Wolf Hunting Debate Heats Up in Idaho

A wolf advocate opposed to the Idaho wolf hunt says he wanted to increase the dialog on the wolf-hunting issue, but his actions are not sitting well with many successful Idaho hunters and hunting advocates.

The Idaho Statesman has the details:

Rich Hobson, a Boise wolf advocate, used a public records request to
get the names of hunters who reported wolf kills to the Idaho
Department of Fish and Game. Hobson posted 122 names and bought a
classified ad in the Idaho Statesman that directed people to a Web site.

He said harassment was not his intent.

“I certainly hope that doesn’t happen,” Hobson said.

Hobson added this later:

paying for the privilege to use a resource that belongs to all of us,”
Hobson said. “They’ve made a conscious decision to do something that
other people in this state disapprove of.”

His site and ad are not meant to encourage harassment of the wolf hunters, according to Hobson, but many hunters, including John Hendley, of McCall, Idaho, feel his actions are irresponsible.

“I have some concerns over
the safety of the individuals listed,” said Hendley, who didn’t harvest
a wolf last year and isn’t on the list.

“What (Hobson) is doing is legal on one hand, but immoral on the other.”

Robert Millage, who killed a wolf on the first day of the Idaho hunt, said he’s been harassed ever since the day he shot the wolf. He’s countered by making a blog featuring the comments he’s received, both positive and negative. You can visit the blog here: Wolf Hunt Comments.

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