Video: Activists Try to Halt Coyote Sniping

When coyotes began killing pets in a Louisiana parish, officials decided to hire snipers to kill the predators.

This seems rational to the average person, but not if you’re one of the few animal activists in the area. They’re using the courts to try to block the snipers.

Got a problem coyote in your area? Read this issue of Predator Hunting magazine for tips.

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One thought on “Video: Activists Try to Halt Coyote Sniping

  1. Once again the powers that be are putting the cart before the horse,all to their advantage and to the detriment of the taxpayer.I live between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and this is an attempt to prove once again that big brother knows best.Instead of putting a bounty on coyotes in the parishes with a coyote problem or hiring a few competent coyote trappers,the local law enforcement and parish government uses taxpayer money to pay for unnecessary overtime for our heroes to be out on the streets at all hours of the night and doing little or nothing to alleviate the problem,but it sure looks good in the paper,especially at election time.I have tried for years to help with the nutria and coyote problem in that area,but have been turned away,told that the problem is well in hand and being taken care of at taxpayer expense,which always involves a well trained swat unit practicing their marksmanship in the middle of the night on overtime at taxpayer expense.You can see how successful this strategy has been,but then again this is Louisiana and the “good old boys” must first dip their hands in the cookie jar,before the true experts can come in and solve the problem after it has gotten out of hand.Does this sound familiar to you?

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