Trapper Helps Educate Non-Trappers About What We Do

The opening line of a Stewart Houston Times story from today says it all:

Most folks might think trapping is a thing of the distant past, a part
of wilderness lore from when Europeans were making their earliest
inroads on the continent or when mountain men held sway in the Rockies.

That’s why it’s nice to see John Richardson, a Tennessee trapper, educating some people in his neck of the woods about trapping. A little background info can go a long way toward earning some extra support for trappers or possibly even gaining some new trappers out in the field. Richardson spoke to a crowd at the Houston County Historical Society during its July meeting.

And he even addressed what he does when he’s approached by an anti-trapper:

you ever hear from PETA?” asked an audience member, referring to the
radical organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

National Trappers Association takes care of that,” Richardson said. “I
think (PETA is) a little bit misguided, but I still try to talk to them
and not get too upset.

“I think I’m helping people. I thin (nuisance) animals for farmers. If you stop all trapping, you can forget farming anything.”

And, thankfully, we’ll never stop trapping.

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