United Trappers of Kentucky November 2011 Report

President — Stacy J. White, U.K. Cooperative Extension Service, Bell County, 101 Courthouse Square, Pineville, KY 40977; phone: 606-337-2376; cell phone: 606-521-1705; e-mail: sjwhite@email.uky.edu

Vice President — David Kriege Jr., 3513 Cowie Ave., Erlanger, KY 41018-1608; phone: 859-342-8109

Financial Secretary — Dave Dykes, 152 Mapleview Ct., Mt. Washington, KY 40047; phone: 502-538-3290

Executive Director — Chet Hayes, 3951 Neises Rd., California, KY 41007; phone: 859-635-3102; e-mail: lhayes@fuse.net

Membership Options:

• Class A Kentucky trapper including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Family Membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $35
• Associate Membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Youth Kentucky trapper including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Lifetime Class A Kentucky trapper — $250

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

UTK, Financial Secretary
Dave Dykes
152 Mapleview Ct., Mt. Washington, KY 40047

With our Fall Fling just days away at the time of this writing, things are shaping up well and my next report will hopefully have news and details of a successful meet.
We are looking forward to our “Introduction to Trapping” workshop here in Northern Kentucky in early November. Our student list gets bigger each year and this year again sets a record with about 100 sign ups from Hunter Ed Classes, word-of-mouth, and repeat students. In one Hunter Ed class alone, Greg Bickell received 19 prospective students. The program has been so successful that we may have to switch to multiple weekends in the future. Luckily we have plenty of dedicated UTK trappers in this area to get the job done.
This is not to say we are the only district in the state doing this important work. Especially in the 8th and 9th Districts, education is a big part of UTK efforts. But in other areas, for whatever reason, some of our key people have shown no initiative in getting UTK into Hunter Ed classes, 4-H, J.A.K.E.S. events, etc. to introduce trapping to the potential next generation of trappers. We could and should be doing so much more.
At this time, a battle is going on between preservationists (birdwatchers, tree huggers, anti-hunters) and our Fish & Wildlife Department regarding the proposed Sandhill Crane season. Trappers need to realize this affects them directly because a victory by these interests (stoppage of the proposed season) will empower them to attempt other attacks on outdoorsmen and women. Trappers will find themselves at the top of the list. Although passed by the Commissioners, the season must pass muster by the Legislative Research Commission (LRC). Members of this commission are being swamped with calls and e-mails from both sides of the issue.

The majority of comments are from the anti-hunt side.
In behalf of K.D.F.W.R. and the proposed season, numerous groups such as the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, League of Kentucky Sportsmen, and United Trappers of Kentucky, Inc. are working to offset this opposition. A number of us will attend the LRC meeting at 1:00 PM, October 11, at the Capital Annex Bldg. in Frankfort to speak in favor of scientific, not emotional, wildlife management. We expect to win.
In closing, congratulations to Lt. Greg Davis of KDFWR on his retirement, and congrats to Ross Healy and Rebecca Patton, our 2011 Scholarship recipients.
Until next month.

— Chet Hayes

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