Woman Viciously Attacked by Raccoons

A pair of raccoons left a Washington woman with 16 puncture wounds and more than 100 scratches and lacerations on Monday. Michaela Lee was jogging with her dog near her Lakewood home when the animals attacked.


“During her jog on Monday, Lee saw two raccoons scale a tree,” according to a KOMONews.com report. “In a blink, her dog, Maddy, broke loose and chased after them. Lee followed, and quickly ran into trouble when the raccoons turned on her.”

“I was trying to run for the neighbor’s front door, but the raccoons were between my legs and tripped me,” she said. “I fell to the ground, and they were on me.”

The treatment for the wounds was almost as bad as the actual attack, according to Lee.

“I had to get an injection in every single puncture wound,” she said. “And the only ones that were numbed were the ones that were so opened up they had to be stapled together.”

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8 thoughts on “Woman Viciously Attacked by Raccoons

  1. there is a whole lot of info left out of this story. what time of day or night, how big was the dog, was it momma coon and kits, and did they have rabbies??

  2. Looks like the lady tried to pull the coons off her dog that attacked them. Notice how it is mainly her right arm that is tore up, serves her right.

  3. CL, you are right. WA State is a state that banned foothold and body-gripping traps. It’s cage traps only unless you have a special nuissance trapping permit.

  4. i don’t think anyone is blaming the raccoons. the article just states that the raccoons attacked her. most likely an attack because of the threat from the dog not the human. she was trying to grab the dog. she wasn’t harrassing the raccoons. i think it was just an unfortunate situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. didn’t sound like they have the raccoons therefore rabbies is unknown but she’s still being treated for rabbies.

  5. Yes I too think there is more to the story if she saw the coons going up the tree ahead. Sounds to me that a little one was lagging behinde that the dog got. At this time a year beings their was a pair. Never the less I always carry a pistol with me when i’m alone in the wooded areas. Works on Wildlife that mean to cause harm ,as well as muggers. lol

  6. I think we should get someone like peta to rescue them from there natural habitat and put them somewhere to throw off the balance of things.Or bring them to kansas where 200 shinning fur forms cant be all wrong.

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