Wounded Leopard Attacks Hunters

Predator hunts are a lot more dangerous when the predator can turn the tables and hunt you.

Wow, that is some crazy footage.

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16 thoughts on “Wounded Leopard Attacks Hunters

  1. Wow, let me get this straight. 5 guys, high powered rifles, quarry seen and identified, quarry injured from previous nights failed hunt, as quarry charges 3 missed shoots and one non-fatal shot.
    If I had been there I would have destroyed any evidence of this.

  2. That is the way it is. Any running animal that small and that fast is going to be very difficult to hit. I was impressed by the fact that the last shooter had the presence of mind to move back for a clear shot. These guys are very lucky. These cats are tough!

  3. I believe the high pitch combo to gutteral growl is the cat. The guy makes one noise just as he is jumped at and is too busy fighting to scream. Ever try to fight and scream at the same time? Try it, It don’t work.

  4. These guys in africa need to learn how to hunt and SHOOT before they go after dangerous game. That punk screamed like a little girl, it wasn’t noise from the leopard. It’s disgraceful that slobs like this go afield to disrespect such majestic animals with their pathetically poor marksmanship and hunting skills. It would have done that punk justice if the cat would have killed him.

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  6. The M.F. hunter screems like a litle girl.
    The good hunter is a dead hunter.
    Mother fuckes, wy don’t you go kill hour’s parents??? cowards cock suckers!!!

  7. This is completely pathetic. I wish the leopard would have bit that losers throat. The more I see crap like this the more I want to distance myself from hunting and the majority of loser hillbilliies who have taken what was once a gentlemens sport and turned it into the white trash event you see in this video. Nice job morons.

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