Wisconsin Trappers Association Considering Dropping T&PC

Hello Wisconsin Trappers,

The Wisconsin Trappers Association will be seeking feedback on the association’s official publication at the WTA State Convention. Please consider attending the General Meeting to voice your opinion on the matter.

WTA 49th Annual Trapping Convention
General Meeting
7 p.m. (following the Awards Ceremony)
Saturday, Sept. 8
Central Wisconsin Fairgrounds
Marshfield, WI

The Trapper & Predator Caller, based in Iola, Wisconsin, has been a proud partner of the WTA since November 1978. For the past 34 years, WTA members have received the magazine as part of their annual and lifetime memberships, and WTA news has appeared in the Association News section of each T&PC issue. Our organizations are deeply tied with each other, and T&PC and F+W Media are genuinely committed to doing everything possible to keep it that way.

The WTA Board cited “issues and concerns regarding renewals, membership lapses and other items” with T&PC as the reasons the official publication will be discussed at the General Meeting. However, when I spoke with Steve Van, who handles bookkeeping and membership for the WTA, he informed me there have been very few instances of any of those problems in recent years. In fact, he said the relationship between the WTA and T&PC has been running very smoothly. And in the rare instances when a member has brought up a problem to Van, he said the magazine has resolved it quickly.

Our relationships with all of our affiliate associations are extremely important to us. We are constantly adapting our practices to make sure we are serving the associations as best as we possibly can. If you ever miss an issue or feel something about your subscription is not correct, please contact Mr. Van immediately. We will take care of the problem and make sure you do not miss any issues.

On top of our longstanding relationship with your association and strong Wisconsin ties, T&PC offers other features that our competitors cannot. We publish 10 issues a year, ensuring that WTA’s news will reach members often and in a timely fashion. We also post the Association News online, where it reaches the eyes of additional members as well as many potential new members. Furthermore, T&PC has been the top resource for North American fur harvesters since it was founded in 1975. For more than 37 years, through thick and thin, trappers have counted on T&PC. And we aren’t going anywhere. We hope to be the WTA’s official publication 37 years down the road as well.

T&PC will have a booth at the WTA Convention again this year. Please stop by and say hello. Please also consider attending the General Meeting to support T&PC. It would mean a lot to us.

Thank you.

Jared Blohm
Managing Editor
Trapper & Predator Caller 

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