Washington Trappers Association December 2008 Report

President — Bruce Vandervort, 5338 US Hwy 101, Humptulips, WA 98552; phone: 360-288-2466; e-mail: brucevandervort@hotmail.com

Vice President West — John Consolini, 17030 Marmount ST SE, Monroe WA 98272; e-mail: itrap4you@yahoo.com

Vice President East
­— George Brady, P.O. Box 535, Pateros, WA 98846; phone: 509-923-2326;   e-mail: cascadeb@televar.com

Executive Secretary — Ralph Dobson, 13723 Heatherwood Dr., Mill Creek, WA 98012;
phone: 425-530-2124; e-mail: ralph.dobson@verizon.com

Treasurer — BJ Thornily; 63 Redmond Rd., Republic, WA 99166; phone: 509-775-2936;
e-mail: bobbiemike@yahoo.com

NTA Director — Bob Maier, 38 Francis Dr., Walla Walla, WA 99362; phone: 509-529-9568; e-mail: bob_maier@hotmail.com

Membership options:
• Individual membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Junior (under 18) with subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15.50
• Associate (non-trapper) including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller— $15.50
• Senior Citizen (over 70) including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $10.50
• Lifetime membership — $250
• Lifetimer subscription to The Trapper Predator Caller — $10.50

Dues entitles members to all newsletters, meeting notices, discount entry to workshops and the annual rendezvous. All monies are used to protect your right to trap.

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
(A non-profit organization.)
P.O. Box 12669
Mill Creek, WA 98082


As I write this, it is the day before elk season and wouldn’t you know it I’m sick as a dog. Talk about bad timing! Looks like it will be a rough day tomorrow, but I can’t miss elk season. That would be un-american, certainly grounds for impeachment.

On trapping related items, I have three items to report on. First is the Hall of Fame inductees. This is the first year since we decided to have a hall of fame. We are playing catch up a bit to get some of the more deserving people recognized. The first couple years there will probably be quite a few inductees and then it will slow down. If you have someone you think is especially deserving please contact the Hall of Fame Committee chairman John Consolini.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Larry Benthien
— Larry Benthien lived in Mt. Vernon and took the first step to bring trappers together at his own expense. He worked endlessly to keep the association alive.
George Potts — George lived in Stanwood and was one of the founders of the association. He was Secretary through the ’70s up until 1979. He kept everybody informed and updated on trapping issues.

Fred A Lawrence — Fred lives in North Bend and was one of the founders of the association. He has been there from the start and has worked diligently as President, Secretary, Organizer for both spring business meetings and rendezvous. He says that his one accomplishment was that he created the Exec. Secretary position which keeps the organization together.
Ron Kerr — Ron lived in Olympia and was a Exec. Secretary in the 1980’s. He kept the Officers and Directors well informed on all matters that pertained to trapping. He was a beaver and muskrat trapper.

Delmer Kramer
— Delmer lived in Clarkston. He was well known throughout the fur industry. He had a lure business and sold top lure to fellow trappers. He worked part-time for the USDA ADC program. He was well known for being one of the best coyote trappers around with large numbers of them at the fur sale.

James Scoggins — James or as everybody knows him as Jim lives in Pomeroy. He was one of the founders and would travel throughout the state for meetings, keeping the association up to date on eastern Washington issues. He would be a speaker at the Rendezvous and would speak on coyote trapping.

The second item concerns trapper training. Alan Worrell and Karen Parker gave a trapper training class at the Cabelas store. It was attended by 29 students. I have to say that it is pretty amazing considering the laws we have here. There really is a lot of interest in trapping out there.
The third is I want to acknowledge a couple of generous members who have donated to the association. Roger Scheurer gave back his $25 in winnings from the raffle.

The other is Blaine Nalder. Blaine donated $500. Imagine how many skunks he had to trap to make that. It truly is an honor to count these selfless people as my friends.

A little story before I sign off. I recently have been working running a cat grading and filling for a new baseball field at the school. Yesterday I had just started pushing dirt when a coyote came out of the woods carrying a raccoon in its mouth. It nonchalantly walked across the field within 40 feet of the cat and 20 feet of the crew bus. Never paid any attention to me or the equipment.
Seems out of place mentioning this as I write this in October but it will make sense when you read this. Merry Christmas and may next year be a great one for you.

— Bruce Vandervort

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