Turkey Hunter Attacked by Bobcat, Shoots it


A rookie turkey hunter lured in some unintended attention last week when a bobcat jumped at him as he sat against a tree making turkey calls.

Bud Griffith, of Danville, Ky.,  told Central Kentucky News that the bobcat jumped on his left shoulder, reached around his face and hit him in the right eye.

“It scared me so bad. I thought it was a coyote,” Griffith told the newspaper. “He jumped off me and ran toward the woods.”

Griffith shot at the animal as it ran away. He then realized it was not a coyote and that it was a bobcat.

While Griffith received minor scratches, he believes it could have been much worse.

“If I hadn’t had my glasses on, I think he would have took out my eye,” he said.

Bobcats are out of season, but the local game warden will allow Griffith to keep the ‘cat. Griffith intends to have it mounted.

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  1. On three occasions while calling I have had close calls with lions. Twice while elk hunting with clients I have had lions respond to cow and calf elk calls. Once while coyote hunting with my wife I called in a lion which stalked us until we spotted it and yelled at it. If you do a lot of calling eventually the tables will turn of who is the hunter and who is the hunted! Stay alert and hunt another day!

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