United Trappers of Kentucky, Inc. August 2010 Report

President — Stacy J. White, U.K. Cooperative Extension Service, Bell County, 101 Courthouse Square, Pineville, KY 40977; phone: 606-337-2376; cell phone: 606-521-1705; e-mail: sjwhite@email.uky.edu

Vice President — David Kriege Jr., 3513 Cowie Ave., Erlanger, KY 41018-1608; phone: 859-342-8109

Financial Secretary — Dave Dykes, 152 Mapleview Ct., Mt. Washington, KY 40047; phone: 502-538-3290

Executive Director — Chet Hayes, 3951 Neises Rd., California, KY 41007; phone: 859-635-3102; e-mail: lhayes@fuse.net

Membership Options:

• Class A Kentucky trapper including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Family Membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $35
• Associate Membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Youth Kentucky trapper including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Lifetime Class A Kentucky trapper — $250

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

UTK, Financial Secretary
Dave Dykes
152 Mapleview Ct., Mt. Washington, KY 40047


It is hot here in Kentucky as I sit down to write this report. The last few days have seen the high temperature in the mid 90’s. Trapping season is not the only reason I prefer the winter months. Oh well, I will enjoy what the good Lord gives us and go on about my business. It is good to be alive.

Our spring meet took place on May 8th at the Tailwater Recreation Area at Cave Run Lake near Morehead. It was a pleasant, relaxed meeting, as all meetings should be. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was a nice spread of supplies on hand for those itching to buy something. We ate plenty. We saw demos on snaring, wet weather trapping, cat trapping, and fur handling. The best overall demo was a raccoon trapping demo presented by Ms. Faith Hughes. She actually received applause at the end (I think I might ask for some pointers). Keep up the good work Faith. It is good to see young people stand and speak in public.

The young folks competed in a fur handling contest and a fishing derby. Everyone did a fine job skinning, fleshing, and stretching both muskrats and raccoons. The fish did not cooperate for the fishing derby. Jude White cruised easily into first place in the derby with a frog he caught on the bank since no fish were caught. I guess he decided to make the best of the situation.
On May 27th Jeremiah, Jude, and I presented trapping to a group of McCreary County students participating in an environmental camp at Feltner 4H Camp in London. This camp is an annual event and trapping is well received by the students and teachers. Most children like the hands-on aspect of our presentation. For some it is the first time for them to touch real animal pelts or to actually set a trap.

The annual fishing derby at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery hosted by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers was held on June 5th. Canaan, Jeremiah, and I took our display and worked an educational booth for the day. Both young folks and adults gained knowledge about Kentucky furbearers and trapping. Our bear trap is a real conversation starter at such events. It provides an easy lead into discussing modern day traps and equipment as well as regulatory issues.

The Kentucky Wildlife Federation Foundation recognized United Trappers of Kentucky as their 2010 Wildlife Organization of the Year and Mr. Chet Hayes as their 2010 Conservation Educator of the Year. Both of these are tremendous accomplishments. Congratulations UTK. Congratulations Mr. Chet Hayes. Well done.

Until next time, try to stay cool. Enjoy life and share it with those around you doing something that really matters.

— Stacy J. White


This has been a busy two-month period since the last deadline. So much of interest has transpired; this may be one of my longer reports to you.

The Spring Fling at Morehead was a good meet for us, all things considered. We’ve never held a meet in this section of the state but were pleased with good attendance and some new members picked up from the area. I appreciate the help we had from everyone with food, demos, donations, and help with kids’ activities. Demos were first-class with Dave Kriege, Robbie Hoover, Stacy White, and Greg Bickel providing some great instruction on fur handling, coyote/cat trapping, and snaring.

Kevin Hughes provided bait and muskrats for the youngsters’ fishing derby and skinning contests, and helped in so many other ways. Miss Faith Hughes gave an excellent presentation on controlling raccoons, which was very well received by everyone. Stacy White and family prepared a delicious lunch, “garbage can stew”. Dave and Dana Dykes did their usual great job with memberships, sale of hats and shirts, and handling UTK business. Robbie Hoover brought the UTK trailer, set up coffee/donuts, and a dozen other things as usual. What would we do without Robbie? Jay Geiger, our 1st District Director, traveled all the way from extreme southwest Kentucky to attend.

Several dealers and vendors attended and reported surprisingly good sales for a spring meet. Our fundraising was up to par as well with lots of nice items donated. We were pleased to welcome John Daniel of the NTA as a guest speaker, along with his wife and daughter Melanie.

Several Conservation Officers were present and made to feel welcome, staying for lunch with us and answering questions regarding regulations, seasons, etc. Scott Barrett, Fisheries Biologist from Minor Clark Fish Hatchery gave everyone a first-class guided tour of the Hatchery and also helped me secure the facility, get all necessary permits, etc. from the Corps of Engineers, and donated numerous frozen furbearers for recent UTK educational functions. We owe Scott a lot of thanks. So many times the personnel of the KDFWR have helped us, and in so many different ways, it makes us feel, as sportsmen and women, our license dollars are very well spent here in Kentucky.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the kids’ activities. Our fishing derby was conducted below the dam and spillway. Just as we started, the gates were opened and the water got swift and high. No fish were caught, but Jude White was the declared winner. In true trapper style, he was determined to catch something and grabbed a frog to finish in first place.

The youth skinning competition was fun for the kids with muskrat and raccoon being put up very nicely by the youngsters, both boys and girls. Participants were: Austin Barnes, Canaan White, Jude White, Faith Hughes, Brian Hoover, Melanie Daniel, Luke Kriege, Noah Gregory, Luke Barton, and Hannah Barton.

Likewise, the trapsetting contest was competitive. Austin Barnes finished first with a very quick time of 34 seconds in the 12 year and up age group. Faith Hughes finished first in the under 12 competition.
All the kids walked away with traps, fishing outfits, and other “goodies”. If I missed anyone with “thanks”, please excuse me.

Hunter Education classes have started up and we are already on a record pace with signups for our “Trapping Weekend” workshop here in the 5th District. Mike Daughtery filled in for me at a class several weeks ago and got about 20 signups, a record. I can foresee us having to schedule multiple workshops in the very near future.

We have a very large J.A.K.E.S. event coming up in Boone County on July 31. Hopefully this one won’t be washed out by a thunderstorm like last year. The trappers have become a big draw at this event. Each year we skin a critter and this seems to draw the kids and parents like a magnet. They also enjoy the hands-on experience of trapsetting, and handling the tanned fur.

On Friday, June 11, UTK received one of our biggest honors to date. At the Kentucky Wildlife Federation Foundation Banquet in Bowling Green, we were selected as the 2010 Kentucky Wildlife Organization of the Year. This is in recognition of the work we have done – educational, legislative, regulatory, and youth mentoring, through our contacts with other conservation groups and especially with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Kentucky Hunter Education Association. Our 4th District Director, Len Wilson, with his wife Joanna, attended the banquet with Linda and I accepted the award in behalf of UTK. We are very grateful to the KWFF for this honor, and thanks to those who nominated and voted for the UTK.

I was also shocked and surprised to receive recognition as 2010 Conservation Educator of the Year and would like to thank everyone for that honor. However, I really feel it reflects the efforts of all of us as a team. I know Steve Pickard, Stacy White, Robbie Hoover and several others of you are just as deserving of that award, maybe more so, as I would be.

The NRA Youth Fest was held at Lloyd’s Wildlife Area on 6-19-10 and UTK was represented there by Jerry & Helen Breeze, Dave Kriege, Greg Bickel, Oral Jones and Mike Dougherty, with a special guest appearance by Larry Douglas. This is a great event for kids and is getting bigger every year. Good job folks!

Also, on June 19, 7th District Director Larry Workman and I traveled to Floyd County near Dewey Lake to teach trapping to a number of Hunter Ed Instructors so they can pass it on in their classes, and organize the follow-up workshops. We set up a mock Hunter Ed class with visual aids, literature/handouts, and presentation. Then we took them outside in the 90 degree heat and sun where Larry gave an excellent one-hour presentation on fox/cat/coyote trapping and snaring. This was my first opportunity to watch Larry in action and I was impressed. All of you trappers in the 7th are blessed with a great representative in Larry. After a nice lunch of grilled pork loin, and all the trimmings, we finished up the class with some water trapping instruction and how to set up 1 and 2 day workshops. The instructors were very attentive and appreciative of us being there for them. These are the kind of things which have made UTK so well respected throughout Kentucky. Thanks again to you, Larry.

Until next month.

— Chet Hayes

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