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  1. Mr. Lariviere,

    First, I wanted to make sure I say how much I enjoy your articles. I was a biology major in college and used to teach biology at the high school level before moving on to teach chemistry and physics. I really miss teaching the ecology unit and feel I learn something each time I read something of yours.

    I belong to a trappers talk website based in Iowa, and I read an interesting post on there this morning. I copied and pasted it below and was wondering if you knew any more about the twirling tail behavior spotted by riverbandit. (By the way, I think riverbandit is Dave Pleuger sp?? who writes for Fur Taker magazine). Thanks in advance for any input you may have. With your permission, I would like to post any response you have to the website. Thanks again for all you do.

    Was driving up out of the river bottom this evening after a little fishing and saw a momma coon up ahead next to the road with her 3 half grown cubs. No one was around so I shut off the truck and sat and watched them. The mother stared at the truck for a few seconds and than started twirling her tail quite fast in a circular motion. The cubs took notice of this right away and also started twirling their tails. Obviously some sort of “caution” signal. They eventually started to continue there trek down the side of the road toward the river. When they were right next to the truck the momma stood up on her hind legs attempting to get a better look. I said “Howdy” in a deep voice and the cubs instantly scattered into the timber and scrambled up some saplings. The whole ordeal was quite comical to say the least. LOL Has anyone else ever witnessed coon use the “Twirling tail” as a warning to each other that danger may exist?

    Bill Allen

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