Wisconsin Wolf Hunters and Trappers Nearing Quota Limit

About a third of the way through a four-and-a-half month wolf season, Wisconsin hunters and trappers are nearing the quota limit set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Through 45 days, 98 wolves have been killed out of a statewide harvest quota of 116. Approximately 57 percent of the registered wolves have been taken by trappers. Two of the state’s six wolf management zones were closed to hunting and trapping earlier this month. Three other zones are within three wolves or fewer of reaching their quotas. Zone 3, which covers part of the northwest corner of the state only has 10 registered wolves of a possible 18.

The Wisconsin hunters’ and trappers’ early success is somewhat surprising. Many, including some within the DNR, expected the quotas to be difficult to reach. Some speculate that Wisconsin hunters and trappers have had more success than those in other states with wolf seasons because wolf habitat is easier to access in the Badger State. Hunters in Montana, for example, have much greater expanses of wolf habitat, much of which is rugged and inaccessible.

For more information on the hunt and the quotas, visit the Wisconsin DNR Wolf Hunting and Trapping Page.

Are you surprised the Wisconsin wolf hunters and trappers have been so successful?

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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Wolf Hunters and Trappers Nearing Quota Limit

  1. First season wolves will be easy but you have to give the Wi trappers credit for trapping the wolves and also using right equipment. As years go on the wolf population wise up very quickly. You will still catch some wolves easily but once educated the wolves wont be so easy.

  2. I am not surprised at all. We are finding out that there might be more wolves out there than the DNR thought there was. I see them all the time when I am hunting this year. I have been hunting for 15 years in big woods. Only seen 2 in those years. This year alone I have seen 3. All in very different areas. I was so happy to hear the success!

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