Washington Man Attacked by Three Coyotes

A Washington man was attacked by three coyotes in his own backyard in late December. Faron Scarberry, of Kent, Wash., was with his dog when the coyotes ambushed him.

“They were coming around the bush and I guess they were going after my puggle,” Scarberry told Q13Fox.com. “One of them lunged up toward me and I kind of pushed it away with my hand and its front claws scratched my hand and wrist. Then one of them grabbed me by the pant leg and started shaking my leg, so I just started kicking and hitting at them to get them off of me, and they ran back under the fence.”

Here’s a video report of the attack from Q13Fox.com:


Scarberry was treated at the hospital for a bite and scratches. He also received 24 rabies shots in his leg and two in his hip.

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2 thoughts on “Washington Man Attacked by Three Coyotes

  1. Oh dear God, I hope every Bunny hugger has a chance to read this, especially if they own dogs, cats, both or have small children. The Washington State coyotes are different from those we have in the midwest, they are REAL coyotes, ours in Indiana, & surrounding states are mixed with the family pet dog, hence, coy-dogs in a lot of cases. Hope he doesn’t come down with rabies & what happen to his dog, did they get it? I rec’d this posting from a friend of mine who started trapping in early 2012 because another friend of mine had lost a couple of beef calves to coyotes, I’m a small dairy producer & try to be sure my cows are inside a pen when calving, makes it easier on us if we have to assist. But sometimes that doesn’t always happen especially if they calve earlier than their due date. He has definetly thined the coyote/coydog population out around here, may be to the count of 25 in the last 10 months, my motto is, the best coyote is a dead one, as around here there isn’t a predator to the coyote except a trapper!

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