Video: Mother River Otter Teaches Pup to Swim


The Oregon Zoo posted a video earlier this month of a baby river otter being taught to swim, an interesting process rarely seen in the wild. In the video, Molalla, a 9-week old pup, is taught by his mother, Tilly.


“People might be really surprised, but baby otters don’t know how to swim when they’re first born,” said Oregon Zoo Otter Keeper Becca VanBeek. “They actually have to go through swim lessons, which sounds kind of silly, being that they are water-loving mammals.

“So, mom will actually drag them out onto the exhibit and throw them into the water. This might look a little brutal for us. It’s kind of scary for us to watch, but it’s natural for them.”

To teach Molalla to dive, Tilly grabs the pup and holds hims under water.

Trapper & Predator Caller staff found this video through a post on by member Mike Kelly.

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