Wisconsin Trappers Association June-July 2010 Report

President — Virgil Schroeder, 3471 Earlwyn Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527; phone: 608-764-5218; e-mail: virjo4t@msn.com

Vice President — Greg Schroeder, 514 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523; phone: 608-423-4621; e-mail: schroeder4@charter.net

Secretary — Krystle Kasper, 605 W Central St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729; 715-214-5147; e-mail: krystlesue@gmail.com

Treasurer — Pam Mather, P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575; phone: 608-335-2700; e-mail: wtatreasurer@wistrap.org

NTA Director — Chris Bezio, 5479 Hawthorne Dr., Pulaski, WI 54162; phone: 920-822-3427; e-mail: cbezio@msn.com

Sergeant at Arms — Doug Gorst, 3941 Cty Rd. E, Pittsville, WI 54466; phone: 715-884-6452

Trapper Ed Coordinator — Nicke Shumaker, N4297 Weasel Dam Road, Tigerton, WI 54486; phone: 715-754-2121; e-mail: wctep@mwwb.net

Public Relations Director — Ken Kasper, P.O. Box 367, Fremont, WI 54940; phone: 920-446-3815;e-mail: wtapr@centurytel.net

Correspondence Course Director — Mike Widner, P.O. Box 483, Baraboo, WI 53913; phone: 608-356-3621; e-mail: muskrat_mike@yahoo.com

Historians — Mary Cassidy & Larry Vanderhoef; W 10513 County Road P, Plainfield, WI 54966; phone: 715-366-2453

Web Site Coordinator — Brent Straka, 7936 Cty A, Lancaster, WI 53813: phone: 608-732-3548

Future Trappers of Wisconsin President — Maggie McAuley, 621 13th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494; phone: 715-423-3229;e-mail: ftwpres@wistrap.org

Future Trappers of Wisconsin Coordinator — Jennifer Roever, WI 4399 US HWY 45, Tigerton, WI 54486; e-mail: ftwcoord@wistrap.org

Membership Options:

• Three-year individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $80
• Individual membership with The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Junior (under 17) with The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Family Membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Lifetime membership (under 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $500
• Lifetime membership (over 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $300
• Husband and wife lifetime membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $600
• Future Trappers of Wisconsin membership (under age 19) without Trapper & Predator Caller — FREE

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
WTA Treasurer
Pam Mather
P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575-0305;

Hello Trappers,
It’s been over a month since the Spring Banquet. I’d like to thank each one that attended. It took a bunch of work by some key members of the WTA to plan and carry through with those plans to make the banquet a success. You know who you are. If I try to list all of you, I’m afraid I might accidentally leave someone out. I am constantly impressed by the amount of work and time that so many of our members give to the association to make each event a success. Our members are the WTA!

Both the Board of Director’s Meeting and the General Meeting were well attended. Much was accomplished. One decision made by the membership at the General Meeting was to have the Fall Rendezvous held as a one day event. There has been much discussion concerning the Rendezvous as it will be held in the same location and same month as the NTA Convention, but a couple of weeks later. Although the decision has been made to hold it for only one day, complete details are yet to be determined.

The June 26 Board of Director’s Meeting will be held at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. It will begin at 9:00AM with a walk through of the grounds. This will help everyone know where things will be located for the NTA Convention.. The various areas for volunteer opportunities will also be explained. The Board of Director’s Meeting will follow.

The Fur Takers Association National Convention will be held June10-12 in Columbus, Indiana. If you get a chance to attend and rub shoulders with fellow trappers, I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

There also are still some district rendezvous’ to take advantage of.That’s about it for now. Have a great summer! — Virgil Schroeder

We will be having a organizational meeting at the Marshfield Fairgrounds at 9 A.M. Saturday June 26,2010.
We will go over the grounds with Dan Skurske the NTA Coordinator. All those interested should be there by 9 a.m.
We have a board of Directors meeting following. — Chris Bezio

The Trapper Ed Program is off to a great start again this year. Quite a few classes have already been held with 107 graduates so far and 30 correspondence course graduates for a total of 137. If you would like to still hold a class, it’s not too late. Just get your class information to me and it will get posted on the website.

New TE Class Policy – The Trapper Ed Committee recently approved and put into effect a new policy regarding class helpers. ALL adults assisting a lead instructor in any way must have an approved background check prior to helping out with a class. This includes cooks, helpers and apprentices. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK. This doesn’t mean they have to be an instructor. They can still just be a cook or helper, but they must have passed a background check first.

If they haven’t filled out a background application or haven’t been approved, they CANNOT help with your class. If you need background applications for any of your helpers contact the Statewide Coordinator.
District Trailers – If any district is interested in acquiring a Trapper Ed trailer, the Trapper Ed Program has made an offer to cover ½ the cost of a trailer up to two trailers per year. These funds would come from the Incidental Fur Fund.

If any district is interested in this offer and would like to know the specific details contact John Olson at 715-685-2934.

FTW Camp – The FTW Camp is quickly approaching. We have about 25 kids that plan to attend. Thank you to those instructors who volunteered their time and knowledge to help provide our young trappers with the skills needed to become our future generation of trappers and trapping leaders. — Nicke Shumaker

Hello from the Future Trappers of Wisconsin. A lot has happened since our last report. To start with, our table at the spring banquet raised $257 for the WTA. Thanks to all the kids and adults who helped out with the games.

We received a lot of generous financial donations at the banquet also. There were far too many to list them, but I would like to personally thank Ken Kasper, Dick Hladlik, and Marc Bangsberg for going above and beyond in their support of the FTW. We also had a meeting and pizza lunch and discussed ideas for the NTA rendezvous in Marshfield in August.

We will be collecting aluminum cans throughout the NTA weekend. So we will need kids to help early in the morning to go around and empty containers from the previous day. We may even make a challenge out of it with prizes to see who can collect the most cans. We will have our own FTW booth set up and are looking for help to man that.

We will be having games similar to what we had at the Spring Banquet and will be selling our own FTW brand of coon and muskrat lure that we will be making ourselves during camp as well as pictures or a powerpoint of camp activities. We will also be selling off our unneeded traps and related equipment from the Trap Loan Program. Please remember to bring any traps or trapping supplies you no longer need and donate them for our trap sale.

The FTW also has its own bottled water to sell at various events as a fundraiser. We will for sure be selling it at the NTA Rendezvous and the State Fall Rendezvous. I would strongly encourage each District to take some cases of water to sell at their District Rendezvous to help the FTW kids out. It will cost $1 per bottle.

We are in need of FTW members to take on the role of District Representative. This involves attending your district events and reporting on what is happening in the FTW, as well as helping to generate interest in the FTW to other kids in your area. Anyone interested in these positions should get a hold of me. As of right now, we need representatives for every district except District 3 and District 4. This is a great way to get involved and learn how the WTA works.

Our summer camp is coming up June 23, 24, and 25th at the Mackenzie Center in Poynette. There are about 25 kids registered and it should be a lot of fun. We are still taking sponsors from businesses and individuals. The cost of a sponsorship is $60 per child. This not only helps a kid have a great time and learn, but gets your name advertised at the NTA and in other outlets as well. If anyone is interested in sponsorship, please call me prior to the camp.
Our Trap Loan Program has undergone some noticeable changes from years past. All of the items in the buckets will now have to be returned.

Nothing in them is for sale any longer, which is why it is called a “loan” program. Also, the contents will be a little more simplified and kid friendly. We had a significant number of missing and unreturned buckets this year. If you have one or delivered one, please follow up and make sure that it was returned, or contact me and let me know of one that may still be out there.

This program is a great way for kids to get started in something that can be very expensive, but if the equipment cannot be returned, the program will cease to exist. If you still owe for any items from a bucket, give me a call to get it taken care of so we have the funds to operate this fall.

This year there will be a few more buckets available than in previous years, but we expect demand to exceed available equipment, so if you want a bucket, fill out a Trap Loan Application and send it in ASAP. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Trap Loan Applications can be sent to you in the mail otherwise they are available online at www.wistrap.org and in the Wisconsin Trapper. Other items available one the website include the FTW Membership Application and the FTW Pin Application

Anyone that is waiting on badges, thank you for your patience. We are working on them and should have them to you this summer. Don’t forget your FTW officers Maggie McAuley, Erik Warmka and Alex Kasper if you have any questions or problems. They are there to help and know a great deal about the workings of the FTW. That’s all for now. Have a great Spring and hope to see you all at many of the WTA functions this summer. — Pat, 608-424-1734

District 2 rendezvous is right around the corner; make sure to sell some tickets and show up for a day filled with activities. Items will be accepted as donations for a raffle or auction. Man power will be greatly appreciated in any area you will be willing to help. Elections will be held on the district level this year at the rendezvous.

I had the opportunity to attend one day at the Bear Hunters Convention, good turn out and interesting conversation with people.

I am still trying to get booth space at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair for July and will let you know if this happens. We will need people to work for this and I will contact members by phone if this becomes a reality.

NTA convention is coming up fast and help will be much needed for this to happen and make the work load easier for everyone. Please help out where you can, an hour or two will make a difference for everyone.

The WTA is seeking a person to fill the Treasurer position that will be vacant on June 1, 2010. If you are interested in this or know someone who would be please have them contact me for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns on issues please feel free to contact me. — Mike Abrahamson

Hello fellow members. Upcoming events for our district include the NTA walk-around on Saturday, June 26th at 9AM at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. All volunteers who signed up to help at the Nationals this year are encouraged to attend to see how the grounds will be set up.
The District Summer Rendezvous will be held on Saturday, July 10th at the Mountain Community Center from 9AM-NOON.

We have a lot of activities on hand again including a variety of demos, vendors and raffles, food, kids’ activities and kids’ trap setting contest. The general meeting will be held at 1PM with the raffle drawings to follow at 2PM. We will have the District Summer Raffle including guns, handcrafted carvings and flies, and a fisher box set. Tickets for these should be out in the mail by the time you read this. If not, then shortly after. Completed tickets need to be postmarked by July 5th and sent to Maryann Clark or brought to the Summer Rendezvous.

Other raffles that day include the general raffle, kids’ raffle, ladies raffle and a few others. As always, we are looking for volunteers to help man the food stand and raffle tables throughout the day. We have a lot of district members attend, so please try and lend a hand for an hour. The Director and Secretary Positions are up for election this summer. If anyone has questions, is interested in a vendor booth, has any items to donate to the raffles or would like to help out during the day, please let me know (N4297 Weasel Dam Rd, Tigerton, WI 54486, 920-737-2826, dirtholedan@yahoo.com). — Dan Shumaker

Good weather for our spring meeting, attendance was good. Thank You it helps me let you know what’s happening. I type one finger at a time. Summer Rendz. July 17 Berlin Conservation Club. We are planning about the same program as last year of course new demos, tailgaters, great food, raffles and stories of what “we “ should have done last season. The big raffle will feature $500 or a gun for 1st prize plus other cash prizes.

We need a couple members to run an event in Montello June 19 for a youth outdoor event. Need raffle tickets or can help out in anyway call 920/382/0218 or warmka@centurytel.net Thanks. — Russ Warmka

The WTA spring banquet is now history. I want to thank all of the District 8 members who were there for the general membership meeting and the banquet. Due to a death in our family we had to reschedule our grand daughters B Party and I was not able to make this year’s banquet. I was looking forward to meeting Kenny as I enjoyed reading his book “The Last River Rat” very much. We had lots of members there to help and to have a good time.

One of the major items of business at our WTA BOD meeting and later at our general meeting was the discussion of and the motion to approve the recommendations of the Personnel & Finance Committee’s plan for our volunteer Chair persons and P & F liaisons for each of those positions. This has been a time of considerable discussion and review. We are hopeful that our transfer from two paid staff positions to several volunteer leaders will be as seamless for our members as it can possibly be.

Change is never easy nor is it without glitches and road bumps. We ask for your patience during this transition time. Evan more important we value your thoughts, insights and assistance where ever you can be of service.

I am proud to say that in my opinion District 8 with the help of all of our members has pitched in and helped to move the WTA forward Many of you have kept your oars in the water and have been rowing strongly to keep us up to speed and on task.

I won’t outline all the events we have done the last year but it seems we add one each year and we continue to grow and become more proficient at what we engage in. Several members have made significant contributions of time, talent and treasurer and our district and state organization are both better due to your efforts.

I talked with one district 8 member who has stepped forward to be considered the WTA membership coordinator. That is a big task and to see that spirit is a great reason to be positive about moving forward.

Our next WTA BOD meeting will be June 26th at Marshfield. If you plan to help at the NTA that might be a good time to visit as we will be walking the grounds and doing our planning etc. that morning. You are most welcome to attend. Contact me if you plan to come over so I can contact Virgil to make sure we can have a hot dog for you when you come!

I want to devote a paragraph about our Sunday May 16, 2010 Spring Rendezvous. Be sure to mark your calendar, you don’t want to miss our rondy. This will be a great way to celebrate a good past year or leap frog our district into the coming year. Either way a good rondy is critical to our networking, fellowship and our financial base.

District 11 is scheduling their rondy for the Saturday before ours as in the past and that allows Tom Olson to double up on his weekend trip.


6am -8 am breakfast for the early risers $5.00 for a complete pancake, meat, juice and or coffee $2 for some rolls and coffee

7am -9 am early bird demos for our 3 trapper ed classes (we may have 60-70 plus trapper ed students there. Chris Bezio, Rick Winans, Mark Richard, Dan Chicantek and Mike Stueck with lead these 3 demos

From roughly 9 to noon we will have 3 demos Tom Olson Beaver and rats, George Porter weasel, and Bill Porter canines. George and Bill will be giving demos at the NTA this year come and see their demos.

Noon to 1 PM will be lunch and annual meeting

1:30-3 PM Richard Clark (NAFA) will be doing skinning and fur handling

3-4 PM Trapper Ed test-hand out door prizes and draw raffle winners

We will be sponsoring $300 worth of door prizes and will be creating other raffles as well.
Mark your calendar, bring a friend who traps. One free Duke 1 stoploss trap to each of the first 12 new WTA members that join that day. So bring a friend and have them join.
Again more details in the flier.

I did not trap after the middle of December. My fur was sold in to several sources with the most going in the March auction. It was just amazing to see $10 plus rats and decent coons bringing respectable prices. The improve market may help us in our WTA memberships and activities. Be a doer not a looker. — Bryce Larson

I’d like to thank everyone that was at our Spring Meeting and that helped with our May Highway Pickup. Our next highway pickup will be August 14th and this will also be our Fall meeting. Our responsibilities for the Nationals in Marshfield will be running the bar and helping out at the gate so if you have a few minutes to help either one, it would be greatly appreciated.

At the National Trappers Assoc there will be a very nice, very good looking (maybe) gentleman. His name is Jim (Yeti) Meyer. He will be tailgating and he will be the drop off point for 110 Conibears. There is a youth program at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge and they need several 110 Conibears to give to young kids starting out trapping.

These kids get to use free of charge 110 Conibears and trapping the Refuge before season opens. At our last meeting District 9 decided that we would try to get as many 110 Conibears as possible for donation to this project. We are looking for someone to replace Dan Carroll as District 9 Director. Due to bylaws this has to happen. District 9 went on record to challenge the state Otter count.

That’s all for now, If you haven’t gotten your email to Patrice, please do so.
Her email is patrice@phrhodesinc.com
This way we can shoot you an email regarding upcoming events. — Marsha Knuth

The District 10 winter meeting was a great success. We held it at NAFA on March 6, and had about 80 trappers attend. We held a business meeting, had a great fish fry, drew for the raffle and door prizes, and had a fur grading demonstration by Greg Schroeder. Thanks to Tom Florin for the donation of the grand raffle prize of a dozen grizz getrs. Thanks to the cooks who made a terrific lunch. And of course, thanks to NAFA for the use of the building. It was a fun day.

One of our business items was to finalize our scholarship. Our scholarship committee was led by Gary Mather and Mark Peters. Their suggestions were adopted by a district vote. The scholarship will be given annually to an upper classman or grad student in natural resources at UW Madison, UW Stevens Point or Northland College. We will give a scholarship of $500 this year and the amount will be determined each year by the membership. Notice of the scholarship and applications have already been sent to the respective schools.

District 10 membership voted to put additional money in the scholarship fund, voted to send money to the FTA, and support the Future Trappers of Wisconsin for traps. We also voted to support Larry Meyer’s Trappers Education trap display by purchasing traps that Larry needs. District member Brian Hesgard donated a tanned coon hide for the McKenzie Wildlife Center in Poynette.

Our next summer rendezvous will be held on August 21, 2010, at the Delevan Sportsman’s Club. Last time we were at Delevan, we had a great turn-out and enjoyed fantastic demos. Plan to join us for a good time, good food, and good friends. Mark your calendars.

District 10 is again holding a 50:50 coon raffle. We have received quite a few donations recently for this raffle. Thank you to those who donated . We will hold the drawing at our summer meeting.

We had some members sign up to help at the NTA rendezvous this coming August, but we still need some more help. District 10 will be helping with the demonstration area. If you think you would like to help, give either myself or pat Varney a call.

Spring is here as I write this, so get outside and enjoy the weather. — Scot Stewart


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