Yukon Men Returns This Friday

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The second season of Yukon Men begins this Friday on the Discovery Channel. The first season of  the reality television show featuring the residents of a small village in Alaska was popular among Trapper & Predator Caller readers because it featured trapping and predator hunting. The show often portrayed those practices in a positive light, something rarely seen on national television outside of programming specifically made for outdoorsmen.

“Last season, people faced an epically brutal winter,” a Discovery Channel news release states. “Now they are racing against falling temperatures and dwindling daylight. Will the villagers of Tanana be ready when fall suddenly turns into a winter of darkness and ice?”

Two newcomers will be added to the cast. Dustin came from North Carolina after answering a newspaper ad for a job as a dog handler. And Sam, who is an Alaskan native, moved to Tanana and is out to prove that his family is there to contribute to the small community.


The debut of the second season of Yukon Men airs on Friday at 10 p.m Eastern.

Here is the description of the first episode of the new season, “Feast or Famine,” from the Discovery Channel website:

“Stan nearly loses his winter’s supply of fish during a risky maneuver on the river. Charlie is in danger of letting precious meat slip away. Courtney tries to bring down her first moose, and James battles a deadly virus outbreak among his dog team.”

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