Wisconsin Trappers Association November 2010 Report

President — Virgil Schroeder, 3471 Earlwyn Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527; phone: 608-764-5218; e-mail: virjo4t@msn.com

Vice President — Greg Schroeder, 514 Water St., Cambridge, WI 53523; phone: 608-423-4621; e-mail: schroeder4@charter.net

Secretary — Krystle Kasper, 605 W Central St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729; 715-214-5147; e-mail: krystlesue@gmail.com

Treasurer — Pam Mather, P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575; phone: 608-335-2700; e-mail: wtatreasurer@wistrap.org

NTA Director — Chris Bezio, 5479 Hawthorne Dr., Pulaski, WI 54162; phone: 920-822-3427; e-mail: cbezio@msn.com

Sergeant at Arms — Doug Gorst, 3941 Cty Rd. E, Pittsville, WI 54466; phone: 715-884-6452

Trapper Ed Coordinator — Nicke Shumaker, N4297 Weasel Dam Road, Tigerton, WI 54486; phone: 715-754-2121; e-mail: wctep@mwwb.net

Public Relations Director — Ken Kasper, P.O. Box 367, Fremont, WI 54940; phone: 920-446-3815;e-mail: wtapr@centurytel.net

Correspondence Course Director — Mike Widner, P.O. Box 483, Baraboo, WI 53913; phone: 608-356-3621; e-mail: muskrat_mike@yahoo.com

Historians — Mary Cassidy & Larry Vanderhoef; W 10513 County Road P, Plainfield, WI 54966; phone: 715-366-2453

Web Site Coordinator — Brent Straka, 7936 Cty A, Lancaster, WI 53813: phone: 608-732-3548

Future Trappers of Wisconsin President — Maggie McAuley, 621 13th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494; phone: 715-423-3229;e-mail: ftwpres@wistrap.org

Future Trappers of Wisconsin Coordinator — Jennifer Roever, WI 4399 US HWY 45, Tigerton, WI 54486; e-mail: ftwcoord@wistrap.org

Membership Options:

• Three-year individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $80
• Individual membership with The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Junior (under 17) with The Trapper & Predator Caller — $15
• Family Membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Lifetime membership (under 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $500
• Lifetime membership (over 65) with Trapper & Predator Caller — $300
• Husband and wife lifetime membership with Trapper & Predator Caller — $600
• Future Trappers of Wisconsin membership (under age 19) without Trapper & Predator Caller — FREE

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
WTA Treasurer
Pam Mather
P.O. Box 305, Oregon, WI 53575-0305;


September is almost a memory as I write this. The days are a lot shorter and nights are much cooler. Trapping season is around the corner and hunters and trappers are gearing up and hoping for the best season yet.

The conventions have been the big thing on my mind this summer and fall. I am still hearing positive comments and receiving some praise in e-mails concerning the NTA Convention. As I write this I’m preparing to leave for the Kansas State Convention. It’s always good to see old friends from that part of the country.

The WTA Rendezvous in Marshfield on the 11th of September was well attended. It was a great day and a good meeting as well. We were pleased to have Dorothy Abrahamson and Mike’s daughter and son attend. A donation was accepted to help fund the Mike Abrahamson Scholarship, which was discussed at the meeting. The elections were held as well. Scott McCauley was elected as NTA Representative, Virgil Schroeder re-elected President.

That’s about it for now. Trap smart. Trap legal. Be aware of current regulations. Have fun.

— Virgil Schroeder


As of October 1st we are up to 948 graduates for 2010. There are still a handful of classes left for the year and Mike has been swamped with Correspondence Students. We will definitely be far over our 1000 graduate goal for the year again. Congrats to all instructors who helped to make this ongoing milestone possible by holding a class or by helping a fellow instructor with their class.

Good Luck Trapping! Be safe and ethical and take a youngster with you, you might learn a thing or two….both of you.

— Nicke Shumaker


The FTW did an excellent job representing themselves during these busy past few months. In June Maggie McAuley, Eric Warmka and Bill Porter offered their time, knowledge and patience helping out at the FTW Camp at the MacKenzie Center.

During the National Convention many members helped out wherever needed besides selling water, soda and ice on the grounds and manning their own booth throughout the week.

During the Convention we also took a small field trip, under the direction of President Maggie McAuley and Secretary/Treasurer Alex Kasper, to the Marshfield Library. We presented the library with trapping related magazines, books, videos and dvd’s to add to their library inventory. There is also a Traveling Trapping Display that has not been fully completed yet.

This encased display will include a fur display and four topics (1) Mother Nature’s effect on furbearers (2) The benefits of scientific wildlife management (3) Modern uses of fur and (4) The current economic impact the fur industry has on Wisconsin and the U.S. This display would not be possible without the help of Chris Burt who is putting it all together. Once completed it will be displayed in the Marshfield Library for a period of time and then hopefully can circulate throughout the library system in the state educating others about the importance of trapping.

During the Fall Rendy the FTW had a meeting and elections were held. Maegan Loka is the new FTW President and Sara Shumaker is the new FTW Vice-President. Thank you to Maggie McAuley, Eric Warmka and Alex Kasper for your past years of service as FTW officers. We also have a few more District Reps. Kate Louis – District 2, Macey Loka – District 3, Kelsi Shumaker – District 4, and Liz Nelson – District 7. We are still looking for representatives for the remaining districts. If you’d like to be one or know of someone who may be interested let me know.

The kids have many great ideas and plans in the works for next year. Some things include Adopt-A-Highway and some really exciting events they’d like to have at next year’s convention.

The meeting was followed by fun games including a can shoot with rubber band guns, an obstacle course and a kickball game. All that attended and participated went home with some type of trapping related prize.

Don’t forget to collect your aluminum cans. The FTW member who turns in the most can money to Maryann before December 15th will receive a $25 gift card to Gander Mountain.
In closing, I’d like to say thank you to Pat and Tina Varney for their time and help they were able to put into the FTW from January-July.

— Nicke Shumaker


Well, the last event of the year is done. The paperwork is well underway for next years’ events. One change will be that Klondike days will move to March 5th and 6th.2011. The only thing left for this year is to present the jackets to the girls.

The last few events went very well. The newest addition to our show schedule was the WARRENS CRANBERRY FEST. We had inches of rain on Thursday setting up. When I got the canopies up the rain stopped, for a while. We received 6-8 inches of rain over a couple days, the roads are still closed near Rapids. We will need a different way to display our pictures and trapper ed displays, as in the wind and rain the fold up backdrops just do not work.

We were one of the only booths in 3 miles of booths that the kids and people could touch and feel. Every booth selling stuff was not aimed at education or touching fur. Warm fur was on many as the weather was cold on Friday and Saturday morning.

Dan Carroll and myself camped in the woods near Mather. I can say the water came up over 2 feet on the road by Friday night. I pulled Dan’s car thru the water on Saturday night and my camper on Sunday night. The water was over the dike in many places and about a foot over the dam walkway on Saturday night. 4 wheel drive is great.

Thanks go out to the crew that helped, they volunteered their time and gas money for something they care about, education. Thanks to Marc Bangsburg, Dan Carroll, Nick McAuley, Sue McAuley and myself.

— Scott McAuley


Here are just a few notes to let you know how a WTA booth at Farm Technology Days Happens.

It began months before when the “application” was sent in. Then they mailed the contract back. When payment and proof of insurance is sent in, we have a spot. A big show such as Farm Tech. Days is very organized and when all paperwork is filled out correctly, it runs very smooth. This year about a month before the show they sent camping reservation forms out. I sent them back and received 2 phone calls a couple of days later. One that confirmed my choice of days and a second one telling me she sent a packet out to me. So far the WTA treasurer and I have a couple hours into the process then the week before the show I need to make sure I have enough Wisconsin Trappers, brochures, rabbit feet, fox tails, and booth supplies for the show. A couple of days before the show I need to pack the trailer or in this case, the camper with food and supplies and all of the booth stuff.

I figured about three cases of Wisconsin Trappers would be needed and I took two paper boxes full of brochures. Sunday night I loaded the truck and hooked up the camper so it was ready to go Monday morning when Dan Carroll (the other half of the crew) met me at my house for the three and a half hour trip to River Falls. For three hours Dan was talking about his hero, some farm babe on Madison TV. I was polite and said yes, yes that would be nice. As we got near River Falls we just followed the well marked signs the Wisconsin DOT had put up special. When we got to “tent city” the camping was on someone’s private camping/ hunting area. The hosts were great! The only thing missing was electricity. There were well marked lighted paths with solar lights, clean porta-potty’s, friendly neighbors, and nice and quiet. You could have not of asked for better. They even gave us a welcome letter with suggestions on how to have a great time in River Falls. We set up the camper and went to find our booth in tent D. We were the first tent in front of the vendor entrance.

We were set up in about 45 minutes, made a second trip from the camper with a cooler with lunch and drinks for the next three days. After 2:30 our main job was to grab a lawn chair, relax till Dan made supper on the grill, and to bed at dark. A pretty nice way to relax if I do say so myself. The first two days were great. Breakfast at 6:30 consisted of two pounds of bacon, eggs and hash browns. We were at the booth by 8. The show was open from 9 to 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday. With a big crowd the time went by very fast. One of the days Corey Bruning helped for a while, thank you very much for that. On Wednesday Dan got to meet his celebrity hero. The Fabulous Farm Babe, Pam Jahke. Dan had gone on and on about his trip would be complete if he could meet her on the ride to River Falls; remember three and a half hours. So, after she was done doing a TV spot at the Corn Growers Association booth, I asked her if she would come over to our booth to meet her biggest fan. Dan’s day was complete, he got to show her a picture of his 700 pound pig and shake her hand. She does a farm show on many radio stations and Madison area TV. Sometimes you have to enjoy yourself and have a little fun to make the day go well. On the same day I did an interview with a young lady from Country Today newspaper about the WTA, trapping in Wisconsin and the upcoming NTA convention it should be in the July 25th edition.

Sara was easy to talk to, so it was an easy interview. She will be coming to Marshfield to do a story about the NTA convention. The paper had a story last week about a farmer that had several cows/calves killed by wolves. With the show ending at 5, we had plenty of time to relax and talk with our camping neighbors from Minnesota that were pig farmers, a beef lot farmer from Wisconsin, an artist from South Dakota. The first day we drove over and parked right by the gate. The second day we took the shuttle right from the campground, a short bus. The shuttle driver made it easy to use the shuttle by picking us up or dropping us off anywhere and anytime. This was great, thanks.

On the last day we woke up to the sound of rain about 3 AM. We got up and ate pop tarts, as the rain made it unpleasant to cook bacon on the grill. Then we made the camper ready to roll so we could just hook up and go after the show. Well, they parked us in the far end of the clay based hay field. The cars were stuck before 8 AM. With the shuttle we got to our booth and by 9 AM it started to rain hard. The show was canceled by 10 AM and we were told we could not leave the grounds. We started to take the booth apart and I made three trips to the truck. The rivers running through the tents were a foot deep and also a foot wide. After the rain slowed down, several 4x4s drove through the sloppy mud and got closer to the fence. After Frank Riectt from the conservation congress and Mark Petis brought their trucks over, I went and got my truck.

We dragged the tables and booth, loaded up, and went back to the camper. The camper hook up went well, and then we said goodbye to the campground hosts and basically drove through slight rain the whole way home. When Dan got home his sump pump had quit but he fixed it right away, and his pig was okay. So now, two days later, the booth is still spread out on the fur shed drying out, the display fur is in the basement drying out, and more of the booth is in the living room, again drying out. As soon as everything is dry I need to repack the trailer so it is ready for the NTA show. So how long does it take to do a show? It takes as long as the show itself, and several hours to cleanup and restock. When you go to a sports show and see a booth manned by a volunteer from the WTA, 4H, DU or a church group, remember the work involved before and after the show.

So after listening to the show attendees, coyotes, raccoon, wolves, and bears were the main complaints, depending if you had cattle or silage bags. Something called pocket gophers were also a problem to farmers. I was told that Mark Petis’s grandsons trapped 17 of them for $5 each. Sounds like fun!

— Scott McAuley


Hello fellow trappers here it is late September as I write this report. First let me thank Chris Bezio and Vicky Warner for the great job organizing the NTA convention in Marshfield and for the many years of being the NTA representative from Wisconsin.


We had a great NTA Convention. As I sat at the Marshfield Fair booth a few weeks later I was very impressed! The people of the area were impressed by how quiet we were and how nice everyone was. I received a lot of thank you’s from the Marshfield people. Even the Wisconsin Rapids visitor’s bureau was impressed, and thanked us also. I had comments from neighbors of the fairgrounds that did not know we were there. That means two things. We were quiet, and we need to advertise in the Marshfield area more. So do you want to do it again? How soon?

I will try to be the path for information to flow between the WTA and National Trappers Association. Any questions just call or email. Each month a report comes from the NTA office and I can pass that along to the district directors. Sharing ideas back and forth is always good. Learning from someone else’s success and failures is always a shortcut.

We plan on having a NTA educational booth at the Madison Deer and Turkey Expo. I would like to have 4 people a day to run the booth. The dates are April 1-3, 2011

Take care.

— Scott McAuley


Well trapping season is going hope everyone is doing well the mild days and the cool nights are real exciting. Not a whole lot to report this month, I attended the WTA fall meeting we had a really go turn out considering it was so close to the NTA.

There were a number of venders present and sales seemed to be good. The elections were Virgil Schroeder – President, Scott McCally – NTA director, we are still in need of filling a couple of offices if anyone is interested please contact Virgil. I am still looking for a member to help with the summer rondy planning if you have a little time to spare please call Dave (715) 651-2839, if you tried to get a hold of me though the WTA web site it did not get up dated with my info tell recently. We are planning our winter-spring meeting at Trapper Arts in Cornell on Feb. 19th at 10am.

Remember trap safe and do it wisely and may the fur prices be good.

Good Luck hunting the 9 day: Thanks.

— Dave


Hi. I apologize for not reporting last month. I lost track of time with the kids, the fair, and all of their projects. That is a crazy time of year for our family.

I would like to say “Thank You” to not only District 4 members, but all of the WTA members who were able to come out and help in any way at the National Convention. Whether it was an hour, a day, or all week, it was all appreciated and much needed to run such a successful event.

The WTA Fall Rendy went quite well. There were a handful of vendors and tailgaters and the turn out was better than I think most expected. There are some rendezvous buttons left over. If anyone is interested in purchasing a button you can contact me. The cost is $5 each and the profits this year are going to the FTW. For those who weren’t able to attend, one of my highlights for the day was when Nicke received the President’s Award from Virgil. Another was when Mike Abrahamson received the much deserved Director of the Year Award. Dorothy and Mike’s two children, Melissa and Jonathan, graciously accepted the award on his behalf. Mike passed away unexpectedly from injuries received in a motorcycle accident just a few days after the National Convention where he and Dorothy put in a lot of time helping. He was nominated for this award prior to the NTA Convention and his passing for all of the work he did not only in one district, but two. Please pray for Dorothy and her family as they continue to grieve with their sudden loss. The WTA family also lost a great member, mentor and unending volunteer.

Thanks to all instructors who held Trapper Ed Classes this year. If you plan on holding a class next year please try and get the dates to Nicke by February or March.

Good luck to all on your traplines this season.

— Dan


We had a short meeting (after the Board Of Directors meeting) at the fall WTA meeting day. We discussed how to replace me and the 2011 summer rondy.

In early January we will hold a special election to replace the District 6 Director. This meeting may occur at Gander Mountain in Wausau, early January .This will fill the vacant position for the remainder of the term. (June 2012)

The rondy date and time should be figured out by that time. Wausau or Wisconsin Rapids area. June time-frame again. We will send out postcards for the summer rondy ,and will hold a gun/print raffle. The raffle will start January and be drawn in June.

We have our Trapper Ed trailer, and will pay our half when the total is billed. The trailer fits all our stuff in one place. Al Nickle and myself made shelves to hold the many totes, and will need a couple more.We will probly paint the inside a light color and fasten the shelves to the walls when a configuration of shelves looks and works correctly.

Stay tuned to the WI TRAPPER,THE TRAPPER AND PREDATOR CALLER, and your mail for more info.

Happy trapping.

— Scott McAuley


Hello from the land of water & skeeters!

Today I received a Thank You note from an 8 year old who wanted to thank whoever donated to the kids drawing at our convention in Hawkins. Gave me a good feeling. Thanks to you Connor.

All three Trapper Ed. Classes are over & done. A big thank you to all who helped make them such a success. A big special thanks to the gals who did the cooking & serving. Without you it would just be Trapper Ed. Also a big thanks to the people from District 2 & anywhere else we got special help. I hope we can return the favor.

Just maybe, we from District 1 should be a little sheepish when we get more helpers from District 2 than we muster ourselves. Maybe next year.

We will be having a meeting this winter, probably in Hayward. I’ll try a card mailing, that way all will know about it & no excuses. Remember – this is our chance to do something for ourselves.

Stay Healthy.

— Stan Hoeft

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