Video: Bear Chases Joggers in Canada


A black bear ran after two joggers in Alberta, Canada earlier this month. One of the men recorded the incident on his phone as the bear followed them along the Macheetawin Trails on June 5.

“Look around for a rock. If he hits, I’m going to hit him in the head,” one of the joggers said in the video.

Eventually the joggers sprinted away as the bear briefly climbed a tree. They made it safely back to their vehicle.

What would you have done?

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  1. Certainly not run. That will usually triggers a chase response. Which is what caught the Bears eye to begin with. I would have stood my ground and really yelled at the bear.The bear looked to be be a yearling that maybe lost its mother and was very inquisitive.The whole tree climbing thing was it’s way of showing it was uneasy as well.

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