The Sole Explanation for Wild Animal Tracks in Major Cities

Deer tracks in the middle of New York City? Kodiak bear prints in downtown Boston? Wolf tracks in Montreal?

Are wild animals moving in on some of the East Coast’s biggest cities?

Not exactly.

Mixed media artist Maskull Lasserre has been creating animal tracks in the snow in urban areas, including Montreal, Ottawa, Boston and New York, over the last two years as part of an exhibition called “Outliers (Trace).” The artist uses shoes fitted with rubber reproductions of animal paws to make the tracks. Lasserre says the exhibition creates “an experience that lies outside the familiar encounters of our urban environment.”

Maskull Lasserre's Deer Print Shoes

“When worn, (the shoes) produce tracks meant to infiltrate the urban environment, creating a dual sense of wonder and confusion for whoever encounters them,” according to a press release on “Outliers (Trace).”

Maskull Lasserre's Kodiak Bear Print Shoes


Prints From Maskull Lasserre’s Kodiak Bear Print Shoes.

What would you think if you came across wild animal prints in the middle of a big city? Would you have fallen for Lasserre’s animal print shoes?

For more information on Lasserre and “Outliers (Trace)” and more photos of the shoes and the animal tracks they create, visit Lasserre’s website HERE.

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