Utah Trappers Association March 2009 Report

President — Kevin Peacock, P.O. Box 522, Orangeville, UT 84537; phone: 435-884-4382

Vice President — Ronnie Hunt, P.O. Box 65, Teasdale, UT 84773

Secretary — Paul Jarvis, P.O. Box 571, Santaquin, UT 84655; phone: 801-754-3739

Treasurer — Leroy Loftus, 1465 E Hwy 119, Richfield, UT 84701; phone: 435-896-8913

Public Relations — Sanford Randall, P.O. Box 252, Monticello, UT 84535; phone: 435-587-2776

Membership Options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $20
• Family membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Junior (under 16) with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $8
• Senior membership with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
UTA, Secretary
Paul Jarvis,
PO Box 571, Santaquin, UT 84655


Utah Trappers Fur Sale, February 2009

As you read this report, the fur sale will have been over for about one week. So, I cannot give you any feedback on the fur sale. The prices and the averages will be posted on the UTA Web site following the sale. Check it out if you want to see the prices on each individual lot.

I want to thank all of the people that helped make the fur sale possible. Without their help, we would not be able to have a fur sale. I have had trappers call and all they want to know is how can I help. It sure makes it less of a headache if you know that good help will be there to help.

I also want to thank those of you that called with your fur totals. It really will add to your fur check if the buyers know what to expect. A really good example was where a trapper called with his totals. He had done well with several bobcats, coyotes and foxes. He also had quite a few pale beavers. I know this trapper and I know that he brings in top quality fur. I contacted some buyers and told them about his beaver. Most of the buyers were not interested in beaver until I told them about the color and quality of this trapper’s beaver. They said that they will make a point to see and bid on those beaver.

Another trapper brings in around 50 coyotes every year. This year he called with what he was bringing in as he does every year. As I talked to the buyers, I mentioned that he will have his 50 coyotes there again this year. The buyers know his coyotes and are interested because they have bought his coyotes in the past. Even with poor coyote prices, they will check out his fur because they know that it will be there.
I do not know what these trappers received for their fur, but I am certain that their fur received a lot more interest than if they had not let me know that the were bringing it in.

I wish I could report on the prices and the overall success of the sale. It has been an interesting fur year with the economy worries that loom over us. I just hope that each of you had a good trapping season. Large fur check or small fur check we still get to be in the fields and mountains doing what we love to do. And that makes us the richest people on earth. Thanks for letting me help on the fur sale. Best of luck.

— Stan Bassett

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