Mountain (very winding) approx. 3 1/2 miles look for Riggs Rd on right, from there follow signs.

Bring chairs, please, any sides or desserts are very welcome.

Attention ALL TFHA members: Please bring a friend, family member or a child along with you to any of our events. Give them a taste of how great trapping can be. You never know how far that might take them or what insight they might gain about this world outside of TV and asphalt.
In closing, we would like to ask each of you to remember H.A. Longmire and family in your prayers due to the passing of their daughter. H.A. and Sharon have been a very active part of our TFHA family for many years.

May GOD Bless & Keep You Always.

— Tei Gagstetter


Sponsored by TFHA & TWRA

SEPT. 4-6, 2009

Beginning: 6 p.m., Friday to Sunday at noon

Location: Cedar Rock Hunting Preserve; 1326 Warner Bridge Rd.
Shelbyville, TN

• Food will be available all day, Saturday & Sunday Breakfast

• Camping available. Bring a tent and sleeping bag

• All ages welcome. Loads of family fun!

• Games and contests!

• All sportsmen welcome: Whether you’re a professional, amateur, beginner or want to be a beginner. There will be a level for you!

• TWRA Trapper’s Education Certification (9 yrs. and up)

• Actual in-field training and demos from some of the top trappers in the business. A few premier trappers:

Wendell Reeves – Greenback, TN
James Lord – Jackson, TN
Mike McMillian – Knoxville, TN
Rusty Johnson – Tifton, GA
John Daniel – Birchwood, TN
Paul Antczak – Townsend, TN
Greg Webb – Murfreesboro, TN
Jerry Bowman – Shelbyville, TN

Visit www.huntcedarrock.com for directions or contact:

Jerry Bowman 931-580-0846 or John Daniel 423-595-0986





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