Washington State Trappers Association September 2012 Report


President — Bruce Vandervort, 5338 US Hwy 101, Humptulips, WA 98552; 360-288-2466; brucevandervort@hotmail.com

Vice President West — Marsee Wilson, 13190 Avon Allen Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98273; 360-424-7580

Vice President East ­— George Brady, P.O. Box 535, Pateros, WA 98846; 509-923-2326; cascadeb@televar.com

Executive Secretary — Ralph Dobson, 711 196th Street NW, Arlington, WA 98223; 360-652-2132; rlph.dobson@gmail.com

Treasurer — Tammy Rice, PO Box 604, Moses Lake, WA 98837; 509-855-4902; tjrice00@hotmail.com

NTA Director — Bob Maier, 38 Francis Dr., Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-529-9568; bobmaier38@yahoo.com


Membership options: 

• Regular Membership (18 And Older) — $25

• Junior Membership (Under 18) — $5

• Associate Membership (Non-Trapper) — $10

• Family Membership — $30

• Senior Membership (Over 70 and must be a former paid member whose dues are current) — $0

• Lifetime Membership (One-Time Payment) — $250

• To receive Trapper & Predator Caller through WSTA (members only) — $12


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:


(A non-profit organization)

PO Box 3687

Arlington, WA 98223

Dues entitles members to all newsletters, meeting notices, discount entry to workshops and the annual rendezvous. All monies are used to protect your right to trap.



I just finished writing a piece for the news letter so not going to rehash all of that. Most of it was in the last T&PC report any way.

I will say a few things on the political front though seeing as how the elections are coming.

First off if you are in the 44th Legislative district I’ll remind you how important it is to see Mark Harmsworth elected. Hans Dunshee is the incumbent and we will never get any pro trapping legislation passed as long as he is in there. Mark is pro sportsmen, believes in the need for trapping and supports the Second Amendment. The choice is clear. Mark Harmsworth is for sportsmen and Hans Dunshee is in the pocket of HSUS.

Another important race is for Governor. Rob McKenna is endorsed by the Hunters Heritage Council. We stand a good chance at getting legislation signed at his desk. Jay Insley not so much. I think Rob McKenna is likely to give sportsmen help with appointments to the Fish and Wildlife Commission and maybe a new Fish and Wildlife Director. It could change the whole tone of the Department and believe me we need it

Also don’t forget about the Race for Lands Commissioner. Peter Goldmark is responsible for you needing the $30 Discovery Pass to drive on DNR Land. This was never the intent of the legislation that created the Discover Pass. The sponsor of the bill said it was intended only for parks. Goldmark changed the entire DNR lands designation to Developed Recreation lands so he could add this tax on you. He deserves to go based on that I’d say. Clint Didier is the man we would rather see in this office.

One other thing I’ll mention. The NWCO listings on our website had been hoped as a way to generate a bit of income for WSTA and at the same time be a good advertising venue for NWCOs. We get a number of calls from people looking for help with problem animals through the website and we hoped we could put them together with members who have NWCO permits. It has not worked out because we have not received enough listings to cover much of the state. In order to encourage more listings we have decided to make this a free service to members. If you send me an ad we will put it on the NWCO listings under the Problem Wildlife page on the site.

We would like no more then 5 lines, name of company, contact information, area of service and the rest you can use as you wish, maybe specialties or a catchy phrase. Anyway it’s free now to members. — Bruce Vandervort

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