Wisconsin Trappers Association Seeking Volunteers for FTA Convention



We want you to attend one of the largest gatherings of hunters and trappers in North America in Marshfield, Wis., on June 27, 28 and 29 with a pack-up day on the 30th.

We will be setting up the grounds beginning Tuesday, June 25 in the late morning. We will need volunteers to help set all of the vendor tables up and lay out the tailgate spots and camping spots. We will also be building the demo area and the stage for the auction and setting up tables for that area.

We need all the help we can get for setting up on Tuesday, manning the gate all week and tearing down on Sunday. I will be issuing tickets for a special volunteer raffle we will hold on Saturday night at the  50th Anniversary convention in September for all those volunteers from both conventions.  One ticket for every two hours of volunteer work.

The following districts have traditionally been assigned to the gate: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 11.

District 5 is responsible for collecting items for the auction and working the auction.

District 6 sets up and runs the bar.

District 7 handles games. It would be great if someone could set up and do activities, especially for kids. The trap setting contest on Saturday will be run by the Fur Takers Association, but they might need some help.

District 8 takes care of setting up the demo area and running the demos.

District 9 normally feeds the vendors at our annual convention, but we won’t be doing that at this convention. So if you could help at the bar, that would be great.

District 10 works with District 8 on the demo area.

Please contact your district director to volunteer and maybe set up on specific hours and days. For your district directors contact info, visit the Wisconsin Trappers Association Contact Page.

We can always use help at the gate, especially in the morning hours. You do not have to only volunteer for your district’s area of responsibility. We will also need people to help empty trash and other small jobs throughout the convention.

We will start bringing in inside vendors Wednesday morning and outside vendors and campers around noon. We will need people to help the vendors get unloaded and into their booth areas.

The show opens to the public on Thursday morning, and the demos — both trapping and predator calling — and vendor buildings open at 8 a.m. There will also be a dutch oven cooking demo and a fur hat sewing class. You might want to bring your own fur for that or buy some from the vendors there. There will be some other activities for ladies. The local sportsman’s club will have a bow shoot in the World’s Largest Round Barn as well as a food booth.

There’s a Fur Takers Banquet to be held Friday evening at the American Legion a few blocks away. Seating is limited, and we will be selling tickets at the FTA booth for $15 per person.

On Saturday, North American Fur Auctions will be having two fur fashion shows — 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. This is a real professional high-quality fashion show, so come and see how our wild furs are being transformed into the latest fashions. Miss Wisconsin will be one of the models.

There will also be a trap-setting contest, ladies skillet throw and a calcutta Bare Foot Bear trap setting contest! Come and enter if you dare!

Saturday evening is the live auction. They will have a special collectable trap auction. There will also be a bear trap at the main auction donated by the Wisconsin Trappers Association that has the logo for this convention and the WTA 50th Anniversary logo engraved in it. There are only two of these, and one will be at this auction. If you have anything to donate for the auction, bring it along and get it to us before the auction or send it to Jim Gordon, District 5 Director.

General admission for 12 years or older is $10 for the whole show. Free primitive camping and electric sites are $15 per night.

For more information, go to the Fur Takers website at www.furtakersofamerica.com. Demos, vendors and hotels are listed there.  For more hotel info, you can also contact the Marshfield Convention and Visitor Bureau at (715) 384-4314 or Toll Free at (800) 422-4541.

See you there.

Chris Bezio
(920) 822-3427

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