Trapping Ban Lifted in New Mexico

Trapping is allowed statewide in New Mexico once again.

New Mexico state game commissioners voted unanimously late last week to approve a Game and Fish Department recommendation to eliminate the trapping ban in southwestern New Mexico. The ban, which lasted for over a year, was originally put in place to help reintroduce the Mexican gray wolf.

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Great news for New Mexico trappers!

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One thought on “Trapping Ban Lifted in New Mexico

  1. NMDGF Game Commission has taken a second step in the right direction by lifting the trapping ban in the Gila,it was only a political ploy by Governor Bill Richardson to give the anti-trapping activists false hope as he left office.The study will show fur trapping has only a very small percentage effect on the Mexican Wolf Program.This Blue Range Recovery Program is a failed attempt at wolf eco-tourism,conveniently located on the Arizona-New Mexico Border.It should have been initiated in Big Bend National Park and Old Mexico,a situation similar to Yellowstone,and an area that still has a wild,remnant population of Mexican Wolves.After thirteen years there are only fifty wolves on the ground with a target number of one hundred,that does not spell success to me.USFWS has mismanaged this program into utter failure and I feel it will take a Congressional Investigation to end this senseless waste of taxpayer money and the needless sacrifice of Mexican Wolves.

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