Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho December 2014 Report


Chairman of the Board — Todd Smith, 1015 E. 49 North, Idaho Falls, ID 83401; 208-351-0299;

Secretary — Kimberly Smith, 1015 E. 49 North, Idaho Falls, ID 83401; 208-206-1170; trapperswife86@gmail.com

Fur Sale Director — John Contor, 587 W. 200 South, Blackfoot, ID 83221; 208-785-5761; trapperjohn10@msn.com

Public Relations Director — Kenn Johnson, Idaho Falls, ID; 208-521-8433

Elections Director/Treasurer — Bob Gokey, 2975 E. 650 N., Roberts, ID 83444; 208-228-6561

Legislative Fish & Game Director — Jim Wilson, 588 N. 3500 E Menan, ID; 208-390-7902; jmtman56@yahoo.com

NTA Director — Todd Smith

Membership Options

• Regular membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $22

• Family membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $27

• Junior membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $17

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Kimberly Smith

1015 E. 49 North

Idaho Falls, ID 83401


The USRT Board positions up for election this year are: NTA Director, Election Director and Public Relations Director. Directors are elected for two-year terms and take office at the January Blackfoot Fur Sale. If you know someone you feel would do a good job in one of the positions, please nominate them, or for that matter, if you would like to serve in one of the positions, nominate yourself.

Kenn Johnson, the current Public Relations Director, has stated that he does not wish to run for another term. Kenn has served for three terms and deserves a very big “Thank you” for his dedication and hard work. In addition to his primary job of taking care of the fair booth for many years, he has taken charge of the food services at both the fur sales and the conventions.

Please have your nominations to me by Dec. 15, and I’ll have the ballots out before the end of December. You can either mail your ballot to me at 2975 E. 650 N., Roberts, ID 83444 or bring them with you to the Blackfoot Fur Sale.

Since we haven’t had a report in many moons, I will try to bring you up to date on what’s taken place the last several months.

In March, we held our second fur sale of the year in Rupert, ID. It has been a long time since we held a spring sale, and this one was well supported by area trappers. The trappers I visited with were very satisfied with the results and expressed hope that we would return in the spring of 2015. While we didn’t have the volume of the Blackfoot sale, I think the amount of fur we did have was more than sufficient to warrant consideration for a repeat this coming spring.

We held our annual convention in Victor, ID on Aug. 15 and 16 in conjunction with the Victor Rendezvous/Mountain Man Gathering. With the exception of one rain shower, the weather was real good resulting in a lot of visitors. I didn’t see an official head count, but it was certainly several hundred. There was a little something for everyone — horse drawn wagon rides, blackpowder shoots, a huge taxidermy display that included full body mounts of elk, buffalo and bull moose.

Todd Smith’s skinning demo was well attended not only by trappers but the non-trapping visitors as well. The trap setting contest was also a big hit, particularly with kids. Many of them wanted to learn how to set a trap, and with a lot of help and encouragement, they set their first. We also had many visitors to our display tables looking over the trap, furs, etc. And we sold several USRT shirts and hats. The food at our Saturday night dinner was outstanding thanks to Kenn and Tracy Johnson an those who brought potluck dishes. The Mountain Men ate with us and were impressed with the fare. Dan Davis was our trapping supply dealer, and he had a well-rounded selection of about anything one would need for the trapline. He said it was a good weekend for him, one of the best for the summer. From a public relations standpoint, holding our convention with the Victor Rendezvous or similar event is probably a big plus for trappers. I never heard a negative/anti-trapping comment during the two days. Both the manager of the rendezvous and the Mountain Men expressed the hope we would return next year.

Our NTA Director Todd Smith and his family attended the National Trappers Convention in Escanaba, Mich., in July. Todd and Kim worked a shift in the NTA booth. I also went to the convention — my first — and found it to be an awesome affair to say the least. So very big it was hard to take it all in, but I gave it my very best shot. While there, I met a couple of the dealers that were big donors to our Trappers Baseball team when we had it, and it was nice to be able to thank them in person.

I hope you all have a successful season and every spring trap had something desirable in it.

Don’t forget to vote! — Bob Gokey

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