Virginia Trappers Association June-July 2012 Report

President — Steve E Colvin, 2000 SB Rd, Barboursville, VA 22923; 434-996-6067; e-mail

Vice President — John Bedwell, 210 Fairway Lane, Wytheville, VA 24382; 276-620-5145;

Membership Secretary — Diana Craig, 2714 Knollwood Dr., Staunton, VA 24401; 540-430-2161;

Recording Secretary — David Brugh, 240 Cherry Lane, Christiansburg, VA 24073; 540-230-4260;

Treasurer — Francis Richards, 10721 Thompson Lane, Spotsylvania, VA 22551; 540-840-5542

General Organizer — Glen Mabe, 211 5th St., Luray, VA 22835; 540-860-2634; e-mail

Training Coordinator — Ed Crebbs, 175 Waldrop Rd., Gordonsville, VA 22942; 540-832-2708;

NTA Director — Larry Kline, 3707 Overview Drive, Fredricksburg, VA 22408; 540-891-4282;


Membership Options:

• 1-year membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• 1-year membership without subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $15

• 2-year membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $48

• Junior (under 16) with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $18

• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

• Lifetime membership without subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $150

• Organization membership — $40

• 2-year organization membership —$75

• Lifetime organization membership — $350

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

VTA, Membership Secretary

Diane Craig

2714 Knollwood Dr.

Staunton, VA 24401



Convention time is fast approaching. The VTA convention will be held at 1177 bloomsbury rd. Orange Va. 22960. July 13th thru the 15th. We have lots of vendors lined up. Last years convention was a great success and we hope this one will be too.For more info. and schedule go to the VTA website at or you can call Glen Mabe at 540-860-2634 or Ed Crebbs at 540-832-2708.

I would like to thank Mike Perdue for his continued work on USSA Trailblazer event. This has been a great outreach tool to reach youth. Great job Mike.

The VTA held a Basic Trapper Training course in Standardsville March 2012. It was a great event, we had over 20 participants. Special thanks to all the trainers that done a great job. We will be scheduling a Fur Handling Class at this same location this fall. Once we set a date we will let everyone know. I would also like to thank Mr. Hazel has been very gracious to the VTA for allowing us to use his property for these type of events. Check out the VTA website for upcoming events.

Call anytime 434-996-6067. — Steve Colvin



Hello VTA Members,

Well, it’s Spring and now back to the grass mowing…it is a beautiful time of the year! Billy Price had our VTA District 4 Meeting on Saturday, April 14th and only had 6 members attend…come on now, we can do better!!! We need to elect a new District 4 Director by August….and District 4 is the largest district…he will be having a meeting in June and August also. Let’s see if we can have a better turn out. Do not forget about our VTA Convention, July 13th – 15th in Orange, VA. Last year we had the best Trappers Dinner on Friday night and we look forward to having one this year, too. Also the music will be on Friday night this year after the dinner instead of Saturday night. Our membership now totals 505 members. We had alot of new members sign up at the Fur Sale, but have had a number of members not renewing who expired in March and April 1st. We need to work at getting our membership total back up. Looking forward to the Convention…hope we have good weather like last year……Your VTA Membership Secretary. — Diana Craig



Hello to all fellow trappers in District #3 and all others throughout the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. I would like to start off by giving the results that I gathered from the Bedford County Board of Supervisors Meeting on April 23 on the proposal of bounty on coyote in Bedford County. The USDA Wild Life Service’s (WS) sated that they provided services for 181 livestock farms in 24 counties in South Side and Western Virginia, where he added the coyotes kill 461 sheep, 59 calves and 5 goats. Most of the coyotes were kill by M-44 which is a wildlife damage management tool used by the Wildlife Services (WS) program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to protect livestock, poultry, and threatened and endangered species from predation by foxes, coyotes, and feral dogs.

The topic of the bounty for coyotes came up on several issues such as how to keep hunter and trappers from bringing coyotes from counties other than Bedford, having calling tournaments for the predator callers to keep the number of coyotes down. No decision was made on how or what procedure would be used. As for the trappers I stated that the bounty would keep the numbers down and but you will never get rid of the coyotes, they are here to stay. As far as the calling tournament, it may sound like a good idea but coyotes are not other K9s, they are constantly learning from humans, if you are lucky enough to call up a coyote the odds of calling the other coyotes that was with that one is highly unlikely. With that being said the Board of Supervisors will make the decision.

One another note the VTA will be at 3rd Annual Heritage Festival at William Campbell High School/Community Park on Aug 5 2012 I will need help with the some members from the VTA Please call me if you can help.

Here is my tip for this month If you have leaky boots (knee, hip or waders), just fill them with water to find the leak. Mark the leak, and then remove water from boot. I use Shoe Goo, it’s found in hardware stores or home centers.




The VTA fur auction was held on March 10, 2012. If you sold fur at the auction, were you satisfied with the results? If you did not sell at the auction, please let me know the reasons for not selling. Any suggestions to improve the auction or complaints about the auction would be appreciated.

District 4 meeting was held on April 14, 2012 at Christ UMC. Five members were present. No nominations for director were made.

Trapping season, regulations, and limits were discussed. Getting the otter limit raised was the main concern.

Fur auction: How does VTA Fur Auction compare to other states fur sales? Any member that has sold fur in other state sales let me know or bring suggestions to the state convention.

VTA Convention: July 13-15, 2012

Suggestions: Porta Johns near camping area. List of events with the time they will take place at the check in gate. Have membership applications at the check-in gate. Try to have an accurate attendance count.

Membership meeting: Please attend this meeting. This is your VTA. This is the time to discuss your ideas or problems, vote on VTA issues, and find out what the VTA is doing.

VTA merchandise: Inventory of all VTA items and assets. What items are selling and not selling? Do we need different items? Do we need to reduce the price on old items?

Next meetings: June 9th, and Aug. 18th, 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m., at Christ UMC, 1512 Churchville Ave., Staunton, Va. 24401.

Please attend these meetings. — Billy Price, (540) 886-8014

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