Western South Dakota Fur Harvesters February 2013 Report


President — Larry Bowden; 605-745-5888; bowdens@gwtc.net

Vice-President — Jeremiah Heath; 605-892-5153; Kala.adams@jacks.sdstate.edu

Secretary/Treasurer — Tuffy Halls; 605-890-2009; tuffhalls@hotmail.com

WSDFHA Houndsman Coordinator — Brad Tisdall; 605-786-6101; sdmuleskinner@aol.com

Youth Education Coordinator — Bill Morrow; 605-890-1860; bptmorrow@yahoo.com

Youth Education Coordinator — Joe Bowden; 605-209-7377; bowden.jiw@gmail.com

Website Coordinator — Jim Halls; 605-484-0487; jimhalls@goldenwest.com

Membership Options:

• Individual membership without subscription to T&PC — $10

• Family membership without subscription to T&PC — $15

• Individual membership with subscription to T&PC — $22

• Family membership with subscription to T&PC — $27


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Tuffy Halls, P.O. Box 25, Hot Springs, SD 57747



Member ship has slowed down a bit. This is historically the condition at this time of year. I need to take a day out of my fur processing to send out dues notices to those who do not receive any of the two Magazines.

The association will be sending out tickets for this years gun raffle so be looking for these sometime in February. I think! I hope these are available for the Northern Plains Outdoor Expo to be held February 8-10 at the Civic Center in Rapid .

Fur prices are steady for now. The Auction houses in Canada are gearing up for the first major offerings of this fur season. There is a certain amount of optimism on most articals how ever the Lynx Cat is a huge question. Some procrastinators are boasting prices reaching or exceeding the thousand dollar mark. As always there will be a few skins to sell for this price for advertisement purposes only. Watch for the Order Buyers to start the ball rolling in February and March.

The State GF&P has created an unusual problem by now requiring all cat carcasses to be surrendered at the time of tagging and they only give us five days to accomplish this. This is not a new requirement but in the past CO’s, at least in my area, would travel to your location. This in it self seems a simple task however hunters and trappers are having difficulties setting up arrangements to get there cats tagged as you now have to bring your cat, in person, to them. This new, in person, requirement was very ill conceived. Would it not be better to have all CO’s set aside one afternoon of there choosing to be available to tag cat. Put this announcement on there answering machine so everyone gets the word. Betterye how about doing one check in the first week of the season, then not requireing cats to be tagged until five days afer the end of the season.

We need volunteers to work our booth at the Northern Plains Outdoor Expo. Please step up and give your organization some time. There seems to be this mind set that the officers and directors are the ones to shoulder this responsibility. You join an Association to work and represent you. You need to work and represent it.

Until Next time. — Tuffy



As the weather turns cold we need to think about our hunting partner. Lap dogs and bird dogs seam to end up in the house on cold days. My long eared Coonhounds live outside 24 / 7. We need to think about how to take care of them when the mercury drops. First a good dog house is insulated from the hard frozen ground. Not too big – not too small. Add 4-8 inches of fresh clean straw. A piece of carpet cut to fit door opening will help keep the cold out and body heat in. Smarter dogs leave doors on. My dogs prefer to tear the carpet off by morning.

Your hunting partner needs 1 cup of fresh water per every 10 Lb. of body weight (Example: A 40 Lb. dog needs 4 cups of water per day) Keeping water thawed in sub-zero temps is a chore, electric heater dog dishes help. You can also add equal amount of warm water with dry food at feeding time. This works well when feeding twice a day.

Start reading your dog food label. Increase your fat and protein percentage during cold weather. That being said it’s very easy for inactive dogs to become over weight in the winter. I feed the recommended amount on the label.

Reminder: Chocolate is for humans not for your dogs!!!

SEE YOU AT THE TREE. — Brad Tisdall

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