Wisconsin Trappers Association December 2011 Report

President — Virgil Schroeder, 3471 Earlwyn Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527; phone: 608-764-5218; e-mail: virjo4t@msn.com

Vice President — Greg Schroeder, 514 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523; phone: 608-423-4621; e-mail: schroeder4@charter.net

Secretary — Krystle Kasper, 605 W Central St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729; 715-214-5147; e-mail: krystlesue@gmail.com

Treasurer — Pam Mather, P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575; phone: 608-335-2700; e-mail: wtatreasurer@wistrap.org

NTA Director — Chris Bezio, 5479 Hawthorne Dr., Pulaski, WI 54162; phone: 920-822-3427; e-mail: cbezio@msn.com

Sergeant at Arms — Doug Gorst, 3941 Cty Rd. E, Pittsville, WI 54466; phone: 715-884-6452

Trapper Ed Coordinator — Nicke Shumaker, N4297 Weasel Dam Road, Tigerton, WI 54486; phone: 715-754-2121; e-mail: wctep@mwwb.net

Public Relations Director — Ken Kasper, P.O. Box 367, Fremont, WI 54940; phone: 920-446-3815;e-mail: wtapr@centurytel.net

Correspondence Course Director — Mike Widner, P.O. Box 483, Baraboo, WI 53913; phone: 608-356-3621; e-mail: muskrat_mike@yahoo.com

Historians — Mary Cassidy & Larry Vanderhoef; W 10513 County Road P, Plainfield, WI 54966; phone: 715-366-2453

Web Site Coordinator — Brent Straka, 7936 Cty A, Lancaster, WI 53813: phone: 608-732-3548

Future Trappers of Wisconsin President — Maggie McAuley, 621 13th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494; phone: 715-423-3229;e-mail: ftwpres@wistrap.org

Future Trappers of Wisconsin Coordinator — Jennifer Roever, WI 4399 US HWY 45, Tigerton, WI 54486; e-mail: ftwcoord@wistrap.org

Membership Options:

• Three-year individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $80
• Individual membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Junior (under 17) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Family Membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Lifetime membership (under 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $500
• Lifetime membership (over 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $300
• Husband and wife lifetime membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $600
• Future Trappers of Wisconsin membership (under age 19) without Trapper & Predator Caller — FREE

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:
WTA Treasurer
Pam Mather
P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575-0305;



Hello Trappers,

Another busy trapping season is upon us. I hope you are enjoying your time spent trapping and that you’re having success as well. The trappers I have come in contact with have reported good catches.

I was able to attend the state conventions at Nebraska and Kansas this fall. They had good conventions and it was good to visit the states and exchange trapping experiences.

We had a good turnout at the Board of Directors Meeting that was held at Crex Meadows Wildlife Center near Grantsburg. What a fine place to hold a meeting. It was a productive meeting with the board members working together to discuss and come to agreement on a number of topics. It was a long trip, but worth it. District 1 provided us with a great lunch as well.

As you enjoy your trapping season remember basic good trapping practices. Check your traps regularly. Make sure each of your traps is tagged with your name and address or your DNR number.

Have a blessed holiday season and trap smart. — Virgil Schroeder



General Membership Meeting

Wisconsin Trappers Association

Central Wisconsin Fairgrounds

Marshfield, Wisconsin

September 10, 2011


Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony began at 6:18pm.

The Hall of Fame Inductees are Leo Hoeft and Hank and Crystal Sublisky.

The Presidents award is presented to Bryce Larson.

The Volunteer(s) of the Year is presented to Mike and Kathleen Nicholson.

Warden of the Year will be presented to Robert Stroess of District 8.

Trapper of the Year will be awarded to Junior Prudlick.

District Director of the Year is presented to Russ Warmka.

The FTA awarded the WTA the Affiliate of the Year award and the Sly Fox Circle award for our monetary support. Virgil appointed Al Nickel as a Sergeant-at- Arms. Brian MacMillan from NAFA presented the WTA a check for the Trapper Ed program for $2607. Trapperman.com presented the WTA a donation of $470 from the Friday night feed.


General Meeting

Virgil called the meeting to order at 6:43pm. Quorum was determined to have been met and the Pledge to the Flag followed. Secretary accepted proxies.Roll call was taken with all four elected officers present and all Districts but 1 and 5 represented.

Secretary’s Report – Secretary reported the meeting is being recorded. Secretary’s report for the June BOD meeting is published in the Fall Wisconsin Trapper and the September Trapper and Predator Caller. The report for the Spring General Membership meeting is published in the Summer Wisconsin Trapper and the June Trapper and Predator Caller. Secretary will at this time entertain any additions, deletions or amendments to those minutes.

Motion to accept Secretary’s Reports made by Larry Brenwall. Seconded by Dave Louis. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Virgil stated checking was at $14,000 as of last week. Question was asked about scholarships and if they had been paid out yet. Virgil was unsure but would inquire.

Motion made to accept Treasurer’s Report was made by Dave Louis. Seconded by Larry Brenwall. Motion Carried.

President’s Report – Virgil reported the FTA convention would be coming in 2013 and a bid put in for the NTA in 2014. Both venues will be hosted right here in Marshfield. Virgil commented on the good work being done the Bookkeeper and the Treasurer. He congratulated Chris Bezio and Vicky on a great Fall Rendezvous, also Russ/Mike and the Clarks for the Spring Banquet. Virgil said we will continue to support trapping in Wisconsin and nationally through the FTA and NTA. The magazine is on track and doing well. He believes the WTA is going great and thanked all the members for their support.

Vice President’s Report – Scott reports a By-laws meeting was held and the minutes have been posted. He will also be looking for a Sharptail Grouse Depredation commitment from the membership.

WCTEP Report – Nicke reports the new manual is still being edited and they are currently looking at the Spring Banquet for training on its implementation.

FTW Report – Nicke reported the Basic Camp went well with mice and muskrats being caught. It rained almost all week and there were some challenges with the new ground rules. The Advanced Water Camp went well with concentration on beaver and muskrats. She acknowledged all the instructors for their time, talent and patience. This coming year there will again be a Basic Camp and the Advanced Camp will be a Dryland Camp held the week of June 18th at the MacKenzie Center in Poynette.

FTW President – Maegen talked about the June camp at Sandhill. They made trapping equipment and did some skinning. She acknowledged and thanked all the instructors and supporters who make the camps possible. The Youth Fee for trapping is moving forward. She described the process for getting support of the change.

Personnel and Finance – Michael Leiser reports he has a new haircut but the same attitude. He acknowledged the hard work and accomplishment of Chris Bezio and Vicky with the Fall Rendezvous. In reference to the budget he would like a December membership meeting considered. A budget that runs Jan. to Dec. and a March/September meeting schedule doesn’t mesh. Discussion ensued and a possible fiscal year change was proposed by Virgil.

NTA Report – Scott reports the topic at the March meeting in Bloomington was – How to get new trapper members and retain them. An organization needs to get them involved and provide value. This years NTA convention was very hot and humid and had roughly half the attendance of last years. The convention next year will be August 2-5 at Owatonna, MN. FBU is having a Gun of the Year raffle with a WTA logo on it with only 100 tickets sold. See Scott for tickets.

FTA Report – Dan Carroll reports he attended the convention had a good time and really feels the WTA will be a good fit with FTA in 2013.

Old Business – Should the WTA do a members only demonstration at the Fall Rendezvous? General discussion ensued and Bryce Larson explained how it worked for the NTA.

Motion that the WTA does not go to a members only demo was made by Larry Brenwall. Seconded by Joe Martin. Motion Carried.

Virgil asked for a motion from the membership to turn in a bid for the 2014 NTA convention. Comment was added for front gate concerns if we get the bid.

Motion to allow the WTA to turn in a bid for the 2014 NTA convention made by Larry Brenwall. Seconded by Al Nickel. Motion Carried.

Virgil asked for a motion for the WTA to pursue a Youth Trapping License for a comparable youth fee. Comment was added for Maegan to go in front of caucus to assist this item in passage.

Motion that the WTA pursue a Youth Trapping fee for a comparable youth fee was made by Kathleen Nicholson. Seconded by Larry Brenwall. Motion Carried.

New Business – Elections: Scott Zimmermann had accepted a nomination for Vice President and Virgil asked for nominations off the floor. Decorum was observed and nominations for Vice President were closed. No one had accepted nominations for Secretary and Virgil asked for nominations off the floor. Ellen Elia nominated Shawn Bazile and was seconded by Larry Brenwall. Nomination was accepted and Virgil observed nomination decorum. Virgil closed nominations and asked all who hadn’t voted to vote at this time. A motion to suspend Roberts Rule of Order for a unanimous vote was made and seconded. Due to absentee ballots being allowed per our by-laws this motion was struck down and author rescinded his motion. Virgil asked if all who desired to vote had taken their opportunity and seeing no one asked to close voting

Motion made and seconded to close voting. Motion Carried.

John Olson – John reported on the beaver task force and that 25-26 organizations are represented. Richard Clark is our representative for the WTA. Beaver management meetings will be held in Oshkosh, Hayward, Rhinelander and Eau Claire. They will be available on-line for discussion and a news release will include the website for all the information including an on-line survey. He discussed colony trap size regulations: 6”x6”x36” means just that, he understands the concern with sizes but used the example of going 29mph in a 25 mph zone. Wardens will be informed at their District meetings to use their own discretion, if you are concerned use a 5”x5” and there will no issue. A DIT (Decision Item Transmittal) will not be issued due to any nuances that may be in the law. Discussion ensued with the parting statements of lets use common sense and lets go with the intention of how it was built.

Scott Zimmermann asked for support on the Sharptail Depredation plan to use trapping as a tool to decrease predators

Motion made that the WTA support a depredation plan for the sharptail grouse was made by Russ Warmka. Seconded by Mark Loka. Motion Carried.

Shawn Rossler – Shawn reports that the new Trappers Ed manuals are getting close to completion. He states there has been hours and hours of editing. The old manual will be used with the new one for a few years to get any glitches worked out. The Trap Incident report is included in the Fall edition of the Wisconsin Trapper. The numbers are a very positive sign that we are responsible trappers.

Chick Andres – Chick reports he has been coming here 6 years now and we make him feel more at home than any other rendezvous. He believes the 2013 will be an absolutely stellar year with the FTA being held here. The FTA is proactive and in the frontlines for trapping rights. They are in the political field and will be where they need to be when they are needed. He states the FTA will always be working for you and for trapping. He closed by thanking all for the actions and support that have been given to the FTA.

Election results were announced and the sole nominees won their respective positions. Virgil thanked all who took the time to vote. Scott Zimmermann asked if there was interest in reinstating the “sunshine committee” with Crystal Sublisky as chairperson. The concept of the committee was explained with members receiving congratulations or condolences depending on life events. All Crystal asks for is to be reimbursed postage for these notices and to be informed about births, deaths, etc.

Motion was made to have Crystal Sublisky chair a sunshine committee for the WTA. Seconded by Howard Fritsch. Motion Carried.

October 1, 2011 at Crex Meadows at 9:30 am will be the October BOD meeting. District trailers and items need to be inventoried and sent to Deb for insurance updates. Tom Weiss asked about charging non-members a higher entrance fee to the Rendezvous to give benefit to members. Discussion followed. Statement made that it is possibly a violation of the 501(c) to charge more to non-members. Virgil said he will take it to the BOD and then the General Membership in March. By-laws will be discussed at the October BOD meeting then will be voted on at the Spring Meeting. Other by-law changes may happen in October and there may possibly be another by-laws specific meeting. Chris Bezio states they will need help tomorrow to help take down tables and chairs. It was asked that any WTA e-mails should get cc: to all the elected officers.

Discussion on the purpose of the $3000 limit imposed on district treasuries by the state. Virgil said if you are over then spend it. It was enacted as a rule 14 years ago. Has there been any changes due to inflation? No. It was just an arbitrary number selected at the time. It was enacted to ensure the life and survival of the WTA, to keep us pulling together and not have one district bully the WTA. Has the rule ever been enforced? No. Can it be? Yes. We are not here to build bank accounts, we are here to educate and promote in the view of the IRS.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:02pm. Seconded by Rich Kirchmeyer. Motion carried.

Respectively submitted. — Shawn Bazile


Board of Directors Meeting

Wisconsin Trappers Association

Central Wisconsin Fairgrounds, Marshfield, Wisconsin

September 10, 2011


Virgil brought meeting to order. Roll call was taken with all elected officers present and all Districts represented but 1, 5 and 10.

Motion made by Scott McAuley to accept the results of the election. Seconded by Dan Carroll. Motion Carried.

Discussion on the tax year ending date and the budget year ending date. Directions were given for BOD meeting at Crex Meadows. Scott McAuley would like to see a Sportsman Caucus in Wisconsin. It would offer another avenue if the Conservation Congress gets blocked. They have been very effective in other states that have them. The Caucus will talk to the legislators and are appointed by the legislators. Virgil stated the budget will be done line by line at the October BOD. He also stated the Wisconsin Trapper is costing us with the extra 1,000 issues every printing. Should we look at Banquet and Rendezvous issues only? The attendance at fairs is costing a lot of money also. We need to ensure we are spending it in the right place. We also need to understand where it is being spent. The Governor has an advisory committee on outdoor resources. It was asked if we are on it. Virgil will obtain an answer. Discussion on the unannounced appointment of a different Sergeant-at-Arms. Virgil claimed a senior moment and stated he will put both of them to work. He will provide a list of duties at the October BOD.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted. — Shawn Bazile


Board of Directors Meeting

Wisconsin Trappers Association

Crex Meadows, Grantsburg, Wisconsin

October 1, 2011


Meeting was called to order at 9:34am. The Flag Pledge was said, notice of the meeting being recorded stated and the roll call taken. All elected officers were present and all Districts but 5, 10 and 11 were represented. Quorum was declared and proxies accepted.

Secretary’s Report – The report for the June BOD meeting was published in both the Wisconsin Trapper and the Trapper and Predator Caller and any additions, deletions or amendments will be entertained at this time.

Motion made by Dan Carroll to accept Secretary’s report as written. Seconded by Dan Shumaker. Motion Carried.

Financial Report – Virgil distributed a financial report from 7/31/2011. He stated that as of Monday we had $29,000 in the checkbook. The LT(Lifetime Member) account has had another $9000 added for repayment from funding the activities account. He restated the LT account wasn’t touch for years but now the T&PC subscriptions for Lifetime members is being paid out of it. Question was asked to confirm that $500 went to the Mike Abrahamson fund. Also clarification was given for the treasury accounts of District 3 and 3a. They are a single account now. Discussion on District account limits ensued. Monies in the District checking accounts was limited to $2000 but was raised to $3000 with the new by-laws. Virgil said that at the end of the year no one will take the excess away or raid the account. Why was this number picked? A District could get say $20,000 and take over the state association. This was done as a suggestion by the attorneys. Try to get it down to the limit by the end of the year. Question was asked can a district loan another money? No. A District can borrow $500 from the state if funds are needed. It was asked that the Directors bring this up at their meetings so the membership understands the reasoning for this bylaw.

Motion was made by Dan Shumaker to accept the Financial report as presented. Seconded by Stan Hoeft. Motion Carried.

Presidents Report – Virgil wanted to thank everyone for the awesome job at the Fall Rendezvous. With a big Thank You to Chris and Vicky. He said their convention management experience is unmatched and noticed by all. The WTA 50th anniversary is in two years so keep coming up with ideas for it. Rat trapping sales were a little softer at Horicon this year. For new business – Should we buy tables? Is renting cost effective?

Vice Presidents Report – Scott Zimmermann thanked all those who voted for him. He reports that while he is not a Yuppie he feels we are in need of a mission statement to be read at the start of all meetings to bring everyone down to why we are here. He attended several District meetings and suggested an open round table discussion for District direction would be beneficial to all at these meetings. The mission statement would be a simple one or two sentence statement to define why we are here. There is a lengthy purpose statement at the beginning of the bylaws but this would be much shorter. Discussion followed that we should have one central mission statement that would define any meeting organization and outcome. Virgil asked Scott Z. to come up with a statement to present in January at the BOD and then the Directors can take it back to their spring meetings for discussion. Scott also advised that with colony traps, stay within the restrictions.

WCTEP Report – Nicke reports that the graduate number will be over 1000 again this year. We are at 929 right now with classes and rosters to be finalized yet. The correspondence course could break its record of 250. They are at 170 right now. Aiming to have the new manual by spring and we have a limited amount of the old manuals left. Discussed a possible survey to be sent to graduates a year after the class. Questions could be – Did you trap, what did you trap, plusses or minuses from the class. She has no idea what the new instructor orientation will all entail. It will be at least 3 hours to train. These people will be the ones to train the next round of instructors. Discussion on training times to accommodate the most instructors followed. Virgil recommended having John Olson contact the instructors and survey them for good times. It was then recommended that the training course be put on a DVD for refresher, for training the trainer trainers.

NTA Report – Scott McAuley reported that Sharon from the Marshfield Fairgrounds and Ed from Parks will be assisting in the bid presentation for the 2014 NTA convention. The 53 NTA representatives voted on the convention previously and it became a popularity contest. Now the Vice President and 5 Regional directors vote on the location. A bid is actually a promotion and an agreement between the host and the NTA. Comment was added about shower capacity at last convention. Scott said that would have been part of a bid. Scott asked that if you want the NTA reports please reply back to him. If he doesn’t receive a reply he will cease to send it. The Miss WI and Miss Teen did not take the jackets this year, but the WTA did receive the Sponsor of the Year award. The Pageant does appreciate us and our support. Scott pointed out with the end of the bartering we need to budget for these jackets. Virgil added we need to find a home for all these awards we are aquiring. He asked that within the next year we need to come up with an idea. Present any suggestions to Virgil. He also said that any conflicting rules for camp at the MacKenzie Center go through George Meyer for assistance.

FTA Report – Dan Carroll reported that the FTA convention will be in Evansville, IN this year June 14-17. The FTA is hiring media promotion people and are planning a one day radio show at the FTA in Marshfield. Chris Bezio added he did a 45 minute spiel on the radio Wednesday of our convention. He said to contact the Linkharts from the NTA if you need help with a local show on trapping. It is important not only what you say but you do not say and trappers can say some crap if they aren’t prepared. They are trained for professional presentations and are a tool to coach and assist if needed. The WTA will have a presence at Evansville. The booth space reservations for vendors will get registered there. Also, the Marshfield visitors bureau may have a booth there. It was asked, due to all the business we provide for Marshfield and the fairgrounds, if we could get a break on our booth spaces at their fair. It will be asked but maybe nothing can be done.

FTW Report – Mark Loka read Maegan’s report which stated she is working on letters for the Youth Trapping license. They signed up a few more members at the Fall Rendezvous. She has been getting quite a few calls for buckets and Nicke has been working on buckets. It was pointed out that buckets cannot be purchased because they are loans. All the kids did a great job at Marshfield and asked if a district could be in charge of kid’s games. It was pointed out that District 7 is in charge of kid’s games. There were 270 kids buttons handed out at the gate. Discussion followed on other possible kids events/games. Stan Hoeft has a person in mind for weasel box construction and Bryce will try to get a legal/illegal set demo set up for them. Dan Shumaker wanted to make sure that the monies generated by the donated mountain man carving at Friday nights auction went to the FTW. Deb will confirm that. Nicke said the kids dance on Friday night went OK. It was lightly attended but for the kids that attended it was great.

Personnel and Finance – Mike reported the expense report from Chris Bezio for the Fall Rendezvous and asked for follow up from the liaisons for numbers for the budget.

Motion made by Dave Louis and seconded by Stan Hoeft to go into closed session. Motion approved and non-BOD members were cleared from the room.

Motion made by Dave Louis and seconded by Stan Hoeft to return to open session. Motion carried and open session resumed.

Due date or expiration date for membership is available through Steve Van and was available at the voting booth. Discussed possible use of a checkbook for the Events Coordinator. Chris was asked how it worked for the Rendezvous and he replied good, no checks bounced. How would we keep it funded? There is a $2500 limit and if more were needed contact Virgil for approval.

Motion made by Dave Louis to put Scott McAuley on as a signor for the Spring Banquet (Annual Activities) account for use by the Events Coordinator. Seconded by Mark Loka. Motion Carried.

It was noted we should be using our tax exempt number whenever possible when we make purchases. Process of money flow was explained – monies brought in go to Deb Koltis and it was noted by her the checks need memos to be coded properly. Monies going out – check request to Deb then issued by Steve Van and signed by Virgil. It was pointed out that Scott will have to get signed up at an Associated Bank. It was requested that a copy of all check requests via e-mail get cc: to the President, Vice President and Secretary. Mike asked for a general membership meeting in December to help with budget planning timelines. The BOD would look at the budget in October and then the membership would vote on it at a December meeting. Could we change our fiscal year or our budget year dates. General discussion on budget and timeline possibilities ensued. Mike reports the numbers are getting better and P&F is looking at streamlining the process. The raffle had a gross of $33,000 with an expense of $21-22,000, so our net was around $10-11,000. Currently we approve a budget at our Spring General membership meeting in March that is 3 months old. Suggestion that we can approve a budget at our January BOD meeting and correct it if needed in March. The liaisons need to get figures in for their respective areas. October is a guide to having the numbers in for the budget, he would like to have them by November 1.

Virgil recessed the meeting for lunch at 12:17pm. Lunch was catered by Stanley Hoeft and prepared by the lovely and talented Trish Brown.

Virgil called the meeting back into order at 12:37pm.

Old Business – Sergeant at Arms positions – Virgil stated there will be two Sergeants at Arms and there duties will be -They will be in charge of the election committee. The Secretary will send the printed ballots for elections to them. They will coordinate amongst themselves to have at least one Sergeant at Arms at all BOD meetings. They will be in charge of the flags and they will be in charge of keeping the balloting open.

New Business – Merchandise coordinators, Mark and Tammy Loka report that sales of clothing, hats and DVD’s were good at the Rendezvous with close to $3,000 in sales. They had 520 shirts going in and have 112 left. They sold out of stickers and have two patches left. The tails and feet are with Dan and Scott. They presented several ideas for merchandise.

Motion made by Stan Hoeft to allow Mark and Tammy go with their ideas for merchandise. Seconded by Dave Louis. Motion Carried.

It was suggested to get pictures of the merchandise on the website. Comment added that shipping rates are going up. It was suggested that an ad for the fur handling DVD be placed in the T&PC. It was suggested that a trailer would be helpful for hauling and storing merchandise. Virgil suggests to get prices and bring them back to the January BOD meeting. Virgil restated that the WTA logo has to go on any trailer purchased with DNR assistance. Discussion on mileage reimbursement and that an increase may be needed from the $.35 per mile. Long hauls to MO for example pulling campers or trailers cuts into mileage for the events coordinator. The camper saves the lodging expense which would be greater than the mileage increase so there is value realized. Current tax laws allow a $.50 maximum mileage reimbursement. It was asked to come back to the January meeting with recommendations. Discussion of events and line items that may be shared. It was recommended that we look at getting a phone that is not prepaid for use by Scott McAuley, the prepaid system is no longer cost effective.

Motion made by Mark Loka to have Deb research phone plans and then get Scott McAuley a phone. Seconded by Russ Warmka. Motion Carried.

Discussion on any phones that were property of the WTA revealed none. Question was raised about the laptops – All are back in our possession except the one issued to the former Secretary.

The Wisconsin Trapper magazine – Bryce distributed invoices for the last four editions. There is a $1000 per issue editing fee and 35% advertising fee per issue. Total cost of the magazine with printing is roughly $26,000 per year. Dave Hastings has stated that he spends more time on our magazine than any other magazine he does. Do we need to look at lowering the number of magazines printed? It was added we do have exact costs now to base our decisions off of. Virgil had suggested cutting back an issue or two and the membership has responded with a responding – No. It was added our advertising rates are very low. A trifold flier will lower the number of issues printed significantly. Russ Warmka is working on it and gave a presentation. A run of 10,000 can be obtained for roughly $1200. An extra 1000 issues of the magazine already runs around $1700. Chris Burt is working with a graphic designer also on this. Returned issues are down to 1 or 2 per issue now. It was stated that when you participate in the raffle, banquet, etc. you are supporting your existence. Why aren’t we funding it more with advertising? Limited edition is the term used in the industry for advertising in magazines like ours and it is a fact that it is hard to get people to buy advertising in a limited edition. The barter system has been a difficult process to phase out with our magazine. Russ stated that there does need to be more clarity on the advertising rates and can he or any other advertiser be billed yearly rather than by the issue. What would the cost savings be if the color cover were to go? Dave has asked for a raise and Virgil says we will hold off until March when Dave is present and can answer these questions. He also said we will look at yearly billing.

Motion made by Scott McAuley to move forward with printing the brochures/trifolds and have them ready to go by February 1. Seconded by Scott Zimmermann. Motion Carried.

Brochures will cut down on the extra issues being printed. We need to work on getting Dave more advertising to help both of us. With more advertising we’ll need more stories to offset it from being ad heavy. It is our magazine and our vehicle for communication.

Spring Banquet – Discussion about the sponsor table plan with a gun per sponsor table. Agreement that it is a good idea – Not necessarily a moneymaker but will hopefully get more bodies there, which should help revenues. It was added that stores are liquidating their summer stock right now and good deals for Banquet merchandise can be had.

FTA Convention Committee – Virgil appointed/dictated Scott Zimmermann to be in charge of the FTA and Fall Rendezvous committees. Chris Bezio will coordinate districts for manpower at the FTA. It was noted that the FTA encourages no open sales of alcohol at their conventions. It was countered that they will be in Wisconsin. It is believed at this time a Wisconsin show will have open alcohol sales. Virgil would like to have a President’s reception for the FTA similar to what the NTA had. Scott McAuley believes Sharon from the fairgrounds is already taking care of that. The meeting and banquet will be held at the American Legion and the auction will be on the Fairgrounds. This still needs to be worked out with Sharon. The FTA has two demos going on at once so the demo area will need to be constructed accordingly. The Merchandise director was asked to price a winter jacket with a large FTA logo on the back and a smaller WTA logo on the front for the auction. A similar jacket for our 50th anniversary was recommended and it was added that a men’s and woman’s jacket for both events would be a better idea. Would a commemorative trap for the FTA convention be a worthwhile venture? Chris Bezio will look into it. Bryce will check with the convention coordinator for demo area requirements. He was asked to keep Chris in the loop on this.

Question was asked if there was an installment plan for our Life Membership. Contact Steve Van, it has happened in the past. Can the districts have ticket incentives for their raffles? Yes.

By-Laws – Due to time constraints, Virgil tabled the bylaws until the January meeting. Scott Z. commented that if you feel there needs to be another bylaws specific meeting contact him. He would rather open the bylaws for 6-7 items rather than 1 or 2.

Fall Rendezvous – Chris Bezio reported on the Fall Rendezvous. We will be investigating a different PA system for our demo area and looking into the possibility of selling DVD’s of our demos. The total net revenue for the Rendezvous will be around $20,000. We paid out $400 for the auctioneer and the fairgrounds donated the use of their tables and chairs. The gate had roughly 2200 people enter in addition to kids and vendors. Virgil asked about purchasing our own tables. Benefits and detractions were discussed and Virgil will look at pricing for 8ft. tables. Chris gave his proposed changes for 2012. Have a logo picked by January so the buttons can be made up well in advance. We had the coyote this year and could continue with the remaining 13 furbearers of Wisconsin for a series. Another idea would be to go with a different style of trap every year. We could possibly get sponsorship from a trap manufacturer for that. We will need to make a decision on the 50th anniversary logo. An idea of having the 3 founding fathers of the WTA in a portrait together for our 50th logo was offered. Possibility of commissioning Joe Goodman to create a print of them was discussed. Dan Shumaker will contact Joe for specifics. The two food vendors have been contacted to move to the south side of the hockey building. The vendor appreciation dinner will move to the hockey building on Thursday night. We served roughly 242 vendor meals this year. The band is done, maybe a DJ or karaoke will be provided. Window hangers will be provided at the front gate for campers and vendors. Mark Loka suggested the possible use of static stickers and will investigate the cost. The snack items at the bar went well Saturday night went well and will be provided at the bar and business meeting next year. Lengthy discussion followed on methods to keep vendors there longer. One possibility is to charge a deposit or not hold reservation if they leave before a certain time. We will need to be sensitive to all issues and open to all perspectives. Convention trap tags will be available again next year and possibly stamp some for this year’s convention date to be available next year. Investigate having NAFA sponsoring worker shirts for the Fall Rendezvous. Would radios for communication be a good idea? No. Water and soda (no alcohol) will be available at the front gate for workers there. The Saturday vendor meal was well received. Banner signs will be placed to point out demo area, bar, food, WTA, etc. The size will be roughly 3’x5’. Chris Burt will be making up heavy frames for these banners. Trams to and from parking will be available next year. There will be signage for vendor parking to maintain fire lanes, etc.

Dan Shumaker reports the Nuisance books have been completed and he has really cut down on the thickness. He has a limited supply and provided copies for those who desired them. Printing costs and options were discussed.

Dave Louis informed us of the passing of Larry Lapp from District 2 on August 18.

The date for the BOD meeting will be January 8. Amherst Junction is tentative, an exact location will be provided at a later date.

Stan and Larry went to a beaver management meeting and discussed what they learned there. Richard Clark is our appointed representative to this committee.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dave Louis. Seconded by Scott McAuley. Motion Carried. Meeting was adjourned at 3:58pm.

Respectfully submitted. — Shawn Bazile



Hats off to all of our Volunteer Instructors, Apprentices and Helpers!! Thank You! Thank You! We have gone over 1000 graduates for six straight years in a row. We could not have such a successful program if it wasn’t for all of your extra time and effort that you put into holding these classes. Right now we are sitting at 1062 graduates with a handful of classes yet to either be held and/or paperwork turned in. Mike has been swamped this year with Correspondence too and as of this writing he is up to 215. I will have a final number count in my next report.

Next year will mark the 20th Anniversary of probably the best Trapper Ed Program in the country. That’s right, the Wisconsin Cooperative Trapper Education Program has been in existence for twenty years already. Where does the time go when everyone is having so much fun? Many of our active instructors today are still the original instructors from 1992 and even from 1982 when Wisconsin’s voluntary Trapper Ed Program was started. These individuals had a goal and boy did they kick it square through the middle of the posts. If any of you individuals would like to share a little of the history of Trapper Ed, from how it started to where it is now, please let me know. There will be more information on the anniversary coming in the March issue of the Wisconsin Trapper including the unveiling of the new manual. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.)

I would also like to remind everyone of my e-mail address change. Many people say they have been trying to get a hold of me or I don’t answer back. My internet provider was changed earlier this year so my e-mail is now wctep@frontier.com.

Apprentices that are out there waiting for an Instructor Orientation, you’ll have to hold on a little longer. We are waiting on the new manual and it doesn’t pay to train you now just to retrain you when the new manual comes out. Some type of notification (probably in Spring) will be sent to all instructors, apprentices and helpers regarding the new manual training.

Lastly…..it seems a little early to start thinking about next year’s classes, but I have people calling me now already looking for classes for next year. If you have any idea at all, even a thought of a class, please let me know so I can pass the word on and get it posted on the website.

Thank you again for all your hard work and don’t forget to take a kid along with you on your line. I know sometimes they can be a pain in the butt……they talk constantly, have to pee at every gas station you pass or if you’re not by a gas station at least every half hour on the line, step on your finished sets, spill your lures all over, leave your trowel at the last set, are always hungry……..but when they get to the opportunity to put out their own sets and then catch something, even if it is a mouse or a rabbit, that really makes their day and gives them something to talk about in school and pass on to their friends. — Nicke Shumaker



Hello District 4ers. You all should have quite a bit of steel in the ground by now and your fur sheds should be starting to fill up. I always have good intentions of this, I even had my traps dyed, waxed and actually ready to go early this year. But then my work schedule, volunteer commitments or something else always seem to fill my scheduled trapping time. So I’m hoping for the best to be able to at least find a little time to get our kids out to set some traps. Nicke and I both have to start to learn to say no to other things and make trapping a priority one of these years because we really miss having a line out.

Thank you to all who were able to help out at the gate this year in Marshfield and thank you to everyone who helped out for District 4 and the WTA throughout the entire year. At times we may be too busy to stop and say thanks but just remember that your efforts do not go unnoticed. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated to us and help make things run smoother and be successful.

Our next District 4 event will be our Spring Meeting which will be held on Saturday March3rd at the Mountain Community Center. Our District 4 Raffle is in place and tickets will be available at the meeting. After that will be the WTA Spring Banquet on March 17th at the Stoney Creek Inn. It is an even year, so District 4 needs to help out where needed. Mark your calendar for these dates.

Thank you again for all your hard work this year. Our family would like to wish you luck on your hunting and trapping seasons. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family. — Dan Shumaker



Trapping season is here and I have had a couple days on the line. I am doing a couple of rat marshes for a few days and holding off on the coons which will cost me some fur but I am hoping to have better grading fur by doing so.

Be sure to review the more in depth report in the winter WTA trapper coming out around Thanks Giving time. We have a couple ads in that issue promoting our fur sale and the Maribel Sportsmen’s Club Coyote Classic that will be held on Sunday January 8, 2012 at the Maribel Sportsmen’s Club. You will be receiving a letter later in November with more detail on our meeting, fur sale and our cash raffle.

We had a productive BOD meeting in October at Crex Meadows. It is a long hike from Kiel, WI but a nice drive and a great wildlife asset for our Wisconsin outdoor enthusiasts.

As a member of the personnel and finance committee we are responsible for putting together a budget that the BOD can review and recommend to the general membership at our March general membership meeting. I am also the liaison for the publications portion of our budget for the WTA. If you have questions, concerns and issues regarding our WTA publication and other items the WTA prints or develops contact me with those concerns.

I am working to try and put together some trap kits and maybe fur kits for the 12 CESA districts in Wisconsin. District 11 donated two dozen traps to this cause at the fall rendezvous. Thank you district 11. We have a long way to go but I hope that we can provide these resources for our high school ag teachers. Last June Chris Bezio lead a trapper education class at the state ag teacher’s conference and we had our WTA booth setup for the trade show on Monday. Our class and exhibit were well received and we plan to conduct another class this June. We will also hold a short 1.5 hour session for those that can not take a two-day workshop. These were suggestions by the teachers that said there is more interest in trapping and wildlife management if we can find ways to provide those seminars to the teachers. The teachers are really interested in wildlife management, ecology and population statistics etc. Trapping and scouting lends itself quite well to offer quality information for groups interested in this type of knowledge.

I put on two seminars for a high school class this October. One day was on wildlife management and the other session was on trapping. I developed a short power point that covered many areas from trapper education all the way to marketing ones fur.

We will have a busy and active January, February and March with several trapping and outdoor show activities that we participate in each year. Come to our winter meeting and fur sale on January 8th and help plan our 2012 plan of work.

Save some fur for the sale!!! Interested buyers and sellers contact Bryce Larson at 920-693-8734.

I trapped another northern WI flowage with my canoe this fall. Three days of 30 mph winds, waves and competition made for a lot of work, a tired body, few rats but some priceless time in the outdoors. — Bryce Larson, district director



Our trapping season is underway, and I hope that everyone is off to a great start.

I have an important notice for culvert trappers in Sauk County this year:

A supervisor at the Sauk County Highway Department talked with Mike Green, our game warden, and notified him that the Sauk County Highway Department has a work order to clean out culverts on a number of US, state, county and township roads in Sauk County. They are really concerned about running into traps in or near culverts. They have already encountered some of the early coon traps in dry culverts. Mike Green said that the highway workers DO have permission to snap the traps and set them aside. They spent some time with Mike learning what to look for, etc. and how to snap the traps. Although they were pretty attentive about learning what to look for, keep in mind that a trap could conceivably be overlooked, dug up or buried with some of their excavation equipment. If you can avoid trapping a culvert, that would be a great idea. If you trap a culvert and find your trap snapped where some obvious excavation has taken place, just reset after the work is done and be friendly to your county highway workers. Anything we, as trappers, can do to help make this season go smoothly for everyone and avoid any negative publicity would be greatly appreciated by everyone. Please mention this to all of your trapping friends and neighbors who may be trapping in Sauk County. Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate you spreading the word on this.

Our next District 9 meeting is Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at Walt & Deb’s Sand Bar Sports Arena in Arena, WI (two weeks ahead of the March 17 WTA Spring Banquet). Come and join us!

We plan to start up a new District 9 event for 2012 that will be directed towards adding new members, increasing current member participation, raising some money for our district and benefitting trappers and trapping in general. We have not had a district rendezvous in years, and that may be exactly where we start. We are thinking hard, welcoming ideas and really looking forward to next year. I have already heard from some inspired people looking to help out. We will definitely be talking about that at our March meeting.

If you would like to be added to our District 9 e-mail list, or if your e-mail address needs to be updated, please send your current e-mail address to me at phrzim@yahoo.com and I will update my e-mail list. I will also be happy to send copies of our meeting minutes out to you as well. E-mail is our quickest and cheapest way to get information out to those of you who have access to computers, so please take advantage of it if you can! If you would like to reach me by phone, you can also call me via the WTA phone system at (888) 601-8727 ext 209. That toll-free number transfers directly to my home phone.

Have a fun, safe and successful trapping season! — Patrice Rhodes, District 9 Director



The summer is over. Thanks to all the people that assisted on the District Rondy at Jefferson Sportsmen Club. Thanks to those people who did demonstrations. Thanks to Tom Florin for donating grand prize for the raffle. Thanks to all the other people that donated prizes for the raffle. And thanks to all those who bought tickets. You all made the Rondy a success. Also thanks to the District 10 members who volunteered to help at the State Rondy in Marshfield. By the time you are reading this most of you should be trapping. Have a safe and successful season. See you at the Winter District 10 meeting at NAFA in early March. No raffle tickets will be coming in the mail for the Spring Raffle. There will be a raffle with tickets at the meeting. — Mark Peters District 10 Director


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