Wisconsin Angler Reels in Coyote

In a strange story out of Holmen, Wis., a bass fisherman hooked a coyote while reeling in his frog lure.

The LaCrosse Tribune has the details:

Anglers might have a tendency to stretch the truth sometimes,
but it’s tough to top Bruce Chandler’s fishing story. The Holmen
bass fisherman two weeks ago was casting an Ish’s Phat Frog fishing
lure in a Mississippi River slough near Goose Island when a coyote
sprang from the tall grass on shore, leaped into the water and
latched onto it.

“In a blink of an eye, it was that quick. It looked as shocked
as I was,” said Chandler, 62.

The adult coyote, estimated at 25 to 30 pounds, pulled one way,
Chandler the other.

“All I thought was that coyote had my $9 frog that I had just
bought and I wanted it back,” said Chandler, who used his trolling
motor to pull the coyote into open water.

After snapping a photo of the song dog, Chandler and a friend used a needle-nose pliers to free the coyote and watched it swim to shore.

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